Flood Relief And Rehabilitation Activities Undertaken


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A Report on flood relief activities by RSS and Sevabharathi volunteers

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Flood Relief And Rehabilitation Activities Undertaken

  1. 1. Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Activities undertaken by “RSS and Seva Bharathi” Paschim Andhra Pradesh RSS being the largest non governmental organization in India, With its dedicated nationalist volunteers located each and every corner of affected areas, responded swiftly to help the needy before anybody including government could reach these areas. It has been proved once again that RSS stands for Ready for Selfless Service. Despite the non availability of resources and funds, Sayamsevaks raised above the expectations to serve the needy in these disastrous times. RSS initiated the process of bringing together and collaborating with various NGOs and individual philanthropists for an coordinated effort to use the resources in the better manner. First Phase of Relief Operations: They started distributing food packets brought by their fellow volunteers from the neighboring villages and Districts. RSS has supplied food packets to over one lac families in three districts for past 3 days reaching the interior rural areas of Karnool and Mahaboob Nagar. Since the connectivity to Karnool has been cut off, Material is being brought in from Anantapur, Kadapa, Nellore and Raichure of Karnataka RSS started the relief camps in Karnool town in Saraswati Sishu Mandir and G Pulla Reddy Engineering College. Supplied thousands food and water Packets to the Karnool town from here. Volunteers from Adoni went Mantralaya cleaned Mantralaya temple and cleared the Dead Bodies of Cows of Goshala and other animals. Many of the dead are the Piligrims to Mantrala Temple. Swayamsevaks(volunteers) has removed these bodies and handed over to the police. In Hindupur, Sangh is running 5 food preparation and collection centres to support immediately on 3 rd October to be sent to Karnool Districts. In Anantapur, Swayamsevaks started a food collection centre with an intention of sending 10,000 food packets. With an overwhelming response from the people of Anantapur, the centre could prepare 50,000 packets and other material worth 5 lacs sent for the needy in Karnool district. In Dronachalam(Dhone), Swayamsevaks sent 50,000 food packets and 1 lac water packets for Karnool. Volunteers from Nandikotkur went into the villages which went under the water and rescued 45 families and brought them to the safety and gave them food.
  2. 2. Gadwal, A relief Camp is being conducted at TTD Kalyana Mandapam. Food packets are being supplied to 200 Villages. In Hyderabad, 2000 Swayamsevaks are going around and collecting the funds, food and material which needed for flood affected. Two collection centre are established at State HQ of RSS and Keshav Memorial School. Every Day 4 truck loads of food material, 2 trucks loads of other immediate necessities to flood affected areas. 200 volunteers rushed to the flood affected areas to involve in the hygiene and sanitation work from the city. Sri Raghavulu, All India Secreatary VHP, visited affected areas and met the volunteers involved in the work in Karnool, Sri T V Deshmukh , State President of RSS and State Organizing Secretary of Seva Bharati Sri Vidwan Reddy have visited Gadwal relief Camp and met the volunteers working in Mahaboob Nagar. Second Phase of Relief : We have surveyed the affected areas of Mahaboob Nagar District and found that 58 Villages are badly destroyed and 16,000 families of many other villages are devastated. The immediate requirement of these families to be settle down to their daily chores is to have their daily necessities. Hence we are planning for supplying the kits to 5000 families which will enable them to start off their living. Each Kit will consists of Kitchen utensils, food grains and material of daily use. In Karnool District, still 250-300 villages are still under water hence the survey is not yet completed. As far as Karnool Town is concerned, is slowly returning to normalcy. Around Karnool Town 29 villages have been severely affected. We surveyed and serviced 20 villages around Karnool Town. We are planning to undertake similar steps to supply daily life supporting kits to the people to start their daily routine once we have the final statistics. Third Phase of Relief : RSS already initiated planning for rehabilitation devastated people and reconstruction destroyed villages. We identified various means of rehabilitation of people like supplying them implements required for their occupation. In this process, RSS is having coordinated effort with many other voluntary, social, cultural and spiritual organizations.
  3. 3. <ul><li>Some Organization currently working with RSS in Flood Relief and Rehabilitation process: Vande Mataram Foundation Gayatri Pariwar Help for Needy Sanskriti Foundation Bharati Vikas Parishad Appeal:   RSS is calling all of you to come forward to join in this service to the humanity. Send the cheques or Cash in the Name of Seva Bharathi Online transfer of funds can be done to Seva Bharathi A/c No: 630501065297, ICICI Bank, Himayat Nagar Branch,  Hyderabad . You can also draw a cheque/draft in the name of Seva Bharathi and post/courier it to below address   SEVA BHARATHI Sevabharathi, 3-2-106, Nimboliadda,  Hyderabad-500027 Ph: +91 040-24610056 www.sevabharathi.org http:// www.sevabharathi.blogspot.com / Mob: + 91 9701226830, +91 9849262868 email id: sewabharathi@gmail.com                                                                                                                                    [Please note that all contributions to Seva Bharathi are tax-exempt under 80G.] Hereby, we are giving a few statistics for the record : Material Sent to Karnool Town Till Date: Chapati Pack @ 4 Nos - 5 Lacs Buscuit Packets - 1 Lac Pulihora / Yellow Rice Packs - 1 Lac Bread Packets - 1 Lac Water Packets - 3 Lac Food Packets from Karnataka - 1 Lac Relief Work Done At Karnool Medical Camps Conducted - 3 Nos People in Relief Camps - 15,000 Nos People Rescued from Flood Water - 1000 Nos Villages Destroyed - 29 Villages Villages Reached - 20 Villages Cows Killed in Gosala in Mantralaya - 60 Cows </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>Material Supplied to Palamur/ Mahaboob Nagar Pulihora/ Yellow Rice - 15,000 packs Jowar Rotis - 4,000 Packets Chapatis - 5,000 Packets Water Packets - 3 Lacs Packets Material Sent from Anantapur Rice - 200 Quintals Tur Dal packet @5kg - 2000 Packets Volunteers working at various places Palamur/ Mahaboob Nagar - 900 Members Karnool - 600 Members Nandyala - 150 Members Material supplied from Bhagyanagar to Palamur/ Mahaboob Nagar On 3 rd October 2009 Bread, Biscuits, Water packets - 2 Trucks Water Packets - 90,000 Packets Woollen Bed Sheets - 110 Roti Packets - 600 Pulihora/ Yellow Rice - 1,000 Packets Biscuit Packets - 16,500 Packets Bread Packets - 10,500 Packets On 4 th October 2009 Water Packets - 1,80,000 Bread Packets - 33 Cartons Biscuits - 11 Cartons Medicines - 7 Cartons Bread from Kukatpally - 1 Truck Stock available at various relief camps as of today Bleaching Powder - 1500 Kgs Candle Boxes - 2500 Nos Match Boxes - 2500 Nos Glouses - 500 Nos Biscuits - Bread - Rice - 400 Quintals Tur Dal - 10 Quintals </li></ul>
  5. 5. Kits Planned for Distribution : Kitchen Utensils Utensils/ Plates covers -3 Nos, Spoons – 3 Nos, Tumblers – 2 Nos, Plates – 2 Nos Food Grain and spices package Rice – 10 Kgs, Tur Dal – 1 Kg, ½ Kg Imily, 1/ Kg Mirch Powder House Hold set Mat – 1 No, Bed Sheet – 1 No, Candles and Match box set And Transport Total cost per set – Rs 1,200/- Work done on 6 th and 7 th October at/ for Kurnool and Mahaboob Nagar districts Sevabharathi and RSS In the second Phase, we established 5 Camps in Mahaboobnagar District. Base Camp at Gadwal, which is in the middle of the affected area. Our Volunteers have surveyed, they found 58 Villages washed away in the floods 16,000 families are totally affected. At present, We are trying to give the Basic Utility kits for the families of 5to6 k depending on the availability. We are also taking support from other voluntary organizations in this regard to reach out to total no of families. In third Phase, We are making survey in 58 Villages to start reconstruction and rehabilitation process. Weavers – Gadwal, Instruments of artisans. Team of 10 Doctors are going around the affected areas in Mahaboob Nagar district treating and giving the medicines under the leadership of Dr Surender Reddy. Over 2.5 Lacs worth of medicines are being distributed. In addition to the local volunteers, 50 Senior volunteers are coordinating the activities in Karnool and Mantralaya surroundings. In Kurnool, Still 200 Villages are still under water hence the total damage could not be assessed so far. Volunteers have started the relief operations in those villages where water has receded. In the Kurnool Town, Team of 200 Volunteers are formed to help the citizens in removing the slush out of their houses. Seva Bharathi is one of the very few Non Governmental Organizations allowed to distribute Food Packets around Kurnool District by the local administration.
  6. 6. Keshava Reddy Group of educational institutions supplied 20 Vehicles towards the logistics of Relief Operations. “Pullareddy Group of educational institutions” extending necessary help through its resources in relief operations. To bring normalcy in the lives of affected people and areas by the floods, huge amount of funds are required. We are working in evaluating the need of the hour once the water recedes. Several Voluntary organizations are coming forward to take the help of manpower available with us to distribute the material available with them. State Executive of RSS is camping the affected areas to supervise the relief activities. Material supplied and work done on 6 th October at/ for Kurnool and Mahaboob Nagar districts Karnool Rural Villages covered - 8 Villages Food Grain Kits Distributed - 8,000 Nos Allagadda Surveyed and Material sent to - 4 Villages Adoni Swayamsevaks Colleted Rice - 20 Quintals Essential Material - Rs 30,000.00 worth With 25 karyakartas They went to Mantralayam Mandal,and surveyed 20 Villages Statistics of Volunteers Fresh batch of Volunteers - 150 Nos Volunteers returned back to home After 3 days of service - 200 Nos Material Supplied From Chittor Blankets - 3,000 Nos
  7. 7. Bananas - 50,000 Nos 1Ltr Water Bottles - 3,000 Nos Buscuit Packets - 2 Lacs Towels - 3,000 Nos By Atmakur Swayamsevaks Food Packets Distributed – 50,000 Nos Villages still marooned - 250 Nos Stock Available at Karnool Rice - 300 Quintals Food Grain Kits - 70 Nos (supplied from Proddutur) Material Supplied from Hyderabad to Mahaboob Nagar / Palamur Rice - 320 Quintals Turdal - 10 Quintals Mats - 2,500 Nos Candles - 2,500 Packets Match Boxes - 11,000 Packs Utensil Sets - 1,000 Nos Imily - 13,000 Kgs Bread - 10 Cartons Mirch Powder - 500 Kgs Biscuits - 100 Cartons Blankets - 300 Medicines - Rs 70,000 worth Sarees - 100 Nos Blankets from Solapur - 2,500 Nos Stock At Hyderabad Rice – 43 Quintals Tur Dal - 1.1 Quintals Material Supplied to Gadwal Relief camp/ Mahaboob Nagar from Hyderabad on 7 Th October Tur Dall - 500 Kg Sweet Oil - 25 Kg Saries - 70 Nos. Bead Sheates - 70 Nos. Other some of new clothes Plastic Mats - 100 Nos
  8. 8. Plastic Mugs - 200 Nos. Plastic Tubs - 180 Nos. Steel Plates - 200 Nos. Steel Tumbler - 500 Nos. Soaps - 750 Nos, Water Packets - 2000 Nos Tur Dal - 28 Bags @50 Kg Water Packets - 120 Bags Blankets - 150 Nos. Bed Sheets - 2 Bags Biscuite Carton - 4 Nos. Match Boxes Carton - 2 Nos. Towels - 1 Box T-Shirts - 1 Box. Work done on 8th October at/ for Kurnool and Mahaboob Nagar districts RSS and SEVA BHARATHI, Paschim Andhra Pradesh Brief on the work in Mahaboob Nagar/ Palamur district : Areas in and around Gadwal, Aiza, Vaddepalli, Kollapur, Aalampur, Alapadu Mandals are severely affected. Service activities are going on in these mandals. In Second Phase of operations, Volunteers started preparing 5000 Basic Utility and Food Kits to be distributed among the some of the most affected families. It is estimated that around 16,000 families are the worst affected. Sevabharathi is looking forward for some more organizations or donors to contribute more in this process. 8 Medical camps are being conducted under the supervision of Dr Surender Reddy, Organizing Secretary, Arogya Bharathi with the help of his associates. Sri Vidwan Reddy, Seva Bharathi’s State Organizing Secreatary is operating out of his base camp in Gadwal to supervise the relief operations in the district. Several Organizations and Individuals are coming to Seva Bharathi to distribute their Relief Material through its Network. It is requested anybody or organizations who wishes to use the services of SEVA BHARTHI to distribute their materials can contact Sri Vidwan Reddy (Gadwal) on 098492 77518. Can also contact Sri Bucha Reddy (Kottam Engineering College, Erravelly ‘x’ Roads) on 94419 20302.
  9. 9. Brief on the work done in Karnool District: The findings of the survey conducted by volunteers in Kurnool district : 97 Villages are totally washed out and still marooned under water 40 Villages are worst affected, water receded leaving mountains of mud 5 tribal hamlets are destroyed by the floods, 8 more Traibal Hamlets are still under water. 55,000 Families out of 142 Villages have lost every penny of their own. Rashtra Sevika Samithi has adopted Mavidalapadu village for restoration process. 360 Wollen Blankets and 500 Utility and Food grain Kits are distributed. Volunteers headed by Mr Balaiah from Nandikotkur Village adopted Ganapuram village. They are taking care of all the necessities of village residents till the restoration to the normalcy. Betamcherla residents came forward to adopt Panchalingala and Niduduru villages which are worst affected by the floods. They are taking care all the necessities of the affected villagers. Relief material taken to Submerged areas Distribution of food Packets to the affected Rescue operations Food packets distributions
  10. 10. Ramakrishna Mission and Seva Bharathi has adopted Sultanpuram to provide relief and rehabilitation to the affected families. Volunteers from Nellore distributed 1000 Utility and Food Grain Kits to the affected families in Tandrapadu village. Volunteers from Amalapuram distributed 2 truck loads Utility and Food Grain Kits in the affected areas in Kurnool- rural. Several Voluntary organizations are handing over the material to Seva Bharathi for distribution among the affected people as it has proven its skills in disaster management by distributing material efficiently and peacefully. Volunteers from Proddutur are preparing 1,000 utility and food grain kits to be distributed. Volunteers from Goldsmith association are also preparing Utility and Food Grain Kits worth 4 lac rupees with the help of Seva Bharathi. Medical Camps being Conducted ; Medical Camp conducted at Jagannatha gattu in Kurnool Town has served several people. 5 Mobile clinics are moving around the villages providing necessary medical help. Ashwini hospital is providing medical services round the clock through its mobile medical clinic with the help of Seva Bharathi. A medical camp is being conducted by Dr Sindhu Nr Mantralaya. Dr Ramasubbaiah is providing medical help in the villages around Nandikotkur going around in his medical van. Dr Udayshankar along with his associates are going around the marooned villages nr Nandyala town in boats and providing the necessary medical help. Medical camp is being conducted at Nandyala under supervision of Dr.Sahadevudu. Dr Parameshwar and Dr Murali are going around the marooned tribal hamlets and other villages and provided necessary medical help. 520 Volunteers from different parts of Kurnool district have actively participated in the relief activities. 130 Volunteers from Anantapur district and 60volunteers from Hyderabad participated for four days in helping their brotherhood.
  11. 11. Medical Camp At Karnool Survey is being conducted by RSS Volunteers Food Material Distribution by RSS volunteers