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  • A few best practices and tactical approaches to make your content meaningful and sharable for your community!
  • The Goal of the Volunteer Hustle is to Increase the volunteer population base for a Seattle soup kitchen and increase the number of people who give their time to the soup kitchen by tapping into a pool of volunteers who cannot commit to volunteer times in advance, but who are willing and able to come in if notified via SMS message of available volunteer opportunities the day of based on the needs of the soup kitchen. The program is an un-intrusive, low-pressure means of communication (compared to a phone call soliciting their time) , which reaches a large number of volunteers quickly and directly, allowing them to be flexible with their schedules. The system also allows for the time-sensitive needs of a soup kitchen, which has distinct, time-bound meal shifts to fill each day . From the volunteer standpoint, the objective is to lower barriers preventing people from giving their time by directly offering them low-pressure volunteer opportunities, and removing some of the extra legwork out the process of them taking the time to seek out and sign up for these volunteer opportunities on their own. By lifting some of these barriers, the SMS program emphasizes a positive experience and reinforces that the volunteer’s time is valued, needed and will be well spent at the soup kitchen. The goal of this interaction is to ultimately motivate people to continue to respond to the text messages, volunteer their time, and share their experience with others.
  • According to the USDA, 50 million Americans now live with food insecurity. National hunger range: 5.4% - 5.7% Washington state: grew from 4.3% - 6.2% from 2008-12, an all-time high. Children ’s Alliance report: “food banks and other private food providers across the state are experiencing increased demand.” At same time, volunteer retention rates have dropped: Nationally, retention rates dropped from have declined, from 65.5% (2008) to 64.5% (2010). Washington ’s losses were more extreme here, too: shrank from 75.2% in 2008 to 69.1% in 2010. Source: Volunteering in America. This is bad news for non-profits like our Seattle soup kitchen: -increasingly reliant upon volunteer hours to provide critical services. -losing money when they can ’t retain them.
  • In this landscape, volunteer management and retention strategies can mean the difference between life and death for an organization. ($38 billion in lost labor in 2009) Groups with the best retention rates follow a set of best practices. [list] Our project ’s use of SMS technology for retention and management fits these parameters. -un-intrusive, low-pressure means of communication -reaches a large number of volunteers quickly and directly -allows them to be flexible with their schedules. -Fits needs of a soup kitchen (distinct, time-bound meal shifts to fill each day) -model for retention and management Nearly 25% of WA children live in food-insecure households. -insecure economy placing state/federal assistance programs at risk -without volunteers to match the rising need, families will go hungry. We cannot afford to wait to implement this solution.
  • A few best practices and tactical approaches to make your content meaningful and sharable for your community!
  • Volunteer hustle v2

    1. 1. Volunteer HustleAn SMS based program.2012 Group 3: Ashley Ball, Jeff Barr, Samantha Juneman, Veronica Nett, Dacia Saenz.
    2. 2. Goals and Objectives campaigns Strengthen and diversify the volunteer communications, management and retention strategies of a Seattle Based Soup Kitchen • Provide a low pressure recruitment tool to notify volunteers of potential opportunities to give their time without being intrusive or demanding • Lower barriers and remove some of the extra legwork out the process of volunteers seeking out and signing up for volunteer opportunities on their own • Decrease the number hours and resources the soup kitchen’s staff use to advertise, schedule and recruit its needed volunteerto help our Seattle Soup Kitchen diversify and strengthen their volunteer communications, pool management, and retention strategies. • Increase the kitchen’s volunteer recruitment pool, and the number of drop-in and logged volunteer hours
    3. 3. Statement of Need Recession campaigns reality: Food banks are struggling.Rising Hunger Rates Falling Volunteer Retention Rates
    4. 4. Statement of Need campaigns Volunteer retention best practices: • Respect for volunteers’ time • Easy-to-find opportunities • Well-planned communication (frequency, method, & tone) • New technologies Volunteer Hustle SMS system: • Cost-effective • Un-intrusiveVolunteer retention best practices: flexibility • Allows schedule•Respect for volunteers’ time • Fits time-sensitive needs of soup kitchen•Easy-to-find opportunities • Scalable as a model for other charities•Well-planned communication (frequency, method, & tone)•New technologies
    5. 5. campaigns
    6. 6. Success and Impact campaigns Our ultimate goal is for more people with food insecurities to be served. A way to make this happen is to have more hands on deck all around by helping Seattle Soup Kitchen staff have more time and volunteer resources to run their organization. We can help by making the following happen: •Volunteer Management Team streamline volunteer communication, management, and retention. •More volunteers donating their time because barrier to volunteering has been lowered.
    7. 7. Approach to Evaluations campaigns We will use a combination of both quantitative and qualitative data to asses the impact of Volunteer Hustle SMS on both the volunteer management team (text sends) and the volunteer pool (text recipients).
    8. 8. Key Performance Indicators campaignsQuantitative Outcome Measures for Volunteer Management Team: •Decrease in hours spent in outreach growing volunteer pool •Decrease in hours spent communicating volunteer opportunities to pool of potential volunteers •Decrease in hours spent scheduling volunteers in all available roles •Increase in volunteer hours logged •Increase in volunteer pool •Increase in drop-in volunteer hoursQualitative Outcome Measures for Volunteer Experience:More likely to volunteer because: •Satisfied with the frequency and type of communication from organization •Easier to learn about volunteer opportunities •Flexibility of opportunities is easier to fit into their schedule •Feels like organization values their time
    9. 9. Cost campaignsPreparation Costs: $1739.00 •Research and Analysis One Year of Operation: $4018.28 •Training Staff and Volunteers •Installing System •Initial Marketing Campaign •(Labor +Materials)Monthly Operational Costs: $189.94 Three Years of Operation: $8576.84 •Internet Costs •SMS subscription •Evaluation
    10. 10. Volunteer HustleAn SMS based program.2012Q&A? Group 3: Ashley Ball, Jeff Barr, Samantha Juneman, Veronica Nett, Dacia Saenz.
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