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  1. 1. Samantha Thornburg
  2. 2. Newborn Photography Maternity Photography Studio Setups Props Posing Marketing References 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 2
  3. 3. I chose newborn photography, because newborns are an area that I want to specialize in. Not everyone is meant to shoot newborns, but I definitely feel I am. However, newborns are so delicate and I want to make sure I know everything I possibly can especially with the safety aspect before I am handling someone else‟s child. I think newborn photography is so important. They are only newborns for an extremely short amount of time, and they change so quickly. Everybody should want to remember what they looked like, how they smelt, the love they felt for their newborn baby. When I look at my daughter‟s newborn photos everything I felt that day comes back. The window for newborn photos is pretty small. They are only able to curl up in those cute little poses for the first couple weeks after they are born. After that they become more alert and move around much more. I wanted to add this to my idea book, because I feel there is so much people do not take the time to learn as far as safety. People do not realize that it is not about getting the baby in the cutest poses, it is about keeping the baby safe at all times and getting what images you can safely. The parents are not going to care if you could not get their baby in the little frog pose. They are going to care and freak out a little bit, if their child is put in danger. 3
  4. 4. I chose this image because it is simple and proves you do not need all those fancy poses to make an adorable photo. I chose this image because it shows the connection , bond, and love between a mother and her child. There is no greater bond and to capture it so perfectly on camera is priceless. 4
  5. 5. 5 The image to the left is actually down using one of the posing pillows I have below. The Butterfly poser. This is that pillow in action. Both images are done by LaurieL Photography. I am extremely inspired by her work and love pretty much all her images. I am awaiting the opportunity to photograph twins, so I thought I would include one of her twin sessions.
  6. 6. Maternity Photography is another area that I want to specialize in. I really want to be able to capture a woman‟s pregnancy, but also be an advocate of how important it is to capture this amazing time in their life. I made the biggest mistake by not getting professional maternity photos taken when I was pregnant with my daughter. Even though I may have more children down the road, I will never get to experience those photos with my first born. It is not something you can go back and capture later, it is a once in a lifetime kind of deal. Each pregnancy you have is different, and each child is different. It is a beautiful experience that should be captured. I hear way too many times that they just do not feel comfortable or they just do not know if they want them done. Even if the only person who sees the photos is them, they should have them done. It is just another nice reminder of that experience of carrying a child. Every imperfection they may have gotten while pregnant was to home and grow that child, which makes those imperfections…perfect. Every mother to be as a motherly glow, the love for their unborn child just beams off of them. This is important to me and I added it to my Idea book so I can be better at making my client more comfortable. I want those beautiful elegant photos for my clients. I want them to be able to look back at those photos and realize that was one of the best decisions they made, not having regrets. 6
  7. 7. The image to the left I chose because it is elegant and beautiful and shows off her baby bump amazingly. I love this close up shot of the tummy. I think side views give a better shot of the size of the mommy‟s tummy. I also love this in black and white. 7
  8. 8. 8 Once again both photos are by Lauriel Photography. She shows in her images what I hope to show in mine. I love how she caught the intimacy in the photo to the right. The image to the left is art, she catches quite a bit of hate on facebook for these images, but this is natural beauty in my opinion and very artistic.
  9. 9. I think studio setups especially for newborns are extremely important. Newborn session cannot be thrown together at the last minute. The planning and preparation before the session are extremely important. Whether it is what you have to make the room more comfortable for the baby or the situation more comfortable for the parents. This is extremely important to know how you are going to accommodate the parents. If the parents are nervous or tense the baby will sense that and the session will not go as easily as you may think. It seems like every photographers has their own way of doing things, own style, different preparations, etc. Even when it comes to making the baby more comfortable, and not as if this was a photo session or anything, whether it be heaters, white noise, having several different layers on the bean bag for extra comfort and minimal lumps, anything that would bring that comfort. I have heard of some that set up a small nursery area for changes and feedings to make it a little homier. I would love to learn more about that, because I think that is a fantastic idea. There is a lot I have found that plays into preparation and setup, and believe it or not it really makes a difference in the way your session goes as far as organization. I added this to my idea book so that I may somewhat find out and develop my own setup routine or style not only for setup but for making the parents comfortable as well. 9
  10. 10. The setup to the right although seems crowded is one I see used quite a bit. The heater to keep the baby nice a warm. The layers upon layers over the beanbag. The reflector bouncing off the natural light. I included this one, because it is so commonly used. I chose the image to the right because it is labeled. It tells what everything is and where it is. It is kind of like a step by step to setting your studio space up. 10
  11. 11. 11 I wanted to include two setups using artificial lighting because that is mostly what I work with. These are two that I found that I could see myself using. Next week I am hoping to break it down a little more and include what specific things are used in the setups versus the whole setup.
  12. 12. I chose props to go in my idea books, because I am curious to explore different props for newborns and maternity sessions. I think that props can also play into the safety issue with newborns. You cannot just stick a baby in whatever they will fit in, you have to make sure that it is safe, sturdy and you always have a spotter. You are behind the camera; you need a parent or an assistant to have their hand on that baby at all times. Baskets are a huge thing now days. Not all baskets are reliable; putting 6-7 pounds of baby in one end could cause it to topple over. I have even seen the before and after composite of a baby on a guitar. I should have named this section of my idea book composites, but I am curious to know more about different props and such that you can use during maternity sessions as well, as in what is more flattering and shows off the baby bump best. I really want to explore props for both kinds of sessions. I want to learn more about why some props are good and others are not for these types of sessions. Not only that, but to see how to use them properly. I have heard of weighing down one end, or like I mentioned before doing a composite. I think “props” is such a broad subject. Not only do you have baskets, pillows, posers, crates, little trunks, and the list goes on, but then you also have the little hats, diaper covers, ties, wraps, outfits etc. There is so much that can tie into this one subject. I really just want a better understand of what is SAFE to use and what is not so much recommended. 12
  13. 13. I like the props to the left because they are more simple close to the ground and sturdy. There is not a whole lot of chance of them tipping over or anything so overall they would be more comfortable to use. Hammocks can make for the most adorable photos. They are nice and simple, but should always be used with a spotter. This photos was mostly likely a composite. 13
  14. 14. 14 The photo to the right is a butterfly poser. It can be adjusted a few different ways, and I actually included an image of it in use above in my newborn section. Below are very soft newborn wraps. They are made out of mohair and are becoming extremely popular.
  15. 15. I think posing for both maternity and newborn sessions are crucial. I like everyone have photographers that they drawn inspiration from. I have a few that I strive to be as great as someday. They each have their own unique style and are not selfish in the way that they do not want to share their knowledge. They want people to have the knowledge to safety and beauty in the images they take. I chose posing, because posing can make or break an image. For maternity sessions you are focusing on that baby bump. You do not want to put them in a pose that would flatten or somewhat hide that bump. You would want them in tighter fitting clothing or bare tummy. They are showing off their pregnancy and it should show in their image. As far as newborn posing, you want to practice safe posing and learn to work with composites. Never second guess, always be safe. I have seen images that looked more forced and sloppy because they just tried too hard for those complicated poses. The parents would rather something simple and really shows off their newborns features and how truly amazing they are than their baby in a curly pose that just did not work out so well. I think if you are not 100% comfortable in the pose you choose to do than you shouldn‟t try it on someone else‟s baby until you are. I wanted this in my idea book, not so much for me to know what to do, but more to show what I should not be doing if that makes sense. A reminder of the don‟ts. 15
  16. 16. The little frog pose to the left is extremely common and also very important you use a composite. I think this is a great and easy to follow step by step on how to accomplish this pose safely. I have seen the final image of the baby on the basketball several times, but this is the first I have seen the composite. I included this one, because without a composite this could be extremely dangerous. 16
  17. 17. 17 The photo to the right I think is most commonly done the wrong way, with no support for baby. I think this is a great photo to show how it should be done. I have never seen the composite done for the photo on the left, and I thought it was pretty interesting how they do it, some of these are hard to believe that they are even composites.
  18. 18. I definitely think that marketing needed to be in my idea book. I know some things about how I can market myself, but I know that there is so much more out there that I could be doing. I know I could reach many more people, if I just had the means and knew how to. I mean it is not only what can I do, but where. Since I want to specialize in maternity and newborn photos I have been told that hospitals, clinics, anywhere mommy to bes would go are the perfect places to sort of put a bug in their ear about me. I mean I have so ideas, but I want attention getters, and I am not quite sure if I know exactly what I need to do to make myself stand out from the rest. I also know that some places encourage you to display your work or leave postcards at their business for their customers to take. Then you have others that look down upon it and do not allow it. So I guess what I really want to find out is what can I all do to market myself? Where can I do this at? What can I do to my marketing that would make me stand out from my competition? Let‟s say 3 other photographers have something for their business at the same place I am leaving mine, what is going to drawn attention to mine. So I guess I want to just know more about marketing my business all together. 18
  19. 19. I am really glad I found the image to the left, because social media in my opinion can be your biggest advertisement. I know several photographers, that have a Facebook page and a majority of their clients have found them through that page. So I think some kind of social media for your business is a must. I really liked how unique these business cards were. They are something that stands out and would catch your eye and I think when it come to marketing that is very important. 19
  20. 20. 20 Marketing boards are a neat way to advertise your specials. I see these used a lot just to post on Facebook. I think they are good for directing attention and getting people to notice what specials you have going on versus just reading text. Accordion albums are something a little different to advertise your business and can be used for just about any occasion or used to show off any part of your business you would like.
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