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Nectar whey protein isolate fuzzy navel 214 lbs   a great change from chocolate strawberry and vanilla

Nectar whey protein isolate fuzzy navel 214 lbs a great change from chocolate strawberry and vanilla






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    Nectar whey protein isolate fuzzy navel 214 lbs   a great change from chocolate strawberry and vanilla Nectar whey protein isolate fuzzy navel 214 lbs a great change from chocolate strawberry and vanilla Document Transcript

    • Nectar Whey Protein Isolate Fuzzy Navel 2.14 lbs A Great Change From Chocolate, Strawberry And VanillaWelcome to the critically acclaimed world of NECTAR! Gone are the daysof low quality whey protein. Gone are the days of those blah-tastingprotein drinks that promise much but deliver little. NECTAR once-and-for-all breaks the mold by combining Promina, the highest quality whey proteinisolate ever developed, with a flavoring system that is so fruitilicious thatyou will never drink another whey protein shake ever again. If you like therefreshing taste of fruit juice, youll love NECTAR! With its mouthwateringfruit juice flavors, NECTAR is truly a protein drink you will look forward todrinking each and every day.* Picture may be of different size or flavorFeatures:* Mixes Instantly* Zero Carbs; Zero Fat* Best Tasting Protein On The Market* Refreshing Fruit Juice Flavor* Promina Whey IsolatePersonal Review: Nectar Whey Protein Isolate Fuzzy Navel 2.14lbsI am a 2 year post-op Lap Band patient. Ive tried lots of protein drinks andhate whey protein because of the nasty taste.
    • I bought the Caribbean Cooler several months ago and drank it for a shortperiod of time, but stopped drinking it. It is too coconut for me. I had to getback to drinking my protein drinks, so I recently got it back out of mycabinet. Im still not real fond of the coconut flavor.I knew Nectar had many flavors, so I started researching online and founda post for a variety pack of 11 different flavors for just $9.99 and I called.Im skeptical of things like that, but it was legit. They charged me correctlyand I got my sampler pack in just 2 days! If youre interested, call 1-866-333-7403.I just use a blender bottle to mix my drinks, so I can do it on the go or atwork without having to worry about needing a blender. I have learned thatit does not mix as well with ice in the blender bottle. It tends to clump upbecause it sticks to the ice and clumps together. I suggest that you mixthe powder with JUST the liquid (water or milk) and then after it is wellmixed, add ice if you want. I think they will all mix well if you do this. Also,I see that some people add crystal light to it. Im not sure how they aredoing it, but I have found that if you try to mix the crystal light powder withthe protein powder it does not mix well in the liquid. I have found that ifyou mix the crystal light with water separately and add it to the proteindrink after it is mixed, it all mixes well.Let me also mention the nutritionals: per scoop, 90 calories, 0 fat, 0 carbs,23g protein! You can not beat that! I have not found another proteinpowder that offers that kind of nutritional balance. Th ere is no aspartame init. They use Sucrolose (Splenda) for sweetening. Great stuff!The flavors I have tried in order of favorite to least favorite:1) Cappuccino - 5/5 Stars. This flavor is so good. Im definitely going tobuy this one in bulk. It is sweet, but it will replace my morning coffee andmy sweet tooth cravings. I did not detect any whey flavor or aftertaste. Itdoes not taste artificial at all and I imagine that is because they actuallyadd decaffeinated coffee as an ingredient. I mix this one with skim milk (1cup) and drink it down! I have also heard that some people like to drink ithot. I will try that when I buy a container of it.2) Fuzzy Navel - 5/5 Stars. I dont have anything bad to say about it. Ithas a good balance of orange and peach flavor. No whey flavor and apeachy aftertaste. This is a good one!3) Vanilla Torte - 5/5 Stars. This one was really good. I actually had thisone on Saturday morning so I had time to experiment with it. I put ¼ cupfrozen blackberries, raspberries and blueberries in the blender with 1 cupof skim milk and the blended. Then, I added the protein powder andblended until mixed well. It was very good. Even with the fruit I could tastethe vanilla flavor. No whey flavor or aftertaste.
    • 4) Roadside Lemonade - 4/5 Stars. It is creamier than I was expectingwhich I thought was nice. I was expecting a harsh artificial lemon flavor,but I was pleasantly surprised. There was not much of a whey taste oraftertaste to it. I like this one.5) Twisted Cherry - 3.5/5 Stars. It is smoother than I thought it would be. Ithought it would be tart, but its not. Not much of an aftertaste or wheytaste.6) Chocolate Truffle - 3/5 Stars. I was surprised not to like this one asmuch as I was hoping. I mixed it with a cup of skim milk and thought itwould be creamier and chocolatier, but I could taste a hint of whey. Itdoesnt have a bad aftertaste though. Its okay, but doesnt live up to myexpectations as far as flavor. Cappuccino is still my FAV!7) Strawberry Mousse - 1/5 Stars. I mixed this with 1 cup of skim milkhoping for a strawberry milkshake flavor, but it flopped! It is so artificialtasting and I could taste the whey. Im not fond of this one.8) Strawberry Kiwi - 1/5 Stars. Again with the artificial strawberry flavorand I could taste the whey even more in this one. This one might be betterif you add some other flavoring to it. I only have one sample though so Icant experiment with it.9) Caribbean Cooler - 1/5 Stars. Way too much of a coconut flavor for me.Where is the pineapple? I bought a 2lb container of this one before I hadever tried Nectar at all. I had heard it was a good one and tasted like apina colada. I figured I like pina coladas so I would like this one. The firsttime I tried this one it was pretty good, but I quickly got tired of it. On apositive note, there is not much whey taste or aftertaste. Its better if youmix it with the sunrise orange flavored crystal light.10) Crystal Sky - 0.5/5 Stars. I gave this a half star just because its not ASbad as the Apple one, but it nasty too. It has too much of a whey taste.The aftertaste isnt as bad as the apple.11) Apple Ecstasy - 0/5 Stars. I did not like this flavor at all. It took me awhile to choke it down. I could taste the whey all the way through and Icould not stand it. Horrible aftertaste. Im glad that I wont ever have totaste this one again. Way worse than the Caribbean Cooler.So, at the end of this taste testing I decided to order two flavors. I orderedthe Cappuccino and Fuzzy Navel in the 2lb tubs. The retail price at thelocal store is $35/tub plus tax. I ordered from [...] on Sunday. I think theyhave one of the best deals. They were $24.50/tub with $11.27 for s/h forUPS Ground for a grand total of $60.27. I should have them by Tuesdaybecause they are based in Georgia and Im in South Carolina. I think thatis a very good deal. I could have gotten them a little cheaper from [...]
    • with 5% off coupon code. They have flat rate shipping of $4.99 I believe.It would have been a really good deal and would have only cost about$54.00 for two tubs, but they were out of Fuzzy Navel. I thought about justordering the Vanilla Torte because I do like that one, but I didnt want twosweet flavors. I wanted to have a fruity flavor to break it up some.I hope you find this review helpful and informative. Please remember thatthis is one persons perspective and everyones taste is different. I wouldsuggest trying them yourself. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:Nectar Whey Protein Isolate Fuzzy Navel 2.14 lbs 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!