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  • 1. Evaluation Media Studies
  • 2. Location
    • The first location I chose was just a wood down the road, however I didn’t think I could achieve what I wanted to with that location. So I chose to do it at my families container yard, I started filming the first scene in this location in several spots on the site, and thought this location looked the best and gave the best atmosphere. Compared to the first location I thought that that location didn’t have the right feel about it, the atmosphere and the setting didn’t live up to expectations for the right settings. When I went to location 2, immediately I knew this was the right setting for my film. The atmosphere was high class and similar to what you would see on a top production with a high budget. I would have liked the camera to be higher class camera as the lighting was a bit too dark on selected scenes that I did. That resulted to not including them scenes in my introduction to a film.
  • 3. Characters
    • How does your media product represent particular social groups? How did/would you attract your audience These question is answered in this text.
    • I used two characters in my production, I did plan on having two adults and one child however I found it hard to get a child to come during the hours of filming and I thought the child wasn’t mature enough to be included so I just had two adults play the characters. I chose two female characters as I felt people would be expecting male characters when they read the planning. I wanted to have stronger female characters to show that females are just as strong as males in the acting world. I went onto the accents of the characters I first planned to have just basic English accents, and then I went onto thinking about bringing foreign accents into the film. I had this idea from in most baddy good films the baddy is normally foreign and the goody is normally English. I had the idea of maybe representing the battle between different countries maybe the battle between different cultures, I just thought of these things when I wanted to introduce accents. I had both my characters try the first scene with an accent and thought it worked however I thought it would be more interesting if I used one foreign and one English character. We run through the first scene with the script with the foreign and English parts and thought this worked well. I researched into different foreign English accents and how they used English words and pronunciations and found Russians language. How Russians people pronounce English words, they pronounce there English language sexually and I think the audience would be more interested in the Foreign Russian female character.
  • 4. Shots used
    • I have used a variety of different shots. I tried to use of many different camera angles as possible to give the audience more different shots of the same scene to get them more interested. I originally planned to have less shots then I actually finished with. When I was filming I just thought it would be nice to have an insert here, it just came naturally as I was filming each scenes. I often have used a lot of high angle shots where I was on a forklift truck. I like these shots because you can see a wide range in this shot rather then swopping and changing to different angles from close up to long shot. If I had the time to add anymore shots I would of liked to include a focus pull I think this shot looks good on films.
  • 5. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
    • The main distributor of similar films to mine was Columbia Pictures. The films that they distributed are Men in Black 3, 2012, Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale and The Grudge. These films are what inspired me to produce mine. All these films have different genres however all evolve around the same. For example Men in Black 3 has a high adrenalin throughout the film. 2012 has sort of a question about it, what's going to happen?
    • Why I think Columbia Pictures might want to distribute my film is because the films that I have found have the same things that are included in my film. Like baddy goody's, guns, posh cars etc. And all fit into the genre action.
  • 6. If people get the cliff-hanger and could I of made it better?
    • I feel that the cliff-hanger I tried to achieve wasn’t as successful as I had wanted it to be. How you see the first character in the first scene at the container yard. The cliff-hanger is supposed to be one of the characters gets shot and the other one takes the chip and goes, and the character that got shot actually didn’t and you see her at the end of the 2 minutes, There is a close up shot of her face and it freezes, I wanted the audience to recognise that she hasn’t actually been shot and ask themselves I thought she got shot. I was hoping for people to get this but the container scene was just a bit to dark to see the characters face clearer.
  • 7. How did you attract your audience?
    • At the start of this production I wanted something different than horror, I feel that everybody does horror because it’s an easy way out. I’m not suggesting that producing any media production is easy however I felt at that time horror was what everybody was doing. So I decided to do the film genre action. I thought that people would be interested in a genre which is different to all the rest. I also used characters from different cultures which I thought would make the project more interesting for the older audience.
  • 8. What I learnt from filming my preliminary task?
    • I learnt how to use imovie 08, which was a bonus. To be familiar with imovie before I started my main film was a big help. The only problem is that imovie on my laptop was not the latest imovie out, so all the help videos weren’t actually for that imovie I was using. I felt that imovie 08 didn’t have what I wanted to achieve my film on there. So I went and got a laptop with imovie 09, I felt that 09 was a lot better when you finally get to terms with it and helped me a lot more to achieving my goal. I can now use imovie 09 successfully.
  • 9. In what way does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media.
    • What would you expect to see in thriller and action films? Well a goody and a baddy, guns, fast music, deaths, posh cars. Just the typical effects that happen in that genre of film. I watched the openings middles and ends of selected films. I then wrote down ideas onto my planning document of what I would want to try and achieve in including into my film. I included a mysterious scene which was at a container yard, this yard was in the family so it was a bonus to have. In the big action films they always have a nice posh car which normally gets blown up. I knew that I didn't have the technology or the budget to make the car blow up, so I included a BMW and a Mercedes which were the two main characters cars.
  • 10. Who would be the audience for your media product
    • My audience for my media film would be age 20 and above. I think my film has a mature feel to it. I think my film however a young adult has produced this film it is more mature.
    Did I achieve the target audience? I thought that I did achieve my target audience, I have shown my film to a variety of age groups and they all seem to like how the film has been put together. I think that for the younger age group my film has a mysterious feel to it also the characters are quite young. For the older
  • 11. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
    • I have learnt that you have to be patient with things. We had cameras that we could use from school and I had a camera at home. I decided to use my camera at home however it didn't work as well as I planned. The camera I had at home I didn’t actually have a cable to move the videos onto my computer so I assumed that my teacher would have one, she didn’t so I had a big job trying to get the video on my laptop before id even started anything. I had to place the disk in a disk drive and copy the data onto a memory stick and then move it onto my mac. Then I had to download a program called handbrake where that converted it into the right format to use on imovie. If I'd had more time to play about with things. I would of experimented more with different cameras.