AWS Use Cases


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This is a presentation that just missed to be on tech track of AWS Road Show at bangalore. This talks about the Use Cases on the AWS Cloud.

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AWS Use Cases

  1. 1. AWSUse Cases Samuel Vijaykumar M
  2. 2. SaaS-ification
  3. 3. SaaS-ification Whats that?
  4. 4. SaaS-ificationMotivation Deployment Automation Harness Elasticity Multi Region Support Many Service Options Pay as you Run
  5. 5. SaaS-ificationModels Single Tenant SaaS Multi Tenant SaaS
  6. 6. SaaS-ificationSingle Tenant SaaS Compute Not Shared What is it? Databases Not Shared Close to Fork lifting Scaling a possibility Offboard easily
  7. 7. SaaS-ificationSingle Tenant SaaS Build base AMI How to do it? Automate Deployments Automate Graceful Destructions Automate Monitoring Automate Graceful failovers
  8. 8. SaaS-ificationSingle Tenant SaaS Architecture? Cloud Provisioning Portal Mountable (EC2) Persistent Storage (EBS) Resource Compute Resources Repository Database (EC2 Fabric) (S3) Fabric (RDS) Central Log Store(Flume/Scribe) CloudWatch (EC2 Cluster) Monitoring Server (EC2)
  9. 9. SaaS-ificationMulti Tenant SaaS Compute is Shared What is it? Databases are Shared(schema) Not your traditional model Scaling a must Onboard easily
  10. 10. SaaS-ificationMulti Tenant SaaS Design a Scalable Architecture How to do it? Good use of AWS services Design a DR Strategy Monitor all Services Automate quick onboarding
  11. 11. SaaS-ificationMulti Tenant SaaS Load Balancer CDN Architecture? (Elasctic Load Balancing) (CloudFront) Object Web Servers AutoScale Store (EC2) (S3) Cache Layer DNS Management Mountable (ElastiCache) (Route53) Persistent Storage (EBS) Database With Replication Database With Replication (RDS) (RDS) NoSQL (SimpleDB) Index Cluster Service Monitoring (EC2 Cluster) (EC2)
  12. 12. Digital Marketing
  13. 13. Digital Marketing Whats that?
  14. 14. Digital MarketingMotivation Content Delivery Network Bulk mailing AutoScale for Spikes Many Service Options Pay as you Run
  15. 15. Digital MarketingWhat Challenges? Manage Multiple Brands Heterogeneous Environments Frequent Updates Unpredictable Spikes Handle Multiple media types
  16. 16. Digital MarketingHow to do it? Capacity Planning Effective monitoring Log data analysis Identify standard configurations Automated scripts for deployments
  17. 17. Digital MarketingArchitecture Cloud Provisioning Portal CDN (EC2) (CloudFront) Mountable Stardardized AMI Store Persistent Storage Resource (EBS) Repository (S3) Campaign Database AutoScale Servers(EC2) Fabric (RDS) Central Log Store(Flume/Scribe) (EC2 Cluster) CloudWatch Campaign Data Analysis Bulk Mailing (EC2 Cluster) (SES) Monitoring Server (EC2)
  18. 18. Email Archival
  19. 19. Email Archival Whats that?
  20. 20. Email ArchivalMotivation Availability of a large storage Spawn servers quickly Secure data in transit Map Reduce for Data Analysis
  21. 21. Email ArchivalWhat Challenges? Data at rest security Indexing Large Volumes Ease of access Monitoring cluster nodes
  22. 22. Email ArchivalHow to do it? Choose an Indexing Service Use effective Data Encryption Manage Encryption Keys Plan for Failures
  23. 23. Email ArchivalArchitecture Archive View Portal Authentication Server (EC2) (EC2) Data Encryption Server Archive Store (EC2) (S3) Distributed Index Cluster(Lucandra) Distributed Index Cluster(Lucandra) Distributed(EC2) Cluster(Lucandra) Index (EC2) (EC2) Database Server Persistent Index Store (RDS) (EBS Volumes) Services Monitoring Server (EC2)
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