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Trip Planning: NYC

Trip Planning: NYC






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Trip Planning: NYC Trip Planning: NYC Presentation Transcript

  • TRIP PLANNING:NEW YORK CITY Group #2:Kim, Dom, Hana, Jamila and Sammy
  • Project Guidelines:Imagine that you are working in a travel agency, a couple who are similar to yourparents wants a travel proposal for a four day (three nights) vacation during theChristmas holiday.Choose a destination first in your group (has to be agreed by all of group members).Money does not come easy; The travel budget for this couple is $1,400 to $1,600.However, it does not necessarily mean that you always have to choose the cheapestair fare, hotels, or restaurants, etc.Since you are stuck on the Temple campus, the only information source available toyou is the Internet.
  • 1. What kinds of websites you and your group members have used tosearch for information. Is there any pattern in your information search(e.g., what kinds of websites you use to begin the search and whatwebsites provide relevant information for different aspects of your trip,such as airfare, attractions, activities, etc.)?2. What kinds of websites do you find more useful compared to others?Why?3. Have you encountered any difficulties while searching? How do youthink the information providers should improve?
  • Kim’s Trip Planning:References: www.bing.com/maps/?form=Z9LH9 http://nyc.taxiwiz.com/?lang=en http://nyctourist.com/ http://www.rockefellercenter.com/ http://www.folkartmuseum.org/
  • Kim’s Trip Planning:1. Above are the websites I used. I started off using bing search engine tofind ideas of what activities I wanted to plan in my trip. I also used bingmaps to get a layout of the city and see where different planned activitieswere in comparison with the hotel I had my people stay in. All my websiteshad relevant and useful information.2. I found all my websites to be helpful except for www.nyctourist.com. Ithought it was confusing and unorganized. It had too many ads.3. I did not encounter any difficulties.
  • Dom’s Trip Planning:Resources: www.google.com www.marriot.com www.amnh.org www.latitudebarnyc.com
  • Dom’s Trip Planning:1. Used basic search engines to come up with a list of possible choices. From therelooked at a few of the top results and searched for the best deal/price ranges that Iwas looking for. I used google to search from and from there used the websitesspecific to the establishment2. I think the most useful ones are the actual establishments websites because theyprovide detailed information about event/menus/the establishment as a whole. Thealso provide for the most part hours of operations and prices for their services asopposed to websites that offer packages where you may just get an overview of thespecific establishments that you will be visiting.3. With the available resources on the internet today I dont think there is muchdifficulty when searching for anything. Its easy to find sites that offer package dealsand once paid packages that make planning vacations a lot easier.
  • Hana’s Trip Planning:Resources: About the Hotel and Attractions close-by:http://hotels.nyctourist.com/hotel/propertydetails/ 112922/SUMMARY?isHRN=true&cid=131142&travelDetail=[20111223-3]2 Things to do in New York during Christmas: http://www.onboardnewyorktours.com/christmas- in-new-york-city/ Museums: http://www.ny.com/museums/all.museums.html City Pass: http://www.citypass.com/new-york?mv_source=nycom Carnegie Deli: http://www.carnegiedeli.com/home.php Milos: http://www.milos.ca/en/newyork/menu/evening/index.html
  • Hana’s Trip Planning:I would say that the link about the hotel and attractions was the most useful because it really allowsone to choose their destination carefully. You pick the dates you plan on traveling and can find a litof hotels in your destination with the average cost for each night. Then, in different tabs it gives youinformation about the hotel and its availabilities. Also, it provides you with close by attractions,restaurants, etc. It was so helpful to plan a trip and to decide where one would want to stay. Inaddition, the link of things to do in New York was helpful to get some insight on what events occurduring the holidays for the couple to attend on. These two links were better than the other linksbecause it provided a lot of information and resources to plan a trip.I have not reached any difficulties on the search; however, the information providers could improveby having a category about the types of transportation available, and how to use it, how to get there,etc. Then, travelers won’t be restricted to stay in close range. They will be able to get around andreally soak up the destination.
  • Jamila’s Trip Planning:http://www.gotobus.com/http://www.21club.com/http://www.wellingtonhotel.comhttp://www.nyc.com
  • Jamila’s Trip Planning:1. I used the www.gotobus.com for Chinese Bus Services that provided flexible bus schedules andcheap fares. These buses depart and arrive in the Chinatown of Philadelphia and New York. 2. The websites I found most useful was the search engine www.google.com but most importantlythe New York City website ww.nyc.com provides information concerning attractions,performances, and events within the city. This website provided a realm of diverse information; itis a better source when trying to find the main attractions to a city.3. Because the web was my main source for searching, www.google.com did not create anydiscrepancies since I could easily choose the sites that seemed most informative. The WellingtonHotel site www.wellingtonhotel.com provided helpful information concerning the deals at the hotelfor customers but the site also provided information about the activities and locations of attractionsthat were within walking distance of the hotel.
  • Sammy’s Trip Planning:References: Visitors Guide to Christmas Window Displays<http://gonyc.about.com/od/christmassights/tp/ christmaswindow.htm>. Lupa Restaurant: http://www.luparestaurant.com/dinner.cfm New York City Tours and Sightseeing http://www.citysightsny.com/#all_tours "Radisson Lexington Hotel New York| Expedia." http://www.expedia.com/New-York-Hotels- Radisson-Lexington-Hotel-New-York.h20288.Hotel-Information? hashTag=default&c=a7216702-3145-4f25-9a48-2e08f2f2caf9&&? rm1=a2&hwrqCacheKey=e27441b8-f3b3-453c-91aa-d8d966f66dd5HWRQ&rfrr=-30461& Eataly Market <http://www.nypost.com/p/lifestyle/food/ welcome_to_eataly_G5QHOIVyNtzG44tyFb5GVM>. Museum of Natural History: www.amnh.org
  • Sammy’s Trip Planning:1. To begin my search I used a basic search engine, Google.com. From there, I was able to usedExpedia to easily find hotel prices and discounts. I also used Google to check out commonChristmas holiday attractions in New York City and popular eateries.2. I found that Expedia was the most helpful website. It gave me tons of information on every hotelin New York City as well as other travel amenities if I needed them. There was not a website that Idid not like, I just found Expedia to be the most helpful.3. Overall, I did not encounter any difficulties with my searching, with the way that technology istoday and the ease of the basic search engines, it was easy to navigate my way to a helpful websitewith the information I was looking for.
  • Overall Thoughts:1. Overall, most began their search with a search engine and were able to findeverything they were looking for through Google or Bing. From there, we eachfound websites pertaining to gather information for each of particular events wehad planned for our travelers.We all had the usual New York attractions, such as; the Empire State Building,Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the Museum of Natural History. But wealso each chose separate restaurants for our couple based on location andmoney.We also all had separate websites for our hotels we chose. Which were theRaddison, the Hilton, the Wellington, and the Marriot.
  • Overall ThoughtsFor the most part, we as a group found that all thewebsites we were able to find through a search enginewere useful. Since you are able to read a shortdescription before choosing your website, it was easyenough to find travel information. Especially about alarge city like New York.Finally, though some found some snags with a websiteor two, as a group, we did not have encounter anyissues while searching.