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  • Jobcast helps connect Companies with Passive Candidates on Facebook.
  • As Facebook grows, which it continues to do rapidly, so does the number of people using it as a central part of their job search.
    According to the Undercover Recruiter, 81% of job seekers would like to see career opportunities on an employers Facebook Page.
    Not only is the candidate pool growing, but so is access to those candidates. Facebook's continual addition of employer friendly features, such as Facebook Graph Search, and more targeted ads, means your ability to attract, engage, and convert just keeps getting better.
  • Speaking of access to candidates, one of Facebook’s best features is that it gives you access to one of the most desirable and hardest to reach talent pools. That talent pool is the passive candidates.
    80% of the workforce is made up of passive candidates. These candidates are employed, yet are open to new opportunities and they are NOT on Job Boards.
    Even more important, the data suggests that these candidates are better hires. For example, in a recent Jobvite survey, they found that:
    Passive talent are 17% less likely to need skills development and are 120% more likely to want to make an impact.
    Passive talent are 120% more likely to want to make an impact
    Passive candidates are 33% more likely to want challenging work
    Passive talent is also less needy, 17% less likely to need skill development and 21% less likely to need recognition
  • Over 1 Billion users are on Facebook. That’s a lot of passive candidates.
  • Candidates who are researching new job opportunities at work aren’t doing so on their company computer for obvious reasons.
    77% of job seekers surveyed were using mobile to research new jobs. Job search sites like Indeed and SimplyHired are reporting similar numbers.
  • Smart companies are on Facebook too.
    66% of companies are using Facebook for Recruiting and this number is rising rapidly.
    Starbucks, MacDonald's, Levi’s – all of these companies are using Facebook to recruit because it’s effective.
    Take companies like Macdonald’s for example. Macdonald’s success is dependent on having an extremely high ROI on everything they do. They Cut costs wherever possible.
    With that said, they wouldn’t be investing so heavily in Facebook recruiting if it wasn't effective, or if it wasn't saving them money.
  • Image source:
    These big brands are using social not only because of its high ROI but because it’s the only way to reach these candidates.
    89% of employers are using social media for recruiting (source: job searching with social media for dummies)
    84% of job seekers have a Facebook profile
    48% of all job seekers have done at least one social job hunt activity last year
    1 in 5 job seekers added professional information to their Facebook profile last year
    16% of all job seekers received a job referral from a Facebook friend
  • Your Page is your home base for Facebook Recruiting.
    This is the first thing that your potential candidates will see when they find you on Facebook.
    It’s your first impression so it’s important to make it count.
    It’s also the place where you will direct potential applicants.
    This Facebook Page by North Page is a great example!
    First, they have a well designed banner. It’s great because it has their company logo and also shows their team enjoying a company picnic.
    You’ll notice that they’ve added a career tab to their page.
    And their Description and title are both tailored to recruiting
    This branding and expressions of company culture is what makes The North Face Recruiting Page work so well.
  • Here’s an example of a branded career section using Jobcast.
    The first thing that job seekers do these days when they`re thinking of applying to a company is research them on social networks and internet stalk that company.
    Having a really professional Facebook career section makes a really great first impression and shows consistency in your employer brand. Something that we do with Jobcast Enterprise is create the kind of Facebook career section is make that potential candidate excited to be a part of that companies culture, find out what types of jobs they have and determine whether they`ll be a good fit.
  • Remember those stats we gave you about mobile? Let`s face it, most career sites are NOT mobile friendly. One of the things that our clients like most about using the Jobcast app is that it’s an easy mobile solution. Jobcast even does this thing called responsive design which makes it work on computers and devices of all shapes and sizes.
  • We know it’s really important to have sold ATS integration process so we’ve made it the foundation of what we do. When you use Jobcast, we’ll manage the entire integration process and you won’t have to lift a finger. With Jobcast, your Facebook career page will be integrated seamlessly with your ATS and you will not need to worry about it.
  • Facebook works great on its own, but if works even better if you link it to all of your other social networks. When you post your jobs with Jobcast we make it easy for you to push those jobs out to other social networks. We can even make this process completely automated so that you don’t have to think twice about it.
  • Our goal is to make recruiting more effective and save you time with our automation tools for ATS integration and social job sharing.
    Not only that, but with our beautifully designed Facebook and mobile careers sections, we also make you look good too! And let’s face it, most ATS’s are not exactly pretty!
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  • Traditional recruiting only targets a 20% of potential candidates!
    Let’s face it, With the economy improving there’s a resurgence in the war for talent, and that means a higher demand for qualified candidates. Companies are going to have to work harder than ever before to find candidates that meet their requirements and the best candidates often won’t be on job boards.
    Luckily for employers, everyone is on Facebook! For example, 84% of job seekers have a Facebook profile, and, Facebook accounts for 16% of total internet use
  • Jobcast sales presentation

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