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Enterprise Modernization

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  • Cloud computing , mobile …
  • How many of you can explain this
  • This is a interesting game which you can lean to understand some modernization concepts
  • Explain
  • Merging of digital and physical world
  • Going back to basics
  • Eco system as web of things
  • Explain Semantic technology Stack
  • Based on type / Based on ratings / based on previous user experience
  • Need Explanations
  • Modernization

    1. 1. Enterprise Modernization Samudra Kanankearachchi Software Architect @ 99X Technology
    2. 2. What , How and Why Most of us know what is modern / What is legacy enterprise by features and None functional Aspects. Some times we have seeing/Experienced and how to implement modern enterprise But we rarely try to understand why your enterprise exist.
    3. 3. Why an enterprise exist? Enterprise is a social system whose primary purpose is generation, preservation, and dissemination of wealth or prosperity. Regardless of Past – Present – Future
    4. 4. Why we need Enterprise Modernization To improve wealth of Social , Environmental and Economic aspects of enterprise ecosystem
    5. 5. How do understand the modernization basics ?
    6. 6. Modern enterprises are over complicated Lets go back 300 – 400 years backward to understand basics
    7. 7. Which will help to understand the modernization basics
    8. 8. Revolution History Shows that Adequate mix of Demand Resources Innovations Adaptation of Innovations Revolution (Modernization) 1 2 3 4
    9. 9. Agricultural Age Modernization Skilled Labors Farming Lands 1. Demand 2. Resources 3. Innovations 4. Adapting Innovation Demand for food With population Growth Agricultural Revolution
    10. 10. Same repeated in First Industrial Revolution 1. Demand – Population and Free Trading 2. Resource – Coal/ Labor 3. Innovation – Steam Engine 4. Adaptation of Steam Engine First Industrial Revolution
    11. 11. Success of Second Industrial Revolution Economies of Scale Mass Production factories Mass Marketing
    12. 12. Impact of Industrial Revolutions UplifttheStandards(Social EnvironmentalEconomical) Basic Enterprises were in place
    13. 13. Scaling trough Acquisition by Means of Power British Colonization Unlimited access to its resources, markets, armed forces and labor Started Here
    14. 14. Wars /Perimeter base Enterprise Security Empire protected in center and concur acquire colonies to increase perimeter
    15. 15. Shift towards the Digital Enterprises Disruptions
    16. 16. Caused by the merging of the digital and physical worlds through the development of connected technologies 1. Demand : From millions users in the internet 2. Resource : Existing businesses / Social Platforms /Cloud Platforms. 3. Innovations : Innovations related to connected business 4. Adaptations : Adaptation of those innovation in our applications. World is going trough the 5th Revolution (Connected Revolution)
    17. 17. What matters to implement a connected Enterprise Revolution? Let’s go trough a use case base approach to understand connected Revolution.
    18. 18. Example from Tourism Industry Transport Providers Flying /Shipping providers Travelers Hotels Agencies Entertainment Providers
    19. 19. Business / Architecture Use Case 1 As a Business I wanted to have modern market place for connected business. 1. Revenues and Profit : For Investors 2. Demand and Supply : Exchange of Goods – for consumers and partners 3. Monitory Institutions – Money exchange/Payments 4. Business Model for Trading – Licensing models 5. Ways in which Produces and Consumers can subscribe for new business
    20. 20. Business / Architecture Use Case 2 As a business I wanted to predict consumers and partners buying patterns so that I can influence their next buying decision effectively. 1. Spotting consumers 2. Deciding the right Offering 3. Attracting most profitable Consumers It is all about dealing with big data integrations
    21. 21. Business / Architecture Use Case 3 As a business I wanted to increase my ability connect with my 1.Consumers 2.Partners 3.Competitors 4.Investors 5.Suppliers
    22. 22. Business with out API is same as a computer without internet Transport Providers Flying /Shipping providers Travelers Hotels Agencies Entertainment Providers
    23. 23. Build API so that the business can integrate into Import /Export Trading APIs for Connectivity
    24. 24. Business / Architecture Use Case As a business I wanted to increase my ability connect different silos ecosystems in the enterprise. Cinnamon group Amaya Group Chaya Group
    25. 25. Use case As a traveler I wanted to find travel information to plan a trip to Sri Lanka
    26. 26. Approach 1 : Static Tour Plan Travel Agency Traveler
    27. 27. Approach 2 : Google Search
    28. 28. It is just a web of things
    29. 29. Approach 3 : Web of things Hotels Sites Taxi Travelers Night Clubs Travel Agency
    30. 30. Aspect 1: Ability to define your business semantics Hotels • I am a Hotel • My name is Galadari • I am rated as 5 star hotel • I have 200 Rooms remaining for reservation • I provide Rooms facilities • I provide food facilities • I provide wedding hall facilities
    31. 31. Aspect 2: Discoverability : Hotels in Colombo
    32. 32. Aspect 3: Ability to define Ontologies
    33. 33. Aspect 4: Querying the ontology • Places near by “Hambanthota” ? • Places that are famous for wild life ?
    34. 34. Aspect 5: Ability link Ontologies Linked Ontology/ Linked Data XYZ Hotel Ontology ABC Travel Agency PQR Taxi Service Ontology
    35. 35. Result :Now I can query Complete travel plan trough semantic web services
    36. 36. Business / Architecture Use Case 5 As a business I wanted to increase reach millions of uses out their in social platforms
    37. 37. Linked Ontology/ Linked Data XYZ Hotel Ontology ABC Travel Agency PQR Taxi Service Ontology Social Layer (Sharing / Ranking /Tagging…) Identity Collaboration Adding social Layer
    38. 38. Connectivity with existing social platforms. • Can share my travel plan with other users ? • Can I rate my travel experience so that others can benefit ? • Tagging locations and Insights ?
    39. 39. Business / Architecture Use Case 6 As a business I wanted to merger and acquire integrate other businesses so that I can come up with new innovative businesses.
    40. 40. Federated Identity management
    41. 41. To Support Mergers Acquisitions Cinnamon Group Amaya Group Chaya Group
    42. 42. Challenges address by Federated Identity
    43. 43. Example Identity providers
    44. 44. Final thought • Demand : Connected Revolution is happening . Don’t sit on the Edge. • Resources : Data / Services for legacy systems may not be compatible with modern trends (Social /Mobile /Cloud/ Big Data/ IOT) • Innovation : API strategy/ Market place and APP centric industry will be main stream • Adaptation : There is nothing other than get your hand dirty and mange the change of connected revolution