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  1. 1. PROFFERED by:-> SAMEET KUMAR REG. NO. 10806144
  2. 2. The Cement sector has been prospering steadily over the last many years in India . This research aims at studying the customer behavior towards cement companies. The focus of present research is to study the impact of various impulse buying factors like promotions, price, quality, influence of others, offer etc. on customer perception.. The major finding of the study are that ACC is ranked as the one of the best cement and services is concerned but ACC needs a more focused approach on customerrelationship services. The major problem faced by the cement sector is that customers are not brand loyal. The study anticipates a greater future forcement sector in the view of new players coming to this industry and their services.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE OF STUDY:•To study consumer perception about qualityprovided by cement sector.•To study the factor responsible for buying decisionof customers.•To study the loyalty of customers.•To study the customer satisfaction.•To study the comparison of various other cementbrands.•To know the medium by which consumer knowabout the brand.•To find the popularity of brands in the market.
  4. 4. SCOPE OF STUDY: The study gives an idea about the reputation of different cement brands (BAIJNATH – PALAMPUR(KANGRA) The study provides information about the preference and the choice of consumers. The study, which is based on the survey, gives a very practical knowledge about real market situation of different brands. The study contains 200 respondents.
  5. 5. Major players MAJOR PLAYERS Doing survey in Himachal, so I will discuss only four Players, whose products are available in (BAIJNATH – PALAMPUR(KANGRA)). ACC Limited Ambuja Cements Limited Jaypee cement JK Lakshmi
  6. 6. 8. The sales of cement depend on climate conditionand availability of water . 9. (BAIJNATH –PALAMPUR(KANGRA) is the areawhere water availability is less . 10. Ambuja have less market share as compared to ACCdue its high water consumption.if there is less water supplyto the construction done by Ambuja cement then cracksare formed due to lack of water. It is successful in the areaswhere there is high water availability. 11. Maximum customer’s perception is that ACC cementconsume less water than any other brand. It is old ,trustedand known company so approx 90 % cement customers useACC cement due to its less water consumption and by itsold brand name, reputation and timely availability is alsothe main reason of sales of ACC cement .
  7. 7. 12. Jaypee cement have very small market share due to lack of timely availability ,high water consumption ,lack of good quality as compared to ACC and Ambuja. The plus point is only the package and amount of cement and its cheap price .It is 3 to 4 rupee less than ACC and Ambuja vary from dealer to dealer.13. JK Lakshmi has no market(negligible) share (BAIJNATH – PALAMPUR(KANGRA)as it is not available in BAIJNATH – PALAMPUR(KANGRA).14. Some people suggest to the brands they use :-increase availability decrease price Increase quality Introduction of schemes and gift for customers.15. People in (BAIJNATH –PALAMPUR(KANGRA) came to know about the brand ,specially by Mason. Very less influence engineers and architects.
  8. 8. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONQ) While thinking of cement which brand comes in your mind? ACC Ambuja Jaypee Cement JK Lakshmi Others ACC Ambuja Jay Pee JK Lakshmi Others 164 31 0 0 0200 150 ACC AMBUJA 100 JAYPEE 50 JK LAKSHMI OTHERS 0
  9. 9. INTERPRETATION It means that 82% says ACC and 15.5% says AMBUJA cement and 2.5%says JAY PEE cement is first brand which is coming in their mind. Conclusion of this question is that ACC is more popular in Baijnath-Palampur than any other brand.
  10. 10. Q) Who influence to buy this particular brand? Engineers Advertisement Dealers Architect Mason 200 150 Engineers Advertisement 100 Dealers 50 Architect 0 mason INTERPRITATION:- It means that From respondents: 80% SAYS MASON, 2.5% SAYS ENGINEERS, 2.5% SAYS ADVERTISEMENT, 2.5% SAYS ARCHITECT, 12.5% SAYS DEALERS.
  11. 11. Q) Is the influencer provide you complete knowledge about the product? Yes No 250 200 150 YES 100 NO 50 0
  12. 12.  INTERPRETATION:- From above graph we can see that very less consumers know about the services provided by their cement brands. No consumer out of 200 consumers know about the services provided by their influencer.
  13. 13. Q) Do you know all the services provided by your brand? Yes No Column1 300 200 100 Column1 0 Yes No INTERPRETATION:- From above graph we can see that very less consumers know about the services provided by their cement brands. No consumer out of 200 consumers know about the services provided by their brands
  14. 14. Q) Which of the following factor you consider, while choosing the cement? Price Quality Services Timely Availability Bag (appearance) FACTORS CONSUMERS PERCENTAGE Price 2 1% Quality 147 73.5% Services 0 0% Timely Availability 51 25.5% Bag(Appearance) 0 0% Total 200 100%INTERPRETATION-> From the above table we can see that out of 200 consumers 73.5% says that they buy brand particular product of its quality,25.5 % says they buy particular brand product of its timely availability, 1%says that they buy particular brand product for its price.
  15. 15.  Q) If cost of cement you are using increases ,then would you shift to another brand?Yes No100 90 80 70 60 Column1 50 YES 40 NO 30 20 10 0
  16. 16. INTERPRITATION:-From respondents:43.9 % ACC customers says thatthey will shift to another brand ,38.7% Ambuja’scustomers says that they will shift to anotherbrand,40% JAYPEE’S customers says that they willshift to another brand if cost increases.
  17. 17. Q. If you influenced by advertisement then by which media you gotinfluenced?Daily Newspapers Magazines TelevisionInternet Others 3.5 3 2.5 2 Media 1.5 1 0.5 0 Newspapers Magazines Television Internet OthersINTERPRETATION:-From respondents:PEOPLE who are influenced by advertisement ,60%says they are influenced by television advertisement and 40% says theyare influenced by newspaper advertisement.
  18. 18. OBSERVATIONS:-1. Initially ACC and Ambuja had good market share but now it is losing its market share.2. Price of authorized dealer are high so it should be control.3. Packaging of bags should be done properly.4. Meeting should be organized for sub-dealers.5. Impact of advertisement is low.6. Quality of ACC is best.7. Gifts are not provided to sub-dealers and customers.
  19. 19. FINDINGS Price of cement vary from dealer to dealer, so it should be control. Meeting should be organized for dealers and consumers. Impact of advertisement is low. Quality of ACC is best. Quality of Ambuja cement is also best but it consumes more water as compare to other cement brands. Gifts are not provided to customers. The price and bag(appearance) of Jaypee cement is best as compare to other brands. The price of ACC cement is high in(BAIJNATH – PALAMPUR(KANGRA)as compare to Punjab, while ACC cement is manufactured in (BAIJNATH – PALAMPUR(KANGRA) (H.P).
  20. 20. RECOMMENDATIONS1. Cash discount should be provided to customers for bulk purchasing.2. Provide supply at time. Because market has a rule first come first serve. Customers cannot wait for supply. Therefore service must be quick.3. More schemes, gifts as these are the catalyst of market should be made available at right time. Schemes must be proper so that customer can be attracted.4. Company should provide more Ads material in the form of glow sign board with shop names, banners, wall painting & hoarding.5. The information should be for customer like, what should be the ratio of cement and sand for RCC, HOUSE, HOTEL etc.6. Company should check on main mediators for proper supply.
  21. 21. 7. Company should focus on Price cutting otherwise competitors are eating market share of ACC because competitor’s are providing cement at low price.8. Customer feedback must be taken timely and regularly.9. Packaging should be done properly to prevent cement from leaking from bags during loading and unloading.10. Company should provide cement at low price in Himachal Pradesh for competing effectively and efficiently, because mostly people are price conscious.11. Price of ACC cement should be uniform everywhere, i.e. in Punjab the price of ACC cement is less than as compare to Himachal.
  22. 22. CONCLUSION People in (BAIJNATH –PALAMPUR(KANGRA)) are price sensitive so now they are preferring to competitors product. Mostly people are influenced by mason rather than architect, engineers, dealers and advertisement. ACC cement is available everywhere in (BAIJNATH – PALAMPUR(KANGRA) area. The price of ACC and Ambuja cement is almost same. But ACC requires less water rather than other cement brands. That’s why ACC has large market share in (BAIJNATH – PALAMPUR(KANGRA). ACC and Ambuja should give attention to price of cement, it should provide cement at equal to competitors price and gifts should also be provided time to time to dealers and customers for delighting them. So that ACC and Ambuja could increase its market share easily. The price of Jaypee is also less as compare to ACC and Ambuja cement. The bag(appearance) of Jaypee cement is best as compare to ACC and Ambuja cement. ACC and Ambuja cement should improve the quality of their cement bags to attract the customers.