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The 17 universal principles of success and achievement
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The 17 universal principles of success and achievement


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. The 17 Universal Principles of Success and AchievementYOUR PATH TO PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTBy DR. NAPOLEON HILL
  • 2. Napoleon Hill
    Position with Andrew Carnegie
    Zero compensation
    Family thought he was crazy
    Successful philosophy
    Adopted by Earl Nightingale
    Doubled his salary in a week
    Formed 4 companies
  • 3. Self Understanding
    Negative person
    Lives in fear, doubt, and poverty
    Expects failure
    Accepts failure
    Positive person
    Creative visionary
    Helpful to others
    Sound mind
  • 4. The 12 great riches of life
    Positive mental attitude
    True friendship
    Natures handy work
    Labor of love
    Harmony and home relationships
    Sound physical health
    Freedom from fear
    Self discipline
    Discovery of ones other self
    Faith in infinite intelligence
  • 5. 1
    Definite of Purpose
  • 6. Definite of Purpose
    7 Factors
    Plan, Purpose, and Action
    There are 9 basic motives
    Material Wealth
    Self Preservation
    Freedom of Body and Mind
    Personal Expression and Recognition
    Life After Death
  • 7. Definite of Purpose
    7 Fears
    Fear of Poverty
    Fear of Criticism
    Fear of What “They’ll say”
    Fear of Ill Health
    Fear of Losing a Loved One
    Fear of Old Age
    Fear of Death
  • 8. Definite of Purpose
    7 Factors (Cont.)
    An idea becomes a burning desire
    A Plan is acted upon immediately
    Power of thought
    Brain works like a radio
  • 9. Definite of Purpose
    Definite of Purpose develops
    Personal initiative
    Concentration of effort
  • 10. Definite of Purpose
    Budget time
    Day-to-day plans
    Inspires confidence
    Attracts positive attention
    Opens the mind
    Positive mind
    Success conscious
    Positive mental attitude
  • 11. Definite of Purpose
    Positive Mental Attitude Process
    Imagine your desire
    Do not be distracted
    Educate yourself
    Classified information
    Keep yourself accountable
    Anger free mind
  • 12. 2
    Master Mind Principle
  • 13. Master Mind Principle
    1st Premise
    An alliance of two or more people
    Working in harmony
    Positive mental attitude
    Attainment of definite goal
    Andrew Carnegie
    Thomas Edison
    Mayo Clinic
  • 14. Master Mind Principle
    2nd Premise
    Active alliance of 2 or more people
    Spirit of perfect harmony
    Attainment of a common objective
    Stimulates the mind
  • 15. Master Mind Principle
    3rd Premise
    Properly conducted alliance
    Stimulates each mind
    Move with:
    Personal initiative
  • 16. Master Mind Principle
    4th Premise
    An alliance must be active
    Definitive purpose
    Perfect harmony
    Do it continuously
    Connecting Minds
    Connects to infinite intelligence
    Spiritual powers
  • 17. Master Mind Principle
    5th Premise
    Any achievement
    Attained through Master Mind Principle
    Not through individual effort
  • 18. Master Mind Principle
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt Alliance
    Stop the stampede of fear
    Great Depression
    6 Factors of alliance
    Houses of Congress
    Radio Stations
    Political party leaders
    American people
  • 19. Master Mind Principle
    Home Alliance
    Henry and Clara Ford
    Henry lacked confidence
    Clara was a big influence to him
    Thomas and Mary Edison
    Thomas had failed many times with inventions
    Mary encouraged him during rough times
  • 20. Master Mind Principle
    Two parts of Master Mind Alliance
    Social or Personal Reasons
    Friends or relatives
    No material gain
    Professional or business advancement
    Personal, material, or financial motive
    Return the favor
  • 21. Master Mind Principle
    Forming a Master Mind Alliance
    Adopt a definite major purpose
    Education and experienced members
    Everyone in sync
    Determine the appropriate benefit
    Establish a definite plan
    Leader instills harmony
    Purpose backed by harmony
    Keep eye on the prize
  • 22. Master Mind Principle
    Dr. Hill’s ESP System
    10 invisible entities (guides)
    Each guide assigned to carry out a job
    Guide to Sound Physical Health
    Good shape
    Works at night
    Guide to Financial Prosperity
    No monetary worries
    Took care of all monetary issues
  • 23. Master Mind Principle
    Guide to Peace of Mind
    Free of fear and worry
    Destroys talented people
    Guide to Hope (Twin to Faith)
    Guide to Faith (Twin to Hope)
    Gives hope to the future
    Gives faith to complete goals
    Guide to Love (Twin to Romance)
    Guide to Romance (Twin to Love)
    Love in its widest application
    Romance seen in everything
  • 24. Master Mind Principle
    Guide to Patience
    Do things properly
    Many lack this
    Guide to Overall Wisdom
    Learn from experiences
    Good, bad, or positive
    Rolling Ambassador
    Does jobs other 9 can’t do
    Parking Spot
  • 25. 3
    Applied Faith
  • 26. Applied Faith
    Story of James C. Spring
    New York Life Insurance employee
    Once a successful salesman
    Age 65, his wife called him an “old man”
    Sales suffer
    He hears the word “no” before sales pitch
    Dr. Hill works with him
    Tells Spring to put a trumpet to hear his ear when a buyer say no!
    Spring turns sales around – led his team the next 6 years
    Mental attitude – from fear to applied faith
  • 27. Applied Faith
    3 Steps to Gain Faith
    Express your desire of achievement
    Create a definite and specific plan
    Start acting on that plan
  • 28. Applied Faith
    Northwestern University Professor
    Decided to go into the insurance business
    He needed some prospective clients
    W. Clement Stone
    Provided the professor 10 clients
  • 29. Applied Faith
    Rev Frank W. Gonzalez
    Wanted to start a new school
    Needed to raise $1 million
    Used Definite of Purpose
    Wants to raise all the money in one week!
  • 30. Applied Faith
    Blair Hill
    Dr. Hill’s son – was born with no ears
    Doctors said he would be a deaf/mute
    Dr. Hill told them they were wrong!
    Dr. Hill believed Blair would have 100% hearing
    Not sure how
    But he knew and believed it would happen
    Dr. Hill worked with Blair constantly for 4 years
    No signs of hearing after 18 months
    Dr. Hill did not give up
    By age 4, Blair had 65% hearing – reacted to sounds
    100% hearing by 3rd year of college!
  • 31. Applied Faith
    8 Steps to Build Self-Confidence
    Adopt a definite major purpose
    Associate with the 9 basic motives
    Write out benefits of your purpose
    Associate with people who are in sync with you
    Work on your purpose every day
    Choose a self-reliant person as your pace setter
    Surround your self with inspiration
    Never run a way from disagreeable circumstances
  • 32. Applied Faith
    Be on good terms with your conscious
    God made it our judge advocate
    It knows what is right
    It knows what is wrong
    Make sure you conscious can back you up!
  • 33. Applied Faith
    Creating a Mental Attitude Towards Faith
    Know what you want
    See yourself already in possession of object of desire
    Look for guidance from within
    Remember that man’s faith is always tested
    Negative state of mind will destroy faith
    Affirm your purpose through prayer
    Recognition of infinite intelligence
  • 34. Applied Faith
    Fundamentals to Build Power of Faith
    Having Definite of Purpose
    Maintain a positive mind
    Develop and maintain a Master Mind alliance
    Every adversity has a benefit
  • 35. 4
    Pleasing Personality
  • 36. Pleasing Personality
    Positive Mental Attitude
    Tone of voice
    Facial expressions
    Body posture
    Modifies every word you speak
    Determines your emotions
    Effects every thought
  • 37. Pleasing Personality
    Adapting oneself to quickly changing circumstances
    Charles Schwab
    Play marbles with a group of children
    5 minutes later can conduct a business meeting
    Relating to each individual’s personality
    Promptness of Decision
    People who can’t make up their mind are not popular or successful
    Directly related to Definiteness of Purpose
    Promptness of Decision will get you ahead
  • 38. Pleasing Personality
    Directly related to a person’s mental attitude
    Try smiling when you are angry
    See how quickly you change
    From negative into positive
    The art of dramatization of speech
    Many successful people use this
    Giving orders or reprimand
    All with a smile on their face at the same time!
  • 39. Pleasing Personality
    Big 3 Traits of a Winning Personality
    Facial Expression
    Tone of Voice
  • 40. Pleasing Personality
    Sense of Humor
    Aids one in becoming adjustable
    Enables one to stay human
    Keeps one from taking life to seriously
    Doing or saying the right thing
    At the right time
    Open mind
    All the time
  • 41. Pleasing Personality
    Humility of heart
    Eliminate arrogance, greed, and egotism
    Humble at heart
    Good terms with one’s own conscious
    In harmony with his/her creator
    Successful people do not cuss
  • 42. Pleasing Personality
    Interested in many subjects and people
    Has a clear understanding of all religions
    People who like others, will be liked
    People pick up on attitudes
    Hope and Ambition
    This rubs off on others
    Makes for good feelings all around
  • 43. Pleasing Personality
    Physical Characteristics
    Wear appropriate dress and attire
    Display good showmanship
    Have a good handshake
    Inventory Your Personality
    First as whole
    Then trait by trait
    This will give a true measure of yourself