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Tea Research

  1. 1. Focus group study on Tea consumption Submitted By: Sunny Goyal
  2. 2. About TeaSome people are habitual to tea, Some take it asrefreshing drink.RTDT is not much liked by people it’s just quenchesthe thirst of tea.Flavored tea is just taken to have fun, change or justto taste the flavors.Tea looks matter a lot.No substitute product exist. Coffee can be taken butsame satisfaction level is not achieved.
  3. 3. Buying Behavior Findings (MALE) Generally people buy it on monthly basis. Most of the time it’s buy from the same place where other grocery is purchased. Shop may or may not be fixed. 100 % brand loyalty doesn’t exist due to lower switching cost. Taste matters a lot. So, promotional offers don’t attract too much. Brand can be switched if quality and price matches with existing usage brand. Preferred to buy at malls but due to odd location they end up buying most of the time from local market.
  4. 4. Consumption Behavior Findings (MALE) Most of the people like to have tea in group. Frequency : 2-4 cups per day. In work place they drink only tea but at home they have some snacks with it. Most of people like to have tea in relax mode. All people like to have regular tea but according to their taste like some have ginger tea, etc.. Only regular way of making tea is preferred. Tea is only a necessity either refreshing drink.
  5. 5. Buying Behavior (Female)• They usually buy tea from nearby grocery shops.• On an average they buy it in 250 gm. packs• There monthly consumption is 500 gm. in most of the cases.• They are brand loyal, at different income levels they want to consume only Tata Tea.• Brand cannot be switched even if the quality and price matches. They just want to stick to Tata Tea.• In case of non availability of Tata Tea, they will temporarily shift to some other brand, but at the end of the day they just want to consume Tata Tea.
  6. 6. Consumption (Female)• Most of the females in focus group consume 2-3 cups of tea a day.• The reason behind this consumption are Taste, and relaxation.• They like to have tea while sitting with family or colleagues.• Most of the time they consume tea in the morning, and during working hours.• They like to prefer tea which is made by a normal method, and not with the tea bags.• Coffee cannot play the role of a substitute for them. The need of Tea is satisfied by only tea. Only one of them suggested that she would like to have Coffee as a substitute of Tea.• One of them suggested the more consumption of tea is problematic for health. Others are not very concerned about the health issues.
  7. 7. THANK YOU