Project Report Dental Loupe


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A full time course project under Prof.Ravi Punekar, IITG { ex HoD / Dean } to learn & execute entire Design process meticuliously following stepwise Design Methodology to Redesign & develop Medical Equipment DENTAL LOUPE which is used by dentist & surgeons globally. The project amassed my research & experience with users, manufacturers & other product influencers that primarily helped to develop a new design for loupes.
Duration :{4 months}

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Project Report Dental Loupe

  2. 2. LITERATURE SEARCHINGS In Data collection for Dental & Surgical LOUPES, Internet, Journals, Product Catalogue, FieldWork- Meeting Dentist, Manufacturers, Dental students, Scientific Study & many othermiscellaneous resources was the prime source of information for gathering the foolproof dataabout the product under study. Primarily, Internet sites like Hi-freudy International, Surgitel Inc, Orascoptic Inc, Henin Inc,Design for Vision Inc etc. provided wealthy amount of information and source for vast amount ofresearch on Dental Loupes mainly their varieties, description of components, details on shape anddimensions, pricing, safety, functions, accessorize & other scientific information on materialergonomics & manufacturing along with user manuals. As part of literature study referrals ofproduct catalogues on Loupes as well as journal gave a vivid insight on the product utility & theuser involvement with the product. A journal on ergonomic with a presentation available on theInternet also gave a source of information on Why should Dentist/ Surgeons should use loupes?-An ergonomic retake which basically shows the facts & figures on the survey done on use of loupes. As a part of Field work involvement with dentist in Guwahati- Dr jyotishman das {Skylabclinic} & Dr. Bhuyan {Endodontist, Guwahati Dental Hospital College (GHDC)} & dentist fromMumbai- Dr Chetan Shah, Dr Karnik & Dr Hegde {Prosthodontist, Nair Hospital DentalCollege(NHDC)} gave stupendous information & vitally helped in enquiry & filling up theQuestionnaire on the Loupes project. The Questionnaire mainly covered on details about theloupes, the working procedures, magnifications, Influencers, material, packaging details,disinfectants, Usability of the product, Medical problems, the Cost& the Buying process, Addiction& awareness etc. Along with that meeting the prime time manufacturers of Optical Industry in Mumbai namely-Segal optics ,Tejco Magnifiers, & Novo dental made a deeper level of understanding about theproblems that the dental department faces for the higher cost of product that adds up to theawareness problems about loupes even amongst dentist. It gave a hands on experience on theloupes that are manufactured on the international standards & how the Indian manufacturers tryto redevelop alternatives in production of loupes. The cost of loupes primarily goes in the cost oflenses in the telescope that amounts to fourth part on scale of five in terms of pricing which has noother alternative in production on latest scale. After that a comprehensive study was made on the loupes {existing product in Indian market &International market} wherein product packaging was also a case under study. Briefing up aproduct profile in the existing International product market was done to have a clear detailunderstanding of how the various marketers are competing on the global scale for the productionsales. Video Documentation of User Behavior {Dentists from GHDC & NHDC} was done tounderstand the nature of how Indian dentist are operating on the patients in proceduraloperations, it gave a keen insight on the posture on neck & back and other specific problems thatare met out without the use of loupes & also gave an insight on gender behavior patterns inprocedures that has impact for designing in accordance with user profile.
  3. 3. DESIGN CONSIDERATIONSThe Design Consideration for Loupes are as follows: ¾ System - Subsystem - Components ¾ Ergonomics - Data Collection & Design specification/Standards ¾ Optics – Scientific study on Magnification , working , fitment of Telescope, Microscope & Lenses ¾ Material Study on plastic, silicone, glasses & fibres ¾ Manufacturing of components for product analysis ¾ LED technology how various lamps can be fitted in {study as per the past project} ¾ Study on the Disinfectant and sterilizers for cleaning of loupes ¾ Studying the different current mechanisms available for operating the loupes {from patents registered} ¾ Counterbalancing the weight or the bulkiness of the telescope on the loupe with different activity iterations ¾ Designing as per the maintenance of product {use of flange/ silicone pad} ¾ Analyzing the gripping & fine adjustment of product ¾ Accessorial fitment of LED lamp, Camera, Music System, Laser shield, face shield etc. ¾ Psychological understanding of the user ¾ Self serviceable implementation study & Compactness ¾ Study on form of head ,eyebrow for Ergofit ¾ Theme board for modernistic & sport approach for product design ¾ Configurationally analyzing the fitments
  4. 4. RE-DEFINED DESIGN BRIEFThe Redefined Design Brief is as follows: “ Project Under study to Design a DENTAL/SURGICAL LOUPE for the medical department whichsolves the primary purpose of magnification {zooming the field of view} with designing as per thestandards taking into consideration main problems like weight {bulkiness around the telescope},Ergonomic body fitment & aesthetically modern & sporty which primarily uses material that iseasily sterile or disinfected with ease in manufacturing that should cost less and easily available.The product should be compact, easily gripped and mechanistically simple for a layman to wear. Itshould be trendy and considerable for Addictiveness avoidance of the user. The design should alsomeet up the requirement of self serviceability of the user. “
  5. 5. CREATIVE IDEATIONS :Activity Iterations: :Concepts:
  6. 6. FINAL DESIGN PROPOSAL ERGONOMIC Head Fit {Counter-balancing Form} LED LAMP for procedure viewing Sporty glasses with Lenses or Laser Shield Adaptability {sterilizable} Magnification Telescope {Easy mounting & Flip up Mechanism} Mg: 2x-2.5x-4x {Silicone fit} Music System for relaxation & Product multi-functionality Brainwaves point for assembling on Head
  7. 7. MAIN FEATURES¾ Study of Dental Instruments¾ System research {Read Literature composition}¾ Product Selection through Discussion¾ Product literature¾ Activity Iterations¾ Pilot Questioning- Questionaire Design¾ Ethnography study¾ Focus Groups¾ Interviewing {Doctors/Manufactures/Influencers/Stakeholders}¾ Fieldwork¾ Task Analysis¾ Product Companies Profile¾ Study of Indian context of Use v/s International context¾ Design Guidelines¾ Image Board analysis¾ Concepts Generation¾ Concept Selction¾ Product Design¾ Product Detailing¾ Product Prototyping {Mock up stage}