Skema trial SMA bahasa arab 2


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Skema trial SMA bahasa arab 2

  1. 1. ql-rJt -r^t I! ;rlt if'* Ot^*-)l;l: ,'i)L qY-* SULIT BAHASAARAB BA12 SEPTEMBER 2013 2 Jan 30 ldinit s*F-Jl 0trIr.!l ;eJt {3;ult 6rtgl'U I Y . r / A tr t"otr-tll ld SKEMA ailt aillt -a .li -r (4#1, USS) ieL-, t}ai| 0UeL., d +ty rlr! rr{ TI ols-lt oia gci ! : : i!r){lt: _:pL*_^ii Ag "I, J":"t,j e!.ylt oja *;tt tb.," t^$ t-r-.t; by_r.;ft - cLj,r1t: Jrlr -;1l rjjl l$.r dty "f .*f - ealr: ;ulr _;Jr ,*."eJt tfu._r t^ai .gty Jt?,_f .*i _ irJtllt: cJujt r*;Jt z'ej+. .>lo.-i,e V ;te 6F iiJrt oj.A
  2. 2. -! Y+Ii AiII SULIT BAl2 iii'tr: ? il $.i; ,*l'j, , to., (oq.ljf.)1ii)t :J31r 4lr ,., ; ', -_--.--- : Lif ( f. . ) ,r.:'".1':uv;* a;LJf ,.o,J& ) e--a a;1 | ovr> Jr n tlrFr, nr*r, -U, :ar.uft ..!. !.;". - f,."" :"":-*Jt ,t(i!t {. dL> ,.> i-rty: Y txrK;fr ,>{nts 6-t-*l-g i-*r.r cl[>-;.: 6.u11 Lrr i.u'13 i+.1.> f-i5 - frr - 'FJt oUi ;r'aLi,. - -i*Ct, cr.rtJ.ll 6.a :k;. ,rft !l oh4;J!) :J:!l llt -f '.*-'lt a,"t- Jr (4*J.*:JIJ i*^Llt crl" * 3lt ,p,".;r; :JUll SrJl -f .ttk 4ur +y-1r a*r-*tj c!)t, .ll.?tjy J! ;-,,1_r :;!t lrJt *t .lr^ Jl ,11 .sr-r ,7./L. )9*Ctcal"*lt olf.rJr :pi:!t * *t_f s J-Jt r-t * 6rtJ!, {' a.$ItJ b:Jt * rt$+ ..:L-r.rJl Cj-:, Cltr i.t-'-l; i+r: nclt:..:l ,"ojt '*;i<rr L#l
  3. 3. -t SLJLITll,lli 4tJl BAT2 .:rl*.,1> 1 rx ,K;f r <>t-.-1s i.t--11 i-*;: i.r.'-l_g i>;: dLbJ) r:,rl-*;.1 I rx rK;f t ,>t-2s i.u! i+;r dk+;.> r:l*2: I rx rK;i t ,.>lng 6-ul3 i*.;r : a*;1,=J * .ilLjl a.6 c .f/ - '+ll' ,,tt 7.Qrcr aL-:^;!t -r .J*tl' Jt eill -,. ;F:;!t -r .)'.;' 7r)l e- tVs c6l-'-Jly &jU gLe'rJl ,--ll : ;kll cfy'r * tftii rdi 9i.,lLto 6 cfb$s &. .11-)l d .r+Jl q t" : a,.t.;Il * : 4-;all * 2*K tG *AlJ i"tll t-)l-." :+-r.dl J4. d 1t^t-yt - .;-tll +, C-bil .;iu!l: :,rl^tl." ;/ti 6t*t -I .,.-:t+tJl t.r*J ,{jiutJ Jl*ts ul.r}l gi:, -f .u-tr) ,'* )S r) t:llt, +l.Jl - t C^:JiJ ()J-*Jll) 7/U 7r)11 ca-;dl Jr;Ll * .a,)tJl ,.rlr;Jl 6 al;Il d.r-'-! plr wL:: a"tt J-i^*. NJt51 ,rb; .jr.rJt :L^s wl.,i : a""ull * .$i,Jt ru"3t a-j.all Ft-at * coirL"sYt_1 alt^:*Vt c-lll J eJ;dl 6_* f-' Jl lrJl - .6-,---t i-rJlts .6-pS cl;Jly c.rl;.r^ll J':;. (a:ttd*l ,FWS,f-r *1te -Y .6-i ..r!t* c, t^l-:^J tJt-e.-rU:Jt O-,(1 -f .eqJi ,fi1 '>tpl ,- *- .-r;fi - t r*iri l-,- oy-&l e-A Jr,J;" o+l-all .:L-:Jl : 1u*l * .r4+-': -r -(t
  4. 4. r&l! ail,' BAI2 (*,:*'t gtS r/r rlr l r/r (d*1: Y .; ii)tJl : gtrlt n*ilt ;t9 t""il StJI-IT : in;lt i^lt-ill r .*i J' r- s'l"! I Y Y I : Y A*+ar 4.-?;JL- t*;l; ;fJ4t 6*tt a,-ri; : ii:)tJl ab--F ',re ";i'.^Jb syUrf 'l*tr;; ;lfrs ',, tlr Jlr orot - .r5; .),?, f 'fi. :t:4r'orr.Qi uf, itfir ',r, "oy :e;Jr rrrtl or*r - r .,/8t e *n ,,fSt oel:altr lt.rie 0l* -r .r4k.:"i :ailr ef -L Et:lt JtjJt -t*lt'^a .ol.|t 4 t'tJf c;l :alt- if - .,f J'y q;; - .W tS 3, a*,u - ,ttl.',eur itl1 p ; ,J;:*r lilrr ' cj'Xr ;4r c.,l .Gt7"-:t u;,:st;'"ttY u tA6 . rft;'rt:'-lbst :a-.tll goii - o or{,* b -,,kol ai}r - 1 a!;* Otc -l .aDu qt-.(Jt gt;i ai^p Oe Et;f - i-t*S';* +tf -t dt.f 1, Jt+el at)e -f ab t),e - t -.,t +fitf -r J.elt.)tplt
  5. 5. -l Yd,?li i*11 BA12 stjLlT JjltJt.;-rr r I r (;a,r o r; irlLLlt : eJUlr ,r*alr td-L y'ei -f U rrt<lt g J^ fir Jr, r-'i ;rt*Jr oi-6 "Fu - ,bt-*l €.Qcr-r +L. g k+ cli+Jl a*ull s.,ht-eLd u,Ft -* pfr, rrf+ *Ws &trlg rUi 6 ,fi,J",1t- orl*! d g>{-Jr 4r u-J,. r::,t -y .uVJ;r4-* ^k r;jU *rt rr.i,r lit F.!t dLjt t4J t p*JtJ .rJt J1ou ,Ur o-bb f |t ,y * €_r.:i-i 11 .:rlr Ji ;+t .::Le -.l, .o[l d 6;;tJ;+t +l! e:rs u,;z;tt1 erLl .sui dl -3+;tf *+ i! + e.:rtt or;:-1, glJt +& dt' dt F I -t .il?Jl g^* * lJe l-. ;si * !*Jl * g-r Pl -o 6ilr fr","Jr +Jr :" srq (J;Jl .1*;r li & filt & o,-rj**r -r € € e,:Jti .dy ui Ju tc-:i u {t_.St J*}t 4jL ur;c 4J! r.Fi- b-r d ,/y #.+f ",* t,jJl :Ju $r4 et^lei UJ,f :JlJ.,pr-1 .b,r-re +Jt dL; Lt+J d-irtl 4 *',lt ryti ,;"dJr 9JU "-b b,€--.rf .;r- t? a}; -v <F ^*u Et*l gi) -t, :*5- :J'(It I I I & .;,Ljlt Uflt GA. : Lbrl$) : artp.s-rl u--iltcf - a:bf : alrl, - I I : Irllr :fr:4lr - - Ue:oPt - L-bu .rj_-i :L-L*f _ I ;,-lJJl ,, {+!Jl .t4.} : "t4-> _y .i*r.rlt oi. ,J d;r +U o;i : fJr lU -r : c,lrlt t Jtll ;/ L;i bt3 ;rc ,---1 aptr2, t"*(-
  6. 6. Yi,rll 4dJl BAT2 STJLIT grilr JrjJr -tI I I I &>f O{t ;i>t*ef tjrs,sty )-til..:1"Y t3> ot2i}i c.jj-:6j: -f t & ,5, W-f l. Lty ol*> tll> .r3'- ai.i.^ c;f, gUr" K'+ i*- ofu &f ,JF)t crt: ;e:.f t-rr )t lui (biu LfJ* ,Ur ,rss-{ & CaJ irsL ue" f*ttti ,yt L"r*J 4J; g) O^-ft:* (6i; al> :-r,l ,)-y a;.a o+iu-J :l c0Ytjf o;l.rr 3;L fV & L** ,rtr ,rfr(f Ko afo:* ;(:;1"*:, .rt.: ,jl dy, <ft;l .:t!r, g;.: r-rt> J+.-J S-#.Jr ry Jt$t ly- €-S e-r ,o';F*{ ^*, )t-li;+r.r-rlr ,fi* Jlt,5 F Vl - .Wf,* W;it't rLJt *c crlS u;ijl -l .,..6>1, ,* *ns rrbr, 0id,:^J*It yi j*d,,^+ ;'t-Jt 6l: -y *ts r;Jl; d;jJl a, J^* ,i e,)rb a:, q^It C,r= ,"- p" I (! -t f! pf a,r,;t1 ?t_ €stsJ^.+ c-ii :,vldra ;nlr (s1: Utif rA C+o- z,rall +; g*-1l-.bJl rt.r! e * )p -o Jtll c-* u, fr.,, aiL L.;t t-)-f 'F -p ej J^* ;! ,*Jtr .;->L1 ){*-, ?2e,-rJ-J r{ r.eJ ,^-c z+ro, .r-13 Jk ."-_,uJ yrlr ,otr p ,),-r.,- Fe ort r'i I ,fu L .ri 4t+ I 0+tttbf - ar:l; : *lj,i g-4: .tii:J - "t j!tLt+!r : +ttJt .ctlt df .:JUJI ,Ji;{ ..2ri ;r-a .'-6.iLi .+)U-lf r|,t+ .dJ*i4 d4- J*; .-i r-itt _> _ -t -r y'+ : f!,- - /ts : s1Jt2 o ni;j: r.l ula,JJ -- J - , I -- - r' | (jl&' 4^4Ut 4Jr+ 4:t )
  7. 7. f aJ J,)r 4irJl BAI2 SULIT f-r:l -ri;: ,r*, &+J, C ly +"* LtsL n"g +go ,*-* t* tg;b: t32r- ! ,.ll: #l l-r itjt Q):Jtlt c-* ql:* ;;9 '>Ks. &' out, JUi{ .li S€S b&t-L, ..rl> Ol.:3* 61, '}' 6 t.5++ c.-.1 6l ,it .r,, 0tdrr-, tVl ,-rl it.i- rAf JUI q. t7-p pl;r , , U-p;(*-tr.-{t* ..i!-xry & ;t -uf o-r-t up ji.-.-_r 4) - ;'i.irr, UPP BPI JA]S@ _1___l