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AHRI - Social Media for Recruitment

AHRI - Social Media for Recruitment



@eddiegramm presents at the #AHRITECH conference October 2011

@eddiegramm presents at the #AHRITECH conference October 2011



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    AHRI - Social Media for Recruitment AHRI - Social Media for Recruitment Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media for Recruitment
    • Interactive, Hands on, Collaborative
      Get curious – Ask questions
      If you don’t ask, I will 
    • Social media agency – 4 years old
      Team of 16 and growing
      Designers, Strong web / facebook development team, Strategists, Planners, Analyists and Account managers.
      Who are we?
    • Senior Social Media Consultant
      Recruiter – Digital Design & Advertising
      …And more 
      About me
    • Which company are you from?
      1 thing that you want to take away from today?
      1 Question?
      Who Are you?
    • What is Social Media?
      Benefits of Social Media for HR / Recruiters
      Defining measurable objectives
      Social Media Policy
      Style guide
      Crisis management
      Channel Integration
      Twitter, facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn
      What we will cover today!
    • Media is an instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication About.com
      Social media is life online Michelle Digital
      Social media are online communications in which individuals shift fluidly and flexibly between the role of audience and author. To do this, they use social software that enables anyone without knowledge of coding, to post, comment on, share or mash up content and to form communities around shared interests ProPR
      It’s sharing and collaboration via SN tools.
      What is Social Media?
    • Biggest cultural shift we’ve ever lived through…it’s not social media…it’s the internet…and it’s still a baby!
      You need to keep up!
    • Almost 40% of Australians are now interacting with companies via social networking sites – Source Nielson
      State Of Our Nation
    • Number of Australian’s utilising Social Media is estimated at 9.9 million – March 2011.
    • Per Capita
      7 hours, 19 min, 13 secs per month
      Australians are The Biggest Users Of Social Media
    • 86% of Australians online are looking to fellow users for opinions and information about products, services and brands.
    • More content is created every 48 hours, than what was created from the beginning of time until 2003!
    • Humanise the logo
    • Same rules as before
    • 1 on 1 – Immediate connection
    • Social media can shape the way that we make our decisions on a day-to-day basis
      Job seekers’ rubbish radar is so much higher than what it was 5 years ago.
      They know what’s going on!
    • Tap into conversation that’s already happening & have a voice
      Build a network of Job seekers
      Add value / care!
      Change perceptions / sentiment
      Give relevant facts
      Build the brand / brand values further
      Engage on a larger scale
      Low cost - bigger bang for buck
      Find & attract top talent!!!
      Opportunities for HR / Recruiters
    • "Social media may be a huge opportunity for your employees to help build your company's brand, but let's not forget that there also exists a tremendous risk for individual employees to inadvertently damage the company's brand and by defining a set of guidelines you help mitigate that risk.” Quote: Mario Sundar, community evangelist at LinkedIn.
    • Social Media Policy is a legally binding document, communicated to an organisation’s employees, setting out the way in which employees are to participate on Social Networking Sites and the rules that the Organisation wants to apply.
      Social media policy lets employees know what they need to know in order to communicate the company message effectively, and what they should and should not do.
      What is a Social Media Policy?
    • The policy should be more about what employees can do and best practices for social media use rather than all the things employees can't or shouldn't do on social media.
    • It is beneficial for employees to have their input into the policy.
      To share insight and opinions from the experience they have had working at the company or their department.
      Employees are a fantastic resource
    • Two approaches to creating a social media policy. 
      1) Complete social media policy that addresses all currently available social mediums. 
      2) Write polices as you need them.
    • Get Legal's Involved!
    • State the policy
      Follow with a bulleted breakout of the key points.
      Let employees know there has been a change to the employee agreement that each employee signed when they were hired.
      E-mail sent to all employees including a copy of the new policy or a link to where they can reference the policy. 
      Make the policy visual via video/Youtube
      Host on website – Facebook page in app?
      Have a social media module for every employee - Frequently
    • Policy
      Dept of Justice Policy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iQLkt5CG8I
    • Create social media steering group
      Foresee what could go wrong
      Have strategies in place to address a crisis
      Tackle head on most of times – be authentic
      Who? On what platform? In what timeframe? E.g. – Domino’s Pizza incident
      Use monitoring tools for Crisis Management
      Crisis Management
    • Workers fired for Domino's prank video
    • Dominos CEO video
    • Your Social Media program - Half Hearted Approach doesn’t cut it!
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Goals – e.g. connect with top talent, increase database, increase brand awareness
      Measurable objectives – e.g. 20 new candidates per week
      Identify metrics – e.g. no. of twitter followers
      Look at current strategies – possible integration
      Measure success – e.g. conversion rates
      ROE and ROI (if necessary) – e.g. number of conversations or Klout Score
      Small wins using social media VS full social media program
    • Objectives - SMART.
      Specific = we want to increase candidates of X through X platform
      Measurable = we want to increase candidates by 20% or X units
      Achievable = we want to improve on last time by a x amount
      Realistic = we have set aside X resources which should mean X success
      Timely = we have allowed X time to meet these objectives which is feasible
      Be clear what success looks like
    • Listen – monitor / measure
      Policy, Style Guide, Crisis Management
      Platform set up – profile management
      Integration / Campaigns
      Monitoring / Reporting
      Social Media Excellence
    • Elements
    • Integrate Marketing / Communications /Recruitment activations
      Ensure all social media platforms are ‘talking to each other’ in some manner.
      Mobile devices
      TVC’s / Radio / Print
    • What is it?
      Listening, defining the social landscape – find out where relevant conversation is happening eg. Twitter/forums
      Why listen?
      Gain understanding of conversation, sentiment& platforms.
      To assist in writing a social media strategy/policy
      Connect with your industry – different platforms for different industries
    • Platforms
    • Snap Shot Report
    • SocialMention.com
      Google alerts
      Free Monitoring Tools
    • Active Candidates
      Passive Candidates
      Freelance / Contract
      Identify Categories
    • Define valuable / shareable content & relevance e.g. job postings on twitter
      Define platforms to be used
      Consistency – Style Guide
      Encourage colleagues to identify opportunities
      Find & follow Influencers
      Engagement Strategy
    • Use Radian 6 – or other monitoring platform
      Klout, twitter.com/search etc
      Outline an outreach list
      Find, follow & engage these people
      Continue to build your network
      Identify influencers & build your network
    • Analyse Adapt Improve
    • Twitter
      Tweetdeck / Hootsuite
      Platforms & tools
    • @ - what does an @ mean? when would you @ message?
      What does an RT mean? How can we use RT
      DM – when would you use a DM?
      Lists – Creating great lists?
      Favourite – when would you favourite a post?
      Hashtags & #FF – follow Friday 
      Twitter – What? How?
    • Twitter Example
    • Twitter Example - Optus
    • Followers / Following
      Number of retweets
      Number of mentions
      Number of favourites
      URL Click thoughs
      Referral of traffic to Facebook page / Website
      Amount of Jobs placed
      Twitter Metrics
    • A recruitment tool??
      How can we use it?
      Provides insight into company culture
      A forum for discussions
      Work for us Tab
      Highly measurable via Facebook insights
    • Facebook Example – Deloitte iPhone app
    • Highly targeted
      PPC model – can pre-define spend
      Can be used as a job ad
      Can bring awareness to Facebook page
      Measurable results via Facebook insights
      Facebook Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Page Likes
      In app usage
      Placements via ‘Work For Us’
      Facebook Metrics
    • A Professional Network as opposed to a social network
      Can post jobs
      Great search functionality
      Easy to source the best talent but difficult to engage
      Limited connectivity
      Need to upgrade to send ‘Inmail’
      Using the ‘groups’ functionality
    • Number of Connections
      Number of Groups joined
      Comments in discussions
      Not a lot of easily accessible metrics
      LinkedIn Metrics
    • Number of Connections
      Number of Groups joined
      Comments in discussions
      Not a lot of easily accessible metrics
      LinkedIn Metrics
    • Advertised through EDM’s & Website
      Fish where the fish are
      Gain an insight into skills, personality & passion
      Less candidates to filter through
      YouTube – St George Dragons
    • Wendall Promotes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=s4pUhWbMQRA
      Dragon 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1990WWMPlBI
      Dragon 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cYUiEd_IRsQ
      Dragon 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=u3qh207etVo
    • contact usthinktankmedia.com.au 03 90231487(03) 90231487