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This is Introductory presentation to the Cloud. Define what cloud is, its categories, types, features and SLA's.

This is Introductory presentation to the Cloud. Define what cloud is, its categories, types, features and SLA's.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Cloud
  • 2. Cloud?Any virtualized resources,development platforms or applicationsoftwares, that are available throughthe internet, is infinitely scalable andself serviced can be defined as a Cloud.
  • 3. Picture it? * * “Kitchen Sink?”, Yes. Web of Things!
  • 4. Categories?* Infrastructure as a Service > IaaS* Platform as a Service > PaaS* Software as a Service > SaaS
  • 5. *aaS?> Web API based access * SOAP * REST> Hosted * Configurable * Extensible
  • 6. IaaS?ComputeStorageLoad BalancersCDNFirewallsVPN
  • 7. IaaS?Compute QueuesStorage NotificationsLoad Balancers CacheCDN Map ReduceFirewalls DatabasesVPN NoSQL
  • 8. IaaS Providers? > Amazon Web Services > Rackspace Cloud > GoGrid > SoftLayer > Microsoft Azure > Tata InstaCompute
  • 9. PaaS?Add-on development facilitiesStand Alone Development EnvironmentsApplication Delivery-only EnvironmentsOpen Platform as a service
  • 10. PaaS Providers? > Google App Engine > Heroku > Microsoft Office365 > Lotus Quickr > > Amazon Beanstalk
  • 11. SaaS? Email Service CRM Document Management Version Control Social Networks Office Productivity Tools
  • 12. SaaS Providers? > Salesforce > Google Mail > Facebook > Twitter > Github > Dropbox
  • 13. Cloud Types? Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Community Cloud
  • 14. Cloud Types? Public CloudA public cloud is one in which a service providermakes resources, platforms or applications,available to the general public over the Internet.Public cloud services may be free or offered on apay-per-usage model. > Amazon Web Services > Google App Engine
  • 15. Cloud Types? Private CloudPrivate cloud (also called internal cloud orcorporate cloud) is a marketing term for aproprietary computing architecture that provideshosted services to a limited number of peoplebehind a firewall. > Eucalyptus > OpenStack
  • 16. Cloud Types? Hybrid Cloud A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment in which an organization provides and manages some resources in-house and has others provided> Amazon Web Services + Eucalyptus> Google App Engine + AppScale
  • 17. Cloud Types? Community CloudCommunity cloud shares infrastructure betweenseveral organizations from a specific communitywith common concerns (security, compliance,jurisdiction, etc.), whether managed internally orby a third-party and hosted internally orexternally. > Amazon Gov Cloud
  • 18. Why Cloud? > Low Cost > Easy to Manage > Always Available > Always up-to-date > Reliable > Scalable > Flexible > Standardized
  • 19. Is Cloud Safe?Of Course! Thanks to...> Multi Level Data Security> Multi Level Network Security> Automatic Backups> Best Sys Administrators
  • 20. Any Concerns? > Jurisdiction > Vendor Lock-in > Shared Environments > Bandwidth
  • 21. SLA Coverage?Covers > IaaS + Infrastruture > PaaS + Platform + Infrastruture > SaaS + Software + Platform + Infrastruture
  • 22. SLA Coverage?Does not Cover+ Your Instances running on Cloud Infrastructure+ Your Applications running on Cloud Platform+ Your Programs running on Cloud Software
  • 23. Questions?
  • 24. Thank You!