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Jadual peperiksaan sma 2012
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Jadual peperiksaan sma 2012


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  • 1. UPP/BPI/SMNaOL?M ,Y*,!,jtJ" A:r,l<-kq$l ilr.rQ,tu Itt r&>L-,iL*aL.ul,j-t" 0ttrr.!t J-le 4#J t ar-_r;trl t ortg.i.lJ tY.Y la Itff ,rrrrtl fd sMA zOLzVtlL433HSEKTOR AKADEMIKUNIT PEPENKSr,/.N DAN PENILAIANBAIiAGIAN PENDI DIMN ISUMJABATAN AGAMA ISUM SEI/.NGARTINGKAT 3 MENAM WARABANGUNAN SULTAN IDNS SHAHNO 2 PERS/JARAN MASJID SUKTEL : 03-55143656 / 03-ss143s88
  • 2. : iHL,il6 t_f .Al ojlr ;rfUU,, & Or,,l crtr ftl 4s 0rt*- JAI+,,1J iq.f.: tjli)rt" .Jrt^- d^tt^j .:it-r:, o_&lt ayl clb .-ptl YK-, ,f -* ali-r:,r .rjl pS Jlfb f t> Orrt rllr;.o;l !tK-,,_r^.9utJ.ll:61+r t_tif ,re.*a;: orb "r.if itc i,r.rl .q-f .rtg I b ;ir3* tf di - h >"V . OLn-rii rll;g: l* / l: cljrj: c^ii> .:ty ali.u,o 6rt.3 - y .oyt ol-j,-;i3 ttr ,fir: g./t,c.{Ui lt< 6 q-,L, g e.-, €-S dr+f, ;ft .:tl t# C Jrt.* -f-+* Y. Ji_,1: ooJ .rl-nJ W Ort.* 6 ;.&-r, .jtt d-r; Jf,*, df & .l9***,-l ;lFf g rl"lrf,f / l)L,,v 13i-, t*r, .r-f, bt*i,_;ii A-16 ouqf l;)ri -tf .i<irJ - t .ol*i.,_;iii t"ut 4,iutu ,f sty J_e+ 0ter" ct .t$t t-a., cl$ * r. -r fu -o .c+l cJ$ "ri;r;4Y t ! Jl"r df *t ,ySW, gqt -1 S-r> l$l dJ* Ey -E-,- . i<5 .t.r*, e Jt-r df tr--,.". 3ul g j Jl* | t:.: r:;by g-if g),o YitJ J.i d-l*;ir t-$t .)l,i, S .s_xt..rrr claLf dJLt ,Ay - v . l$l irilF
  • 3. Wef $ ,p-,l dl* ,F"y, Sl-r df ^! lj:-l3.rf ,fVF - Aytf 0t> 6; ,?, gts, 6:V .;$*: otJ-,t t"ut K:". .:^,-1 Jl"r*, Lrf tilJ* sy-f LJ ,ft ,fuy 0rt*- .fl-f it:- of! -.:.,9(3" Uil 1,hJ!" -lj.i+ ort+, .Jt._t- ,-if ltr.F-,*, & *tF Jt_r- t-t{t .Jt_r*,!ti-r Sx Strl g-*a ir;c, cJ-rr .rt Od OtU-$i, gi: irsJta- Jl_f ,Jj - t . . 61+r o.rr,& dt, cJ f9t"^, 0"L-n-;i rJl_eg: l* €s> _)-F ,f *, dJ# l$l - 0rt*- ..r:li3 0;.{ ;ir df fU SSigttlt ;Sa">t" ccal Jl"3*,;l;j c4." i. rr,,t, .iJ-i* | b il"t*+p oly.: I * €s, _sl,F Lrtl, .cal d"t*"c1_fi -,rl-,, f3l.- c-*+ , rllr cl"l*.q * b_f-ldl-egr l* €i Gt* .t1: Jl"- df :t-F tsV ,f -*.r 4r.r; l,rl - Y if ,;(,llt*, i-r-, J"t*.or-S cr"t-c" ,)1*Apg;.: lJul 0/5 &t ,.1* 4b l$1 ,.(#J ,l_r r=s+_; k *..r 1$l )*tit - f4L:.-, l..t;l .,. iJ-i .r.r; lJil o;f JfuJ .Ul_t* df Cft* :l:, *i Jr* .c.r3Hi 4Sl o-*_$: l-til ,jjll-r c^ii: ,lJtt, d.{ L1lr* l.ul . 0l--.i,-;3 tll_9s) l,* /uf c-ira*r 03,i.$ t|_t*UtsV ,f *.r j.ry l"ul - t l*C Jtrtiiuf)o)-1,,gtl 1L df LrV ce;a;3Ul "iJdft* -o .fu-f
  • 4. Wt Peperilsaet Dan Penilaian Balngian Pendidi*an hlaq Jab atw Agdme Islam Selogor 0Jt* Jj . i./-oY d-rJb 6 tp Ltrt €-# s3l tp iit* - .bl*A;; f b l;ul e-,t>.i{+ t! ,rb ..c"y 7:Sf ,f -#:bt ,,? ipf* -YL/Lr ,J"l*t-;ii dtyg: /*;t;J: 3t;t /1.:: ;y i:St 6e, L-y._*-r ipl_. -r,"fib ,ti, ,-f-r LrVo"r*rr-$ * /;ttr, *,1"*:rtTj tC Y.:Jl JIF ocl *s Jl:b o:*vt d.i:!&.{ O9iltr q;f c}-.>l .O"t*j-rii d"Lc" tl"UJKt o-ryl 6*.tf* & rl ;t.., Gt:* ,;f O1*,, l* 6i st_F t,r., npt* -olyf .ri;r t-ut g ;*-*1tjr a,Jb & ,rj-: t:;: -l .J"JL:i7,1-, Ot*.EJi; d"Lc" O1*ir;i dt-r, /*. / tr.: ;,;d Ff*,, Jbt* -V J;-t f6, dl a ta -9J Jtr.) V l-C*-:u C #r.# 4y. o-rt Yot frt & orL* -A :.:, Kl , .}l*Aiii J*,^f, -r3;: f;.a.: - I . ot*irJ.d *, ;X,Hi{:*ffi jto o;ou t-i, b)t-, ;L.L ii : :" -) . "r;-,,, irf)
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