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Skema tarikh islam trial sma 2012
Skema tarikh islam trial sma 2012
Skema tarikh islam trial sma 2012
Skema tarikh islam trial sma 2012
Skema tarikh islam trial sma 2012
Skema tarikh islam trial sma 2012
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Skema tarikh islam trial sma 2012


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  • 1. qaJl rAtJt{ Jdl i:€ ot*,...>-Yt sl, s_f)l-" qYySULITPP&L-FF BPI JAISOTARTKHISLAM gt,:*Jt 0h.:"TlTI 15SEPTEMBER 20122 -IAM 4#*dl *-;;t:l t 6rQ.:.JJ i *tl,.tjl etrlj PJ y.y l^ tff SKEMA dY-!t g;ult dti9L., +lrtl i/ 05! r+ !! nl.lrll oia gr8 X : iliz)tll .ir,".*! -P ,S* airrl oj-l .pulr nr;Jt a bi! ak*i aflrS-9 JlXl n-..iJl ,_r ui Jt .*i * Jb oVi.e t ,rtc -# L5 airrJl oj.o
  • 2. 7 I f,)-T! e)g ,- sUt.rr TII5 :;- ( a+rs Y.y J:lt n*alr trtf ;trq t""1 : Ulr at-!r dr" eJ:.,[J5 Jl:u s,l,ug .,:i | -t - l/l I t/l +-A t/l ) -1 ) tit : -. J l/l txl -1 IX] _ 4Jtiril*lr l/l til -v ti I -t t/l U] -^ I| -r l/: I I i txl -l LII -L l/l -. t _ :_: _._. I I I lxl -o (cet1.) grjl(F".ijl : a;lr ;!-Xr 6 hib eDs;r r-*i ;tr2 t*"fu Irr dy )f-f i .irlr.{b)r , f:Jr;!r ki ,r -l Y +3.+!tr.!t ,cJb -Si ,r.{r;!r ,g,i -l fl:-Fl ;a o.t:$ ,-ge -+ w;r-:Jt ,:,, :: .,,,.r!UlJ ,t-!lJ.j.;:eJl a;llt d o:&dii t^.f _* lrhy ll;FL ilJnt bJt_J"lyt .,r a,:# fjt :U*!tIt"!t, 6U.9!r_r ;r)l d^r (JrFlJl c.Jr r[rr lrraJt _l Y Y t:y;c! cLJt$;u -+ e-1.1u!t, ct;r)t1cly aa)LJr ptl1-r ;H LjJl Ju cKil -* a ,y s," Y a;)irl a,lr *e ot/ts ttJ {-ill :)l, -r.:y ,f +fJJt dylt 7,-o _) a.-qJt Jl4iF-Ul .{j-Jt ;iJ! ft f ..i*.a]t ty: qnt.,o*{,irgulAr ;i,*; .:t*"iaW c,toJ fd:)Lltr,:lJl o-dt ,f gElt -i-; ; Jr;!r c-UilOri I kr"
  • 3. sULt"t --- t-.- --t I I =t 1 -l 6:"alt i I I(12> C:La.i!t - : q!-i -.1 I i I I I 4r-l.rJl - JFr,|;t;Jt c-bv - * v )tsry 3lt" -U lil,J f .-,Ul :)L J! ,/)L)t ;_*t *S? ,g(1h) ! o+r..,;r "fjt 1 1tY o YY I gl.aJt : -$ Y .;,-1!r +rl} ../X-)l ;=4r + rfJt...lJ o:l-r-.:.-l ,ati1 Y 1tl t1 t d&jl^:;Jl etr"trt ;.. a+ri fit eJulr4le)r v (rY1 -Y11) J*ti; crL:e -1 (Y1. -fY1) dl.Je#,.rl-r1i -Y (fAl -"1.),iltr1i..r J9!t rlrr -Y ( t . r- YAI) rtr, ;, Jyll 4t! -t(lL) ;e;t*:JJ C-rl )"J it J ;Jl*:Jl il9-rJl ,*y ;+ ;, c16 Y oA/---tIo 1) fte J*ti,r c-rL.= - 1 r .Jgt^:JJ cF-Utr af*Str rr,-rlrE--,lt -:-r>1 -y<thy dit^:"Jl & :6 q5jJt -r,,"-Jl .,), f;t Y tj+ &.-lyc;r;c)tr lebi J .t-i -t Y c;!.Ut .:, ,lrtrLr-,i,J l+E.ti -I; -f Y 5* tXrl .");t dJ-*/ JriJt ,Yj" ;,. UJ -f SJrlt oU:e.rJo Ertdt .rr;,^l! ;.,r;:- eLr1r/r; c.ttjll -1 J.uJl-1 -f ork-)l -y i..rjt+t - .etJJl-, y"jJ +3 -1 ^iW1r e. :rr";J11 -o ---T--- j I ailiJr;rbir titl ")t, .rttLGIL) f.:trl aari .l-rJl 6_1; Y rlr" cltl-LJl ir:"UJ - t Y .+Ats (:)t t-> aJ ac"tjl a*s -
  • 4. v . r)l*!ir Lr n.iilr I sULrT TIIS t-*---__-li_-".- li --^-*---^ -1-- t li l; t s_;siJ!a^.,ut Jli;)t .-jt-rAir, tu)U tsjt (r/r ) .cr*l Ct ,f 4s: c-,tJ*Il .)t a;-2rf c,bt(-:-,I aet, J)u:-t - Y .kj s+.taf r#-r r.rk- ,:4!t.ks,lJl c,:r:!r ;u!r p 6 >ty - "+.1_2 Y c.;jKi ,r(!r )ni, A/ ;rgt ov*J"f a-.rul ojs 4 rtr, _r Cr. 21s c-", ,;;EJr JH_, ,nt*S j*t clJJ"ablr .:, ki Y +rl5!t alt:) 7f*]l1 -totJlg U-tIld.r!i.l ;.;,9 -ft4r lt j;)V )d .Jo ""Ur,.lt .,r ,--l u, b ;. t" ltl t1 .* ,jr Jl,: t-rS A-f J!t-l*ssVses Ul-i rJil g:l / f - -^rUNt;JJJ! iy-lJ.r.rr g* .4r{l + L3t"ri Ura7 Uf,ll1 Y -y Alt altV Y f:17 J.:: A* JG.p d( 1r/ry ,-tlr tr;;;f uur 6r! ** )W ,s:si,__oila ..rr(: _ r c. Y ,llYl; rr$l u&; ,otils r-r.:;$Jl, u.Ft fs -T aj^:d o)-lr Ct t .,* tg r:i.s&Jt ;lt.rll d rl-crll J.;-rJl c=rl-r,l -rj_1 -r Y Y ;Ji C;f* r+u; ctiJt*:ll ol-;l.Jt;c b.r-c ,F;*. (rdlJ!y) gt^:Jt .rl;Jt / ,st*, -t --- --i .tf.;v * J tcr-*;> V L.* ,* ll i.- -l i ,l I I i o4r;r ilbyr 1 ( i/ i) I t +.At f ri_l .:,Ultp ,-f x_tJLtLJl ,f f -* U -l I -Al *.s oa. ,*1",5 ,+p)t j> )Vl - "^J Y 4=i3i.IJl .::lrb)l c^i-r+.-l ,J--:t 1fu a-l-" oJ .;J* ,14f -y Ct d tsl,*)l ir-,T d e*X-)r qtlr (rh) f!_r;:i d tit-, gariLljl orljT aJJJt lLt trrtilq .tjr-".s,. l Yll/rvlv Y Y o*ts 7At1+e )r pl Y Jtil.Jl + gt*i.!l :9jt ,rlc,La;U L&jt 4-.-f t 6riJt c-S"t (t/ r) Y Y
  • 5. 7 ..Flu{r ir rLJ! StTLIT Til5 I 1 I I f +,*! rrtlLJt jlgig l:1..: t#:N_t 4;rlq * 6-*, e **t ol,tlJt "r I ftl-. -ra o:!1f I I Y il::4 - I i I I t l 6,_r" u.l f t-;.*t p j I I t I I 6lL+" "=,41 *l * r,4 l: o-+: r^JJ rrl*i- o:)_1i.ry-9 .:1 )e + --- I I t I (lt) lvj"l-; etJl .r-3 !,LEUI i+.; cr-t I Y r()tYl .rt--i Y. rAt!"( ) u+; Y1p_2ftJl -r^4dr,LL*Jlrj, r() ;!jt j-11 i*t>t- CL :^_: () .f to .ay,o o lf e"<lr -rr-"r, (1i 1) f4*L-Uii y;,lk giaii .r^* dli2Lii !L*:-t ti ota_* e;),i -5t Y cg.r- ..ali .rs_l itt" C! #- ].Jl a<* - Y +ab ;yl1uV g +Ay;rt-1 FJI ag 6j - Y A. i-rJ.l JP16--a il- la (J g"b +;rtb. ,:.-o gri orr-rlr J;,- pUf_1 -f ..r-lr J* art- J! G{t.) JA:i -k ta,;1 .,r*-f .ij;r tetJ; 1r/r1 li.o o, abti -:fr-.Ir .:6 v {*i UL:"JI ,1i!1 c;b d;*tirtrrJJr j; ! g,oLlt Y ,f 6t c!3cl.rJy !; +-Lr j+ i 1,.J el.ri ! -r-t, JU ,!rr rri Y 6Jt .:,!tJJl jj-"3tyrV|till "flrJ "7i 1.*1Kit 1"; .|l ;ti- ct*.- ci t-4* ,i €-^he Ji jrcr-,*;Jt U^ d idj ){ ,t.e, JU--, ct*-, ci rL*Jt 6 Y9 ;.1!t ,J +L* + es )iteu; F U+ a^ts .ri ;$.o la Y .+15 g **)" U-l.,{ oJLel(Jt*;)l (Jl o,a+ r;t* oi *-LIl .:.irlj e-t:Il U.*!t ,J .jJJi V! ;r5 y-l :+"J.LAIe-.i ,^<- J,e Jjl ot^g iY_1cqJ! V ;" 7a1i-rs,ys, Ju, ct* cf -r*: 91. l, Jt.i V:t.. lf rtlti 01.>1t1co.r+{,)i ,-Jl .} Jl,iJ 4;t*-, L rf uL jfituyA, VJ.O j4l, .j)t9 _1-;*rr ort ,-6:L, ,"tJl " Oj+ *f:-- cf arLJt ltIlt ,J J.-ll U",ay<ai->ft oi-a ,sr -2,,.f- cU* ci
  • 6. I t .J>-) P J silt-rr TttS |------i l-- il lgUl 1 ( ti r) -r^* ,rtiJl ,fp e ?irJt; 4-L-J-r .:,j;;;Jr ,Ui ;t .**a:" f >t j ;,r.1g, a,g J+4t J+ r^ : ,r-L.It l Y oi,t j Y ,3t -r=:g;r,*4 L"+ lnl ,-jri ,gti ..Ji : .f_Jr - Ar .;-Uf* )r,aJtl ,al.r|" ,e-J : ,_-rl5-;,!t - I J,e *, .r o7! Ju,!r -r+ UJr tiL;.Jilt,,JJjJt : c;:r*-J,l + - ). o*;j ntil c,lll .f j)!l .-,k" _2;Jl : _ ,rotE;yt . ,irt el-& ilJJl g;rAt p U : cs,b-,, _ - * j-.;i ;:;i u ! PP & UPP BP] JAIS