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  • Mind Click offers a complete range of development and consultancy services to help organisations exploit the best that rapid e-learning has to offer.Our team includes three ex-Directors of Atlantic Link who have a wealth of industry and development experience.Our key offering is rapid e-learning development with a creative edge.We have defined a new approachto rapid e-learning, focusing on creative and instructional design.We are also a reseller of the Atlantic Link product suite.We deliver 10 minute rapidmodules through to large e-learning projects for some of the world’s largest companies.We are flexible about developmentand passionate about learning.
  • Rapid e-learning has brought great benefits to organisations. However, speed of production has resulted in a lack of creative and instructional integrity.Our vision is to redress this balance with a new approach to rapid authoring based on the three Rs of Redefine, Reconnect and Rewards.We REDEFINE the rapid development process, putting creative and instructional design back in the driving seat.Our vision is to create courses that RECONNECT with learners who are tired of dull, page turning content.Our learning brings REWARDS through learner satisfaction and return on investment for the business.
  • We focus on a multi-faceted set of key performance indicators to measure the quality of our service:Rapid e-learning must be design not technology led – this is our key belief.Speed of turnaround has been addressed by minimising all the production bottlenecks.Cost effectiveness – we employ specialist consultants as and when we need them, maximising quality but keeping costs down.Flexible development & delivery – we can work within the constraints of your content, development tools, delivery mechanism.
  • Our creative team is choice picked depending on the project scope, creative breadth, instructional depth and technical requirements.A key aspect is that our project managers are trained instructional designers to ensure that the creative flag is flown throughout the project.We bring together specialist course builders, graphic designers, Flash developers and technical consultants depending on the characteristics of a project. This approach allows us to access top quality skills as and when we need them.
  • Mind Click offers a full spectrum of e-learning development services to ensure organisations exploit the best that rapid e-learning has to offer.Our services fall into the areas shown here.Custom developmentCourse development – our core offering, which we’ll delve into more detail shortly.Legacy conversion – from extinct or defunct authoring systems.Add-on servicesAudio, video and Flash design – high quality work to add sparkle to a course you have produced.Instructional design – specialist input to help produce a high quality course.Project management – management of an internal team on a large project.Training & supportProduct training – in Atlantic products or other third party systems.Creative workshops – instructional design and creative design.Creative enhancement – adding sparkle to a course produced by yourselves.ConsultancyLMS consultancy – analysis of your needs, recommendation of a system, installation & configuration of a solution.Academic services – white papers, research, awards to add academic value to your e-learning venture.
  • Our e-learning development process is based on a creative, free thinking and collaborative model.The first stage pulls out the critical SMART objectives from the content. We also categorise the content and profile the learners.The creative stage then begins. We work with you to define a suitable graphic and instructional strategy for the course.The script are then written and assets are gathered and developed.A key stage is then to test the design and navigation of the course as a navigable prototype.Development takes place, which can be done in partnership with several developers and the customer if required.Quality assurance is also carried out in collaboration using online tools.The course can then be published to the chosen LMS or delivery mechanism.Course evaluation and ROI is something that is often ignored in rapid development but we can work with customers to define appropriate level 1, 2 and 3 measures of ROI.Going forward, we can train customers in content management skills to secure the longevity of the delivered course.
  • A traditional bottleneck in e-learning authoring was the technical constraints of project management, development and issue tracking.We employ online solutions for all these areas, using BaseCamp for project management, a server-based authoring tool for development and online issue tracking within a course to manage changes.We share access to these systems with our customers to allow them to participate in all phases as much as possible.This approache takes away many technical bottlenecks, allowing much more of the valuable budget to be used to add creativity.
  • Our instructional design model begins with acknowledging that learning is split into Application, Understanding and Knowledge.Application based content is typically 20% of the content of a course. We believe in the Pareto principle that this 20% of material can equip learners with the knowledge to handle 80% of the situations they are likely to come across.The main objectives for a course are likely to be based on the application knowledge.Application-based material therefore needs a higher level of treatment in a course than understanding and knowledge to ensure engagement and retention.This approach is critical to the development of rapid e-learning, as it ensures that appropriate levels of treatment are given to the different categories of content and time is not wasted adding value where it is not required.A key stage in our instructional design process is therefore the identification of the main application points.
  • To help our customers understand what they will get for their budget, we have defined three levels of development.The Bronze level is typically a course conversion, PowerPoint import or basic systems training course. Often this level is chosen if there is a strict and tight deadline and minimal budget.The Silver level is the most common level that we develop at. This is typically a show piece course for an initial foray into rapid e-learning development, such as an induction that needs to engage learners to think positively about e-learning.The Gold level is the top end of the development scale. Rich media is used heavily and a completely custom approach is taken for a course at this level. This level of course would be reserved for a high profile course with a long development time. The course would often be soft skill based and have a goal of changing attitudes and behaviour across a business over a long period.We anticipate that a single course may contain elements of all three levels but this distinction helps ensure that expectations are crystal clear from the outset of the project.
  • Our pricing model for rapid course development is based on our three levels of development.By choice picking specialists for a project and using cutting edge technical solutions we remain very competitive.
  • Several other considerations need to be addressed before a project begins.Some of these will affect the cost of the project, others will be potential bottlenecks if not planned for.Is the content in a suitable form for rapid e-learning, has it been signed off, and is it copyright free?Are SMEs available to help accumulate the content for the course?What are the video, audio and Flash animation requirements?What level of assessment is required in the course?What level of reporting is required to obtain the required evaluation of the course?Are translated versions of the course required?What level of content management is required for the course, i.e. will templates have to be developed?Does the course have to comply with accessibility standards?What is the approval and sign off process for the various stages in the project?What is the delivery mechanism for the course, i.e. SCORM LMS, standalone course, CD ROM?How and when will the learners access the course and what platform will they use?
  • Mind Click has helped Scottish Power create a range of e-learning modules around health and safety and compliance. We adopted a quirky illustrative style to convey humour and aid retention and move away from page turning training.The BriefScottish Power required a range of e-learning courses that moved away from the 'run of the mill' compliance courses. They wanted the final result to excite the learners and 'make them want to click on the next slide'.The ApproachFor this project we used a rapid scripting and prototyping approach: this ensured the customer got a handle on the flow and feel of the courses very quickly.  This was achieved by drawing on a library of content and learning approaches and centring our attention on instructional design.We focussed heavily on style and adopted a strong storytelling approach.  This maximised learner retention and therefore increased ROI, allowing the learners to build a relationship with the characters and role plays within the modules.  Once this stage was complete we moved on to create of custom elements that added to the learning journey.By building this course in the Content Point rapid authoring tool, the modules came together quickly.The ChallengesBy adopting the above approach, the major challenge was to maintain credibility with the learners.  Adopting a quirky style can be risky if not done in a way that is sensitive to the material being learnt.  By listing the objectives and goals we were able to achieve this in a professional manner.The End ResultsWell within the time frame set, Mind Click delivered several modules in a highly graphical style that was very well received by the learners.  We are all very proud at Mind Click to see the course being used in such a positive way. The Customer View"We purchased the Atlantic Link authoring suite, which is a great tool, but we required some depth to these courses.  Mind Click has done a great job in adding a quirky style to our courses. We're extremely happy with the results"
  • NationwideTarget learners: 1000+With a team of 12 developers/trainers, in a 6 week period, 18 training courses with over 30,000 (yes thirty thousand!!) pages of systems training content were created. These individuals all started off with a basic technical background as they were all trainers with no experience of producing material outside of PowerPoint.  With a 2 day training course and on site coaching during this period to immediately resolve technical challenges and help with value added materials such as module scoring, crosswords, word searches and multiple choice quizzes, all trainers were able to meet their targets of producing the content for a pilot and subsequent rollout of a blended learning solution of classroom trainer guided system training for new financial products that had only come into existence the previous month. 
  • Kent County CouncilTarget learners 200+1 new developer, a 2 day course, plus 5 days of coaching resulted in the delivery of a 140+ page course containing both systems training and knowledge transfer which the developer would be able to maintain and use as a template for future independent training development.The use of a variety of evaluation techniques (multiple choice/Drag&Drop/ShowMe, TryMe, TestMe as well as in course supporting activities such as the word search in association with total control over navigation was a great benefit to the client
  • Mind Click Services

    1. 1. Development, support & consultancy with a creative edge
    2. 2. Why Mind Click? Redefine Reconnect Reward ... the approach ... with learners ... learners with to rapid who are tired of creative development, dull, poorly learning that putting creative conceived, page has real impact design back in turning content in the business the driving seat
    3. 3. Our measures of success Creative & Flexible instructional development & design led delivery Cost Speed of effectiveness turnaround Quality
    4. 4. Our creative team Creative Project management manager Specialist Course Graphic Flash Script Technical development builder designer developer writer consultant
    5. 5. Our services Custom Add-on Training & Consultancy development services support Audio, video Course Product LMS and Flash development training consultancy design Legacy Instructional Creative Academic conversion design workshops services Project Creative management enhancement
    6. 6. Our development model Define SMART Brainstorm creative objectives, Develop assets & & instructional categorise content write script approach & profile learners Collaborative issue Collaborative Test a navigable management implementation prototype Content Publish final course Evaluation management training
    7. 7. Online collaboration  Online project management  Online development  Online issue tracking
    8. 8. Our instructional model Application Retrieval of information to solve problems, make connections & apply to practical situations Understanding Retrieval of information & restating in own words Knowledge Retrieval of information but not necessarily understanding
    9. 9. Our development options Bronze Silver Gold Complex, scenario- Re-scripting of e-learning ready based script and existing text and script & media creation of custom existing media media Simple interface Custom interface Custom interface and basic and basic and branched navigation navigation navigation Text, graphics and Custom graphics, Rich use of audio, basic Flash audio and some animation and animation Flash animation video Interactive High quality Simple measure of exercises for interaction & completion application content assessment
    10. 10. Our pricing levels Bronze Silver Gold £3K - £5K £5K - £10K £10K - £30K per hour per hour per hour
    11. 11. Key considerations  Source content readiness  Resources for supplying content  Rich media requirements  Assessment quality  Reporting granularity  Translation requirements  Content management requirements  Accessibility requirements  Approval & sign off process  Delivery platform  End user access & technicalities
    12. 12. Case study: Scottish Power  Brief: convert compliance course, not ‘run of the mill’  Approach: rapid prototyping & illustrative storytelling  Challenges: maintaining credibility  Result: several well received modules  Customer view: “Mind Click has done a great job ... We’re extremely happy with the results”
    13. 13. Case study: Nationwide  New financial product systems training  Blended solution: classroom training and systems training  1000+ learners  12 authors trained in rapid authoring  6 weeks development  18 training courses / 30,000 pages
    14. 14. Case study: Kent County Council  Systems training and knowledge transfer  Richly interactive course  200+ learners  1 new author trained  140 page course delivered