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Social Media Workshop - Coaches


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A full day intensive social media workshop, covering strategy, blogging, facebook, twitter, youtube plus other productivity and search tools.

A full day intensive social media workshop, covering strategy, blogging, facebook, twitter, youtube plus other productivity and search tools.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Coach Propulsion Program
      Social Media Intensive Workshop
      April 2010 – revised for slideshare
    • 2. Social Media
      Why? What? How?
    • 3. Social Media
      Social: – Interaction, Conversation, Connection, Relationships.
      Media: – Tools you use to connect. Video, Pictures, Text, Audio.
      Examples of popular SM platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blog (wordpress), Flickr, Youtube, Foursquare.
    • 4. Stats – April 22nd 2010
      1. 70% of Australian companies are active on social media sites
      2. More than a quarter have Facebook presence
      3. More than half of the organisations had switched money away from traditional media to fund social media
      4. Most of this money (47%) was shifted away from print media
      5. About 30 %of businesses had not measured the effectiveness of their on-line marketing
      The Age April 22  Business Day  (research carried out by Nielson )  
    • 5. This is a way we have always done business – however now it’s QUICKER and on a LARGER SCALE.
    • 6. Video-Is this the biggest shift since the industrial revolution?
    • 7. How does it work
      Word of mouth that start on social networks
      It’s not who you know anymore…it’s WHO KNOWS YOU!
    • 8. 2010
    • 9. Time for social media 2010
    • 10. Mates are now the hottest marketing channel
      We don’t care about your ad. We care about what our mates think!
      Facebook – Twitter – Foursquare – conversation, opinions,sharing.
      Write down 5 reasons why you choose to purchase a specific product/brand/service.
    • 11. Some Benefits of Social Media
      Generate exposure for your business
      Increase in quality traffic/opt in/subscribe
      New business partnerships
      Help you rise in the search engine rankings
      Generate quality leads
      Helps sell service/product and close business
      Reduce overall marketing expenses
    • 12. 2010
    • 13. Social Media Qualities
      Shares quality information
      Build relationships
      Shows to remember
      Enthusiastic with substance
      Who do you know that matches many of these qualities?
    • 14. Social Media Etiquette
      The purpose of these sites is to network, not to promote in a one-way fashion. Participating in these social networks needs to be about adding benefit to the community, not always about the promotion of yourself and your services.
      Be Balanced in your messages
    • 15. Personal Branding
    • 16. Personal Branding
      "A brand isn’t a brand to you until it develops an emotional connection with you."Daryl Travis – Emotional Branding
      "A brand isn’t a brand to you until it develops an emotional connection with you."Daryl Travis
    • 17. Personal Branding: You are a brand, a mixture of interactions and feelings! When people see, hear and experience you they are experiencing a brand of you too! Just like Roger Federer is a brand…you are too!
    • 18. Personal Branding – 8 steps
      Be everywhere – social networks
      Be social – honest, authentic, REAL
      Be yourself
      Be different – Stand out from the rest.
      Be a giver as well as a taker. CARE!
      Be searchable – Google
      Niche yourself
      Own your own domain
    • 20. Create Pre Buzz Views: 17,306 – Sam Mutimer
    • 21. Capture the moment
    • 22. Gary Vaynerchuk
    • 23. Wine Library TV
    • 24. Match em up! PB Game.
      Match each personal brand with the most likely brand they would choose.
      Queen, Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Kevin Rudd
      BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Rolls Royce.
    • 25. Who are you?
      What does your personal brand stand for?
      What does it give your clients?
      How are you different from your competitors?
      Why should someone come to you?
      How do/will you display and communicate this online?
      Describe yourself in 3 words.
      Picture – by Mushy Pea
    • 26. A Welcome Video-Let’s Film!
      Name – Business name – What need you fill
    • 27. DEMO –What are people saying about you/your service?
      An important part of using social media tools is finding out what people are saying you and your products/services .
      Twitter –
      Google Alerts -
      Social Mention –
    • 28. How to use Google Alerts
      Need a gmail account. Alerts top 20 (web) / 10 (news) results. Receive them by mail/RSS.
      Identify what you’re searching for – “sammutimer + thinktank media”
      Use the (+) to link things. Use the (–) to filter out unwanted results. Use (“ )to search”.
    • 29. Great place to start!
      Set up google alerts for:
      Your name, nickname and your blog's name “sammutimer”
      Track incoming links to your site
      Set up an alert that focuses on the keywords you want to rank for – see who’s your competition – always use ( “) “social media speaking events”
    • 30. Social Mention
    • 31. Twitter
    • 32. Why Twitter?
      Marketing and Communication.
      Great place to bring quality traffic to your site/blog – Once you have worked the platform well.
      Great place to connect-build up fans/supporter/community
      Business networking
      Word of mouth
      Joint Ventures – Partnerships
      Ideas – creativity
      Instant Google helper ;-)
      Breaking news
      Story telling
    • 33. What is Twitter
      Micro blogging
      140 characters or less
      Real time conversation
      Networking hub
      Word of mouth on speed!
      Sharing and discovery site
    • 34. 4 ways to Communicate on Twitter
      Tweet – sharing an update with your followers
      @ - messaging a person/replying – everyone can see this if they choose to. @sammutimer
      RT – Retweet – sharing another persons tweet with your follow base. Can go viral.
      DM – Direct message – private message to a specific person – goes to their tweet mail and email inbox
    • 35. Why Twitter
    • 36. Twitter – The How
      Set up an account –
      Bio – How to write a catchy bio
      Picture – What picture to use
      Personality – Be yourself
      FREE -
      FREE -
    • 37.
    • 38. Twitter Applications- For a more effective use of twitter.
      Tweetdeck – download application to computer/iphone/smart phone
      Web based -
      Groups – Lists – Stats – Search
      Cross posting – be careful not to cross post all the time.
    • 39. Finding people on twitter
      I would recommend finding and following people that meet any of the following criteria:
      Have tweeted about your product/service or company
      Have tweeted about your industry or cause
      Have tweeted about a problem your products/services can solve
      Are regional to you
      Have mentioned your interest in their bio
      Your competition
      Your workshop leader @sammutimer @nataliegiddings and myself  @jaymcc
      Generally I would recommend not following friends and family on your work account – create a second account for your personal life making it easy to “stay on message” with twitter
      By Jay MacCormack - @jaymcc
    • 40. Search tools
      Twellow-register yourself there too! /
      Twitter search –
      Tweet ups list (local) – eg. @tweetupmellers
      Peoples lists re: location/brand/topic
      To find people based on name/company/bio
      Write down a list of people/businesses/industry/experts you want to follow
    • 41.
      URL shortener used on twitter due to limitation on characters.
      Records stats – How many people clicked the link, where were they from, what day did they click it, conversation on twitter using that link, referrers of that link. you can synch this up with tweetdeck
    • 42. Blogging
    • 43. What is a blog
      An online journal – your business personality
      A mini website
      A place to create quality content that your target market will enjoy and hopefully share
      A place to engage – trust
      A place to share and connect
      Niches works best
    • 44. Why Blog? Video
    • 45. Blogging platforms
      Wordpress – Great for search engines
      Blogger –
      Smaller blogging sites (great for quick posts)
      Larger than a status update, shorter than a blog post – check these two out!
      Posterous -
      Tumblr -
    • 46. Write your blog bio
      Firstly consider why you are blogging – what are your goals?
      What will your readers expect to gain from this blog?
      Who are you?
      How can they get the best from you?
    • 47. How to blog
      Tell stories
      Give away your knowledge
      Interview people in your industry/clients
      Lists and “how to’s” are great grabbers
      Debate a popular member of your community, or take the opposing point of view on a current topic.
    • 48. Write great headlines
      Follow through on the promise of your headline
      Tell your audience what’s in it for them
      Link with other blogs to share your view
      Include quality images
      Leave last sentence with an opening question
      Add video when necessary
    • 49. Identify Goals-Step 1
      What is the purpose of your blog?
      What will it focus on?
      How many posts will you commit to a week?
      Who do you want to attract?
      Do you want to build a list?
      Do you want advertising space on your blog?
      Will you softly sell your products from this space?
      Will it be used as lead generation?
    • 50. LISTEN – Step 2
      Build posts based on listening – what is trending/what is community talking about?
    • 51. What is the no.1 reason people buy?
    • 52. Prepare – Step 3
      Contribute first by joining existing discussions
      Forums/Twitter/Facebook pages
      Notice what is getting attention
      KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – key to what you prepare.
    • 53. SEARCH the trends
      Bullet point a list to search and begin by researching if any top bloggers are talking about this.
      GREAT places to search – technorati ,, Google Blogsearch
    • 54. Build a community – Step 4
      Leave good comments on influencers blogs/respected bloggers/blogs where target market hang out
      Be transparent, authentic, REAL!
      Be niched
      Feedburner is a great blog opt in tool.
    • 55. Contribute – Quality information
    • 56. DEMO A BLOG
    • 57. Compose your first blog post
      Refresh yourself and look back at your goals
      Pick a specific topic
      What will your target market want to read? How do you know this? Research when you get back via forums/popular blogs.
      Incorporate video?
      Catchy heading
    • 58. Who wants a blog?
    • 59.
    • 60. Facebook
      Over 400 million users
      A space where people connect and share their views/pictures “status updates” – this can be about brands/products/services.
      Treat this space like your website…it’s probably more powerful.
    • 61.
    • 62. Fanpage - DEMO
    • 63. Set up a fanpage Create a vanity URL – must have 25 fans/likes.
    • 64. Brand your page
    • 65.
    • 66. YouTube
      2nd biggest search engine in the world
      Video testimonials
      Speaking gigs
      How to’s
      Video blogging
      Explaining competition details
      Brand yourself
      Write down 2 things you will do to incorporate video into your business.
    • 67. Productivity
    • 68. How they talk to one another
    • 69. Small business case study
      Caroline Serviced Apartments – 3 months
      Increase in traffic 68%
      Increase in facebook fans 242
      Increase in twitter followers 345
      Sales from twitter - 5
      Sales from facebook- 3
      Increase in blog subscribers – 43
      Bloggers writing about this – 13
    • 70. T mobile – Life’s for sharing
    • 71. Campaign ideas
    • 72. Social Media Strategy
      What is a Strategy??- An Action Plan
      Roadmap from A to B
    • 73. 90%
    • 74. Noise
    • 75. Why have a strategy?
      Lessen Impact
      Mixed Messages
      Time Suck
    • 76. Social media marketing is a key driver in brand awareness, sales & lead generation but you must...
    • 77. Indentify a Social Media Plan
      Your unique value proposition
      Target Audience
      Action Plan
      Measure & Monitor
    • 78. Objective – Business Goals
      Before you get started, think about your business goals. Common ones are:
      Brand Awareness?
      Connect with current & potential customers?
      Create a community around your business?
      Promote other content you create (e.g. Webinars, blog articles, etc)?
      Position yourself as an expert?
    • 79. What is your unique value proposition? 
      The thing that makes you unique. Just simply copying what your competitors is doing leads to nowhere.
    • 80. Target Audience
      Target Audience: Average age, gender, demographic, lifestyle etc
    • 81. A few observations:
      The average social network user is 37 years old.
      LinkedIn, with its business focus, has a predictably high average user age; 44.
      The average Twitter user is 39 years old.
      The average Facebook user is 38 years old.
      The average MySpace user is 31 years old.
      Bebo has by far the youngest users, as witnessed earlier, with an average age of 28.
      Source: Google Ad Planner US data sited March 2010
    • 82. The Nitty Gritty - Action Plan
      What are the everyday, every week & every month activities you need to do to reach these goals?
    • 83. Sample Action Plan
      Per Month
      Meet Two New People on Twitter In my Target Marketing - (15 Mins Per Day- Max)
      Listen – Set Up Google Alerts
      Update FacebookFanPage – Every 3-5 Days with best article, latest blog post, question to audience
      Run a campaign to encourage newsletter sign ups or new friends on Facebook with a Giveaway
      4 Blog Posts Per Month
      1 Podcasts – Free Download - Own Radio Channel
      1 Video Testimonial – You Tube – Third Party Advocates Rock!
      1 The “How-To” Article or List
      1 The Definition Article
      Present a Theory or Argument
    • 84. Every other month
      Create a Resource like a free report, whitepaper or e-course
      White Paper
      Cheat Sheets/Quick Guides
      Organise an Event
      Be Consistent!
    • 85. Measure & Analysis
      Metrics to try:
      Reach- Followers/Likes
      Engagement: RT, Comments, Likes, interactions, comments, etc.
      Sales Enquires:
      Visitors – To blog/site
      Top Refers-Which sites are they coming from
      Impact on Sales Funnel: Visitors to your blog/website – leads + spend.
    • 86. Monitoring
    • 87. Now it’s your turn
    • 88. Review Review Review
    • 89. Advertising Real Life Magazine
      Advertising Real Life Magazine $2800.00 +
      0 Leads
    • 90. Where from here?
      If you are keen to adopt a social media presence for your business then possible next steps:
      Outline a basic strategy
      Set up a blog
      Utilise video platforms
      Twitter – Facebook – Linkedin – Most popular
      Flickr – all photos
      Run competitions/campaigns
      Benchmark – monitor and measure success
    • 91. Connect with us!
    • 92. Sam Mutimer – Natalie Giddings
      Senior Social Media Strategists
      Twitter: @sammutimer @nataliegiddings
      Tel: Thinktank Media on 1300 660 651
      Google us – Sam Mutimer/Natalie Giddings