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Global Energy Contractors Presentation

  1. 1. The Energy Future…Energy Contractors Building it today
  2. 2. Energy Contractors Oil & Gas Energy Infrastructures We deliver lump-sum, turnkey solutions to Well-Site Locations Midstream Oil & Gas Producers for their gas Complete Stations processing, oil refining, pipeline, storage & Gas Compression terminal needs. We can design and build virtually Tanks & Terminals any aspect of the equipment , systems, and Pipelines infrastructures needed within the midstream oil Gas Treater Plants & gas supply chain. Oil Refineries We provide: Front-end FEED & process engineering, detailed design, procurement, fabrication, field construction, plant startups and commissioning for a full range of oil & gas projects.
  3. 3. Energy Contractors Hydrocarbon Processing Plant Turnarounds Emergency Services We provide front-end FEED engineering, Maintenance process engineering, detailed design, New Construction procurement, fabrication, startup and Plant Expansions & Revamps commissioning, and construction services for a full range of Hydrocarbon Processing projects. We deliver lump-sum, turnkey solutions for LNG/LPG and GTL plant owners. We can design and build virtually any component for process units.
  4. 4. Energy Contractors Petrochemical Plant Turnarounds Emergency Services We provide front-end FEED engineering, Maintenance process engineering, detailed design, New Construction procurement, fabrication, startup and Plant Expansions & Revamps commissioning, and construction services for a full range of petrochemical projects. We deliver lump-sum, turnkey solutions for the Chemical and Air Separating Sectors. We can design and build virtually any component for process units.
  5. 5. Energy Contractors Excellent Safety Record Global sets the standard in the Oil & Gas industry worldwide for safe methods. Our Company’s EMR Rating is 1.0 . Expert Field Crews Global has 1,000+ Welders, Boilermakers, Pipe- fitters, Riggers, and Field Supervision personnel available as resources for small to large projects. ● American OSHA trained workforce ● PFT tested workforce ● Fresh air certified workforce ● Drug screened workforce ● H2S (sour gas) trained personnel ● Confined space certified personnel ● Equipment operator certified personnel
  6. 6. Energy Contractors Energy Infrastructure Construction Global specializes in expansions and ground-up construction of energy Before infrastructures and plant facilities. ● Feasibility ● Engineering ● Mechanical After ● Civil ● Turn-Key Field Construction Oil Refinery & Gas Plant EPC Global offers existing plant expansion, new plant design, and facility development for the Midstream Oil & Gas Industry. ● Compressed schedules ● Turn-Key installations ● Project Management ● Fabrication ● Field installation
  7. 7. Energy Contractors Location Hook-Ups
  8. 8. Energy ContractorsCompressor Stations
  9. 9. Energy Contractors Pipeline Services ● Small bore: 2”-6” ● Large bore: 8” plus
  10. 10. Energy Contractors Shop & Field Fabricated Piping Per ASME B31.3 & API 1104 Codes ● Design engineering ● Field installation ● Bolt-up and torquing ● Hydro-testing ● Radiography ● Post-weld heat treatment ● Sandblasting/coating
  11. 11. Energy Contractors Oil & Gas Process Equipment ● Plant equipment design RIP Shag ● Plant equipment fabrication ● Field installation & retrofit Heat Exchangers & Reboilers ● Bundle extraction ● Hydroblasting & cleaning ● Fabrication ● Repair & re-tubing ● Bolt torquing Oil & Gas Package Plants ● Design ● Fabrication ● Relocations ● Field hook-ups
  12. 12. Energy Contractors Oil Refinery & Gas Plant Mass Transfer Equipment “Confined Space Specialists” Specialty Trays Global offers complete services for the repair and mechanical maintenance of Single-Pass Double-Pass Specialty ASME vessels, towers/columns, and their internal mass transfer equipment. • Vessel blinding & de-blinding Valved Trays • Open & inspect services • Field installation services • ASME & API Code welded repairs Random Packing • Hardware procurement • NBIC inspection services • API inspection services Structured Packing Manufacturers: Sulzer Chemtech® Nutter ® Koch ® Koch-Glitsch ®
  13. 13. Energy Contractors Flare Systems Global offers complete flare system design, fabrication, field erection, and associated equipment installation. ● Flare tips ● Pilots ● Flame front generators (FFG) ●“Dead-man” assemblies ● Cable tensioning & replacement ● Steam assists ● Knock-out drums ● Piping tie-ins
  14. 14. Energy Contractors Oil Refinery & Gas Plant Turnaround Services RIP Little Johnny ● Complete manpower & resource ● Turn-key services ● Project scheduling ● Aggressive schedules Complete plant turnaround services
  15. 15. Energy Contractors Emergency Field Services Global offers rapid mobilization, specializing in 911 emergencies and difficult projects. Field crews available for immediate dispatch
  16. 16. Energy Contractors Specialty Welding Services Global maintains certified welders and welding procedures for ASME piping, boiler tubes, and structural steel: ● Stainless steel ● Exotic alloys ● Carbon steel ● Chrome ● Post-weld heat treatment
  17. 17. Energy Contractors Expert Heavy Lifting Services Global specializes in “Super Critical” lifts: ● Flare stacks ● Pressure vessels ● Towers/columns ● Incinerators ● Package units ● Equipment skids ● Heads
  18. 18. “Offering EPC Services for the Oil & Gas Industry”Global Energy Contractors, LLC is a Texas (USA) based multi-discipline service companyspecializing in field construction, engineering, procurement, emergency services, andmaintenance for the Energy Market, and General heavy Industry.● ConstructionGlobal Energy Contractors continues to set the standard for safe, quality field construction services for the Oil & Gas, and General Heavy Industry. Global hasa call list of over 1,000 field craft employees and field supervision personnel available as resources for both large and small construction projects worldwide;including Code certified welders who back up Global/LI’s ASME “U” and NBIC “R” Stamps.● EngineeringGlobal offers total solutions for energy and petrochemical and manufacturing companies providing systems design, expansion and ground-up construction ofplant facilities and their components. From ASME pressure vessels to NBIC boiler engineering services to mechanical engineering disciplines, Global has theengineering certifications, resources and expertise available to accomplish a total engineered solution for your system’s application.● ProcurementAllow the experience, skill and buying power of Global to work for you. Global can procure, manufacture, and ship virtually any type of plant componentworldwide. Global’s manufacturing capabilities give it a distinct advantage over its competitors due to the diverse nature of the design-to-installationinvolvement in its fabrication projects.● Emergency ServicesGlobal can respond rapidly to emergency situations, particularly after a fire or an explosion. The Emergency Services Group specializes in difficult jobs andaggressive schedules. Their response time, in most cases, is only a few hours. From specific process and manufacturing equipment to entire operating units,Global can rapidly restore the facility to like-new operating condition. No other company in the industry outperforms Global in emergency situations.● MaintenanceGlobal offers quality, dependable personnel and industrial maintenance services and has set the standard for customer satisfaction for both short-term andlong-term Oil & Gas equipment maintenance requirements worldwide.
  19. 19. Who we are: Global Energy Contractors is a multi-discipline EPC construction company with an excellent safety record, and offers unsurpassed experience for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and General Heavy iIdustry.What does EPC mean?EPC: Engineering, Procurement & Construction; turn-key construction services.What type of projects does Global specialize in?TEEM- acronym: T – Turnaround Services E – Emergency Field Services E – Expansions, New Construction, and Infrastructure Projects M – Maintenance ServicesWhat are Global’s disciplines of work?A. Mechanical Engineering & Procurement Services: 1. Design 2. Procurement 3. Shop fabrication & OEM manufacturingB. Field Construction Services: 1. Field fabrication 2. ASME & API Code specialty welding 3. Plant mechanical services, well hook-ups, roustabout work 4. Heavy lifting/crane & cartage services 5. Inspection & quality assurance serviceWhat type of Oil & Gas work does Global provide?Some, or all of the following equipment may be found in a TEEM project: A. Unfired ASME & API pressure vessels and tanks B. Mass transfer distillation equipment, hydrocarbon cracking equipment C. Fired equipment D. Flare, incinerator, and thermal oxidizer systems E. Heat exchangers & product coolers F. Process & interconnecting piping systems, and pipelines G. Package plants and stations H. Auxiliary plant equipment & systems
  20. 20. ProjectsT – Plant Turnaround Services:Specializing in aggressive schedules and compressed durations for projectsTurnaround pre-planning & project scheduling with experienced planners/schedulers (Primavera P3 & Finest Hour)On-site project management services with experienced project management teamManpower & resource with total project staffingState of the art tools, equipment & construction methodsE – Emergency Field Services:Global’s multi-disciplined field construction services allows us to respond to virtually any scenario after an unscheduled shut-down oremergency situation- particularly after a fire or an explosionQuick response time- immediate dispatchSpecializing in aggressive schedules and compressed durationsDifficult jobs that our competitors are not experienced in, or will not doState of the art tools, equipment & construction methodsE – Expansions & New Construction Projects:Total plant design, construction and field installationFeasibility phaseSite layout and design engineeringInfrastructure constructionCivil excavation and concrete constructionPlant equipment design engineeringPlant equipment fabrication and procurementElectrical / instrumentationInsulation and heat tracingSandblasting & paintingEquipment setting and haulingState of the art tools, equipment & construction methodsM – Maintenance Services:Dependable craftsmen with safety training and extensive experience in routine & preventive plant maintenanceLong-term routine maintenance agreements allow Global to offer very competitive rate structures.Global cultivates the employee base from the local job market (no travel or per diem) for long-term routine maintenance agreements. Thesefield personnel cost less than those described below in #2, and the rate structures are priced accordingly.Short-term scheduled / unscheduled maintenance of a specialty nature utilizing Global field personnel from the field travelingturnaround group (involves travel or per diem). These field personnel cost a premium price relative to those described in #1, and the ratestructures are priced accordingly. State of the art tools, equipment & construction methods
  21. 21. Equipment ServicesA. Unfired pressure vessels (distillation towers / columns, drums & tanks) Field installation & repairs, OEM manufacture & procurement: Complete rebuild after explosion or fire / confined space blinding & deblinding / complete vessel replacements & revamps / open & inspect services / confined space & inert atmospheres, fresh air welding / “R” Stamp NBIC Code welded repairs, vessel alterations and re-rating per ASME and NBIC Code / welded overlay / cladding & strip-lining / external man-ways / nozzles / heads / can section replacement & patching / tray rings / skirts / coliseum bases / civil & concrete foundations, caisons, octagons, pedestals / TAs- tower attachments: lifting lugs, ladder attachments, stair attachments, lifting trunions, / platforms & ladders / vortex breakers / internal baffles / internal spargers, distributor piping & spray headers / vessel trim- sight glasses, TIs- temperature indicators, PIs- pressure indicators / hydrostatic testing- full vessel hydro, local hydro with test bonnet / pneumatic re-pad testing @ 10 psi., weep-hole placement at bottom / ultrasonic thickness testing / x-ray / shear wave / liquid dye penetrant testing / stress relief for service & thickness / carbon steel, stainless steel & exotic alloys / vacuum truck services / hydro-blasting servicesB. Mass transfer equipment for distillation processes Field installation & repairs, OEM manufacture & procurement: Complete re-trays & internal equipment replacement / confined space blinding & de-blinding / open & inspect services- including down- comer & weir height tolerance video & written documentation / confined space & inert atmospheres, fresh air / fractionation trays- single pass, double pass & specialty trays / sieve trays / chimney trays / china hats / distributor trays / man-way hardware, footballs, man-way studs, nuts, washers / tray hardware, ring clamps, bolts, nuts / demister pads / structured packing / random packing- ratchet rings, pall rings / support grids / hold-down grids / ballast valves / bubble cap valves / support beams / experienced with Koch, Koch-Glitsch, Sulzer Chemtech, Nutter products / vacuum truck services / hydro-blasting servicesC. Fired equipment (steam boilers, product heaters, reboilers & reformers) Field installation & repairs, OEM manufacture & procurement: Inspection services / complete rebuild after explosion, puffing / confined space blinding & de-blinding /leaking tube repair / window welding / complete re-tube / tube bending / finned tubes / swaged tubes/rolled tubes, mechanical seal field machining of drums / welded tubes / stainless steel & exotic alloys / mud drums / steam drums / drum demagnification procedure / refractory- fire brick, castable & plastic / steer horns & anchors / spray-in refractory / insulation / skin casing / package boilers / burners / fire eyes / fuel tranes / plenums / stacks / foundations / hydro-static testing / fire tube boilers / water tube boilers / civil & concrete foundations & pedestalsD. Flare & incinerators systems Fabrication / procurement, field installation & repairs: Inspection services / infrared surveys / design / fabrication & procurement / tips / pilots / FFG’s- flame front generators, piping / cables- inspection, tensioning, dynamometer, deflection method / deadman assemblies- civil & concrete, hardware, inspection / steam, air & gas assists / mole seals / erection / KO- knock-out drums / interconnecting piping, including underground / ladders & platforms / civil & concrete foundations, quesons, octagons & pedestals / burners / refractoryE. Heat exchangers, & product coolers Field installation & repairs, OEM manufacture & procurement: Blinding & de-blinding / bundle extraction / hydro-blasting / plugging / tube replacement / repairs / bore-o-scope inspection / lancing / manual drilling / single pass / double pass / floating head / re-tubes / rolled tubes / welded tubes / shell side test / tube side test / bolt torquing / field machining / hydro-test / fin-fan bank replacement
  22. 22. Disciplines of WorkA. Mechanical Engineering & Procurement Services:1. DesignTurn-key mechanical engineering services / mechanical drawings / isometric drawings / P&IDs- piping & instrumentation drawings / codefiles / vessel calculations / civil engineering / process engineering / feasibility studies / facility development2. ProcurementTurn-key raw materials & equipment procurement services / OEM equipment dealer of plant components / factory direct purchasing skids &package plants / package boilers / vessels / tanks / flares / chemicals, media, & catalyst3. Shop Fabrication & OEM ManufacturingTurn-key custom fabrication services, OEM equipment manufacturer of plant components & equipment / custom metal fabrication / design /drawings, prints, P&IDs / structural steel / piping / ASME “U” Stamp Certification for shop fabrication, OEM of unfired pressure vessels andpressure parts / code files / certified welding procedures / certified welders / code welding of carbon steel, 5 and 9 chrome, stainless steel,monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy materials / sand-blasting & coating / shipping & delivery /B. Field Construction Services:4. Field FabricationTurn-key custom fabrication of plant components & equipment / custom metal fabrication / erection / design / drawings, prints, P&IDs /structural steel / process piping systems / carbon steel, chrome, stainless steel, monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy materials5. ASME Code & Specialty WeldingField installation & repairs:NBIC “R” Stamp Certification for field repairs and alterations to unfired pressure vessels / code files / certified welding procedures / certifiedwelders / code welding of carbon steel, chrome, stainless steel, monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy materials6. Plant Mechanical ServicesGlobal provides field crews consisting of: welders, boilermakers, riggers, and supervision necessary to perform mechanical work on plantequipment / revamps & upgrades / complete installations / 7. Heavy Lifting ServicesCritical lifting & cartage services/ 28 ton / 40 ton / 80 ton / 120 ton / 150 ton / 200 ton / 500 ton / 650 ton / specialty cranes & crawlers /hydraulic / fixed lattice boom / rig mats / detailed written lift plans / periodic crane inspections / daily crane inspections / rigging inspections/ trained crane operators & riggers / OSHA man-baskets, test lifts with weights8. Equipment Inspection & Quality Assurance ServicesControlled by Global’s quality control manual / RT- x-ray, radiography / LDPT - liquid dye penetrant testing, dye pin, LDPT Test Procedure,cleaner, ink, developer, dwell time, can lot numbers / magnaflux- dry mag particle testing, wet mag particle testing, not on stainless / shearwave, vague results / UT- ultrasonic testing, thickness testing, grid lines, pre cleaning, gel / equipment scanning / equipment infraredsurveys / PMI-positive materials identification / color coding of dissimilar metals / black light testing for hydrocarbons / bore-o-scopeinspection / weld maps / torque maps / hydrostatic testing / pneumatic testing / chart-wheel recorders & weights / stress reliefdocumentation / vessel inspection / tray inspections / boiler inspections / WPS (weld procedure specification) welding procedures: 482 formfront-back, 483 form front-back, 484 front-back / WPQR (welder’s performance qualification record) welder’s certification record: 484 form /welder’s continuity log / welder’s ID code, stamp / Inspector- Level I, LDPT applicator / Inspector- Level II, LDPT interpreter / Inspector-Level III, x-ray hand, technician / AIA agency- Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection HSBCT / AI agent- Hartford inspector, NBIC Inspector /CWI- Certified Welding Inspector / API 510 Inspection service
  23. 23. Equipment Services (cont’d.)F. Process & interconnecting piping systems Piping- Shop & field fabrication, field installation & repairs: Complete systems / blinding & de-blinding / ASME B31.3 Code 100% x-ray for severe service / certified welders / open-butt welds / socket weld piping / screw piping / underground & lined pipe, jeeping / TIG- GTAW welded / stick- SMAW welded / stress relief of chrome & for thickness and service/ 5 and 9 chrome / carbon steel / stainless steel & exotic alloys / sandblasting & painting / weld maps / as-built isometric drawings / torque maps / material control / rack piping / hot-taps / small-bore & big bore weld procedures / heavy- wall & thin-wall weld procedures Valves- Procurement / field installation & repairs: Blinding & de-blinding / P&ID location and identification / valve change-outs / relief valve pulling & testing, popping with test rings or bench testing / packing / lapping / car sealing / flow control valves- diaphragm (fisher), stroking, globe valves, butterfly valves / positive on-off valves- ball valves, gate valves, needle valves / check valves / gaskets and stud-bolt and nut kits / bolt torqueing / torque maps /G. Package plants Fabrication / procurement, field installation & repairs: Complete custom fabrication / procurement / compressor skids / amine skids / glycol skids / TOs- thermal oxidizers / equipment hauling & setting / interconnecting piping systems- above & below ground /H. Auxiliary plant equipment & systems Procurement / field installation & repairs: Pollution control and emissions equipment / water treatment & filtration equipment / desulphurization equipment