Mobile marketing for healthcare and pharmaceutical- EyeForPharma presentation - Sam Walmsley Bluelight
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Mobile marketing for healthcare and pharmaceutical- EyeForPharma presentation - Sam Walmsley Bluelight



EyeForPharma presentation on Mobile Marketing for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Covering the need for web friendly content, mobile marketing tactics including SEO for mobile, PPC, ...

EyeForPharma presentation on Mobile Marketing for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Covering the need for web friendly content, mobile marketing tactics including SEO for mobile, PPC, Advertising, SMS/MMS, discussion on augmented reality (AR) and NFC



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  • \n
  • Talk about type of work you do for clients\n
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  • Think about the number of devices you own and use \nHow often you are using email, internet and apps on the go\nWe are expecting to see the mobile xmas - with higher than ever sales via handset. Cyber Monday this week saw an increase in sales via handset of 192% (ibm)\nMobile phones are the main way people will get information - as companies who information on brands and health surely we should be using this channel without question?\n
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  • our customers are already using these devices and expecting brands to be engaging in this way\n
  • Smartphone users are using the internet far more because of the handset\n
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  • YouGov: 25% of consumers say they would\nnever visit a site again if they had a\nnegative experience on their mobile\nJust 12% claim that they don’t find\nanything irritating about their mobile\nbrowsing experience\n\n\n
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  • Apps can fit into a marketing mix, however should at be at the expense of customers finding content from a mobile device?\nApple’s market share in UK is just 18% in UK (Kendar 2011), Android 41%, Blackberry is 22%. Understand your audience in healthcare professionals 42% is Apple (D4)\n
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  • Flash/Broken images \nMobile & SEO best practice have similar needs\nReducing download times of site, optimise images\nImproving or using quality technical coding\nReducing use of Flash\nClear descriptions on meta tags, title tags, h1 tags etc\nThis approach, improves the ability for people to find your content through search engines\nOptimising for search, will mean a simple mobile strategy can be put into place for your customers \n\n
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  • \nCommon methods of mobile marketing are..... \nProximity include: bluetooth, wireless and infrared marketing \nApproximately 58% of mobile operators believe SMS and MMS-based messaging will be one of the top 3 forms of marketing/advertising by 2015. [Source: Airwide Solutions, November 2010\nForrester Research says that SMS campaigns regularly get response rates of 5% to 25%. [Source: Forrester Research, May 2009]\n51% of mobile browsers use search Mobile search has increased 500% in 2 years PPC campaigns offer better value than desktop Targeting is more precise on mobile\nQR codes can now include information about prescription products, and reminders within code which inserted into diary\nReasons to do more mobile marketing: \n1) Cost effective and inexpensive e.g. SMS, mobilsing webs content, QR codes very cheap. Higher investment is needed for AR and more complex apps\n2) Flexible \n3) Mobile isnt complicated - now couple of big players Apple iOS and Google Android \n4) Multichannel \n5) Integrated \n6) Easily trackable - analytics \n\n\n\n
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  • As with desktop search - mobile users are relying on search engines to find content via their handset. \nGoogle is the main player with 98% share of mobile search\n
  • No different when looking for health online\n
  • Even in regulated market like the UK, there are still mobile users searching for brand prescription information \n
  • Discuss HTML5\n
  • Seperate from your normal search campaign, as mobile users will have a different journey than desktop•\nRefine content from analytic behaviour\nMobile search CTR is 2.7 times higher than desktop CTR \n•Cost per click (CPC) from mobile search advertising is 60% lower then desktop search\n\n
  • \n
  • The majority of medical publishers now have mobile offering\niPad - 70,000 downloads (BMJ) ads being sold to pharma up take from AZ, Janssen\nBig dwell times and engagement, with Janssen seeing 5.35 mins\niPad edition downloaded: 10,375\nAverage time spent on ad = 3 minutes 24 seconds\n2.5% CTR to additional content \nWill see creation of better mobile ad placements, in app advertising, mobile advertising etc\n
  • Apps are a great way to engage with our audience, but they are more time consuming, often more expensive to deliver an experience across devices, require a lifecycle mgt plan. How do you want to keep engaging with c/s once they have downloaded the app?\n
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  • just because the content is great, doesnt mean they will find it. App discovery process is recommendations from friends/colleagues, review articles then the app store.... \nApp - medical device MHRA discussion (D4 article), seen several pharma companies pull down \n
  • Barclaycard branded app - 13million downloads across 75 countries (top app)\nOpportunity to use ghealth (gamification for benefit for health) \n
  • \n
  • Think about content updates, and engaging with your audience once they have downloaded the app, are you sending content updates etc. \n
  • Despite the stunning growth of mobile: email, Web, applications, IM, social media and multimedia messaging, consumers still love text… and so should marketers.. it is essential that building, maintaining and operating the list of opt-in customers is strictly controlled.\nDon’t discount SMS: Approximately 58% of mobile operators believe SMS and MMS-based messaging will be one of the top 3 forms of marketing/advertising by 2015. [Source: Airwide Solutions, November 2010\nPharma using these for clinical trial recruitment, management, patient compliance, meeting sign ups, \n\n
  • QR Codes A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code. \n56% of QR codes appear on product packaging\n11 out of 50 Fortune companies are incorporating QR codes into their marketing strategy\n68% of QR codes are scanned via an iPhone\nAbbott for example were using QR codes at event as a competition for delegates to find more information\nHowever QR codes will soon fade. Google places have stopped supporting QR codes, Apple aren’t interested.... QR codes re-inforce an awareness of our ability to enhance our physical world with digital interaction. They are the catalyst for the behaviour to scan, touch, tag etc\nPeople get used to the idea.... next big thing is around the corner \n\n\n
  • Near field communication, or NFC, allows for simplified transactions, data exchange, and wireless connections between two devices in close proximity to each other\n\nAudi car keys - walk up, car opens, Oyster card. Mobiles will contain NFC capabilities, Google Wallet, Turkey. \nNFC is still early days but loads of potential. Our phones will become our wallet & keys\nThis will be the main focus for e-commerce on mobile devices\nFile sharing instantly from photo, contact, song, app, video, or website\nTicketing, and boarding passes \nSmart Poster tag, to see information, audio clip, watch a video \nCoupons\nAct as encrypted security ID or keys \nEmerging NFC standards allow customers to quickly purchase products and transfer secure information by touching devices. NFC allows companies to reduce staffing, printing, and point of sale\n\nNFC and Bluetooth are both short-range communication technologies which are integrated into mobile phones. As described in technical detail below, NFC operates at slower speeds than Bluetooth, but consumes far less power and doesn’t require pairing\n\n
  • Pharmacy locator - wouldn’t have worked as an app. \nBut its answering that immediate need - I have a problem, i need a solution, help me find it.... \n
  • Customer is at the centre of a multichannel world, mobile is integral part of their world\nMobile shouldnt be complex - it about incorporating into wider multichannel strategy\nWhere does mobile sit within marketing mix - integrates with digital, and offline\nWe must stop thinking an app is a mobile strategy\nCreate digital experiences that work across multiple devices\nUse analytics available and adapt strategy\nIf you do only one mobile activity - make sure you content is optimised for mobile and search\n
  • Launching simple product Jan 2012 to simply organise a mobile friendly content for pharma\n
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Mobile marketing for healthcare and pharmaceutical- EyeForPharma presentation - Sam Walmsley Bluelight Mobile marketing for healthcare and pharmaceutical- EyeForPharma presentation - Sam Walmsley Bluelight Presentation Transcript

  • Sam WalmsleyMOBILE TACTICS bluelight/mobile
  • ABOUT BLUELIGHT/MOBILE• Bluelight is a digital consultancy focusing on healthcare• In mobile we deliver both strategy and delivery of mobile work ranging from mobile website sites through to apps, mobile augmented reality experiences to mobile marketing• Bluelight believes that digital experiences should work across multiple devices as its about the people, not the device.... bluelight/mobile
  • UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER• I want what I want, when I want it, where I want it• I want content independent of location, platform, time or nature of request• I want no restrictions, and I want it portable• I want a seamless multichannel experiences bluelight/mobile
  • WEB ENABLED MOBILEHANDSETS MAKE UP 20% of the worlds 3bn mobile handsets Source: comScore Sept 2010 bluelight/mobile
  • WITH MARKET SHARE HEADING TO 50% over the next 3-5 years Source: comScore Sept 2010 bluelight/mobile
  • PERCENTAGE POPULATION WITH SMARTPHONES40 3730 30 31 272010 6 0 Australia France Japan UK USA Source: OurMobilePlanet bluelight/mobile
  • HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS 81%of healthcare professionals in the UK own a smartphone Source: D4 bluelight/mobile
  • SMARTPHONE USERS ACCESS ONLINE CONTENT MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY All genders 70 69 53 53 47 49 35 42 18 0 France Germany Japan UK US Source: OurMobilePlanet bluelight/mobile
  • HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS 59%use their own smartphone to access work related content online Source: D4 bluelight/mobile
  • ARE YOU MOBILE FRIENDLY? bluelight/mobile
  • MOBILE OPTIMISED CONTENT 79%of large online advertisers do not have mobile optimised websites Source: Google 2010 Think Mobile bluelight/mobile
  • IN PHARMA ONLY 2websites of the top 12 largest pharmaceutical companies, have a mobile friendly version on their website & bluelight/mobile
  • HOW MANY APPS HAVE PHARMA CREATED? 90+ apps listed on InPharm digital directory & bluelight/mobile
  • SHOULD PHARMA LOVE APPS?• As an industry we are focused on developing apps• We have missed a fundamental step in engaging with our audience• A mobile website is accessible to all: • Can be developed without creating new content • Works across across all devices • It is more cost effective
  • SOME PHARMA ARE TAKING THE LEAD.......Boehringer-Ingelheim Corporate site bluelight/mobile
  • ASTELLASAstellas Corporate in local language bluelight/mobile
  • IN BRANDS...... Mobile friendly SEORanked Full web No.1 version
  • PHARMA LOVE AFFAIR WITH FLASH...... Univadis Malaria HotSpots Back in Play bluelight/mobile
  • TIME TO GO MOBILE?Keep it simple and integrate across channels bluelight/mobile
  • SEARCH ENGINES bluelight/mobile
  • CAN YOUR CUSTOMERS FIND YOU ON THE GO......? bluelight/mobile
  • SEARCH ENGINE USE ON SMARTPHONE All genders70 6853 57 51 5035 4318 0 France Germany Japan UK US Source: OurMobilePlanet bluelight/mobile
  • % SEARCHES ON THERAPYTERMS VIA MOBILE DEVICE Therapy Areas3023 24 20 2115 14 14 8 0 Heart Disease Cancer Asthma Diabetes lnfluenza Source: Google Keyword Tool Nov 2010 bluelight/mobile
  • % BRAND SEARCHES VIA MOBILE DEVICES Brands3023 23 2015 16 13 13 13 8 0 Lipitor Seretide Nexium Remicade Enbrel Zyprexa Source: Google Keyword Tool Nov 2010 bluelight/mobile
  • SEO FOR MOBILE• Back to basics SEO ensure technical, speeds and tagging on web content• Desktop & Mobile search benefit speed, relevance and simplicity• Positions more critical. Limited space aiming for position 1-2, see a 90% drop off in CTR on position 4 from 1• Users have different requirement when searching on the go, include location services, telephone number, links to mobile content• Think about how your mobile content including optimise your apps• Think about future proofing new digital content, by building in HTML5 providing app like functionality to web content bluelight/mobile
  • PAID SEARCH FOR MOBILE• Think about intent of customers. Why are they searching via mobile device?• Position is critical - Google only allows 2 paid search ads. Limited invenatory• Creative needs to be specific for mobile• Mobile search is cheaper and more effective than regular search. Separate from regular campaign • CTR is nearly x3 higher than desktop • CPC is 60% lower Source: Pingdom 2010, Optify Google Organic CTR 2010 bluelight/mobile
  • ADVERTISING bluelight/mobile
  • MOBILE ADVERTISING Our major publishers are now going mobile BMJ iPAD edition has had 70,000 downloads
  • APPS bluelight/mobile
  • HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS 30%use their own smartphone to run apps Source: D4 bluelight/mobile
  • OF APPS DOWNLOADED 30% are only used once Source: Localistics 2010 bluelight/mobile
  • LESS THAN <5%of free apps are still in use after a month of first use Source: Pinch media bluelight/mobile
  • ONLY 20%of brand apps reach a 1,000 downloads Source: Pinch media bluelight/mobile
  • ONLY 1%of brand apps reach a million downloads Source: Pinch media bluelight/mobile
  • A ROYAL CHALLENGE A successful app should be delightful, innovative, designed, integrated, optimised, connected and localisedContent of apps is king, marketing isqueen, and the queen runs the household bluelight/mobile
  • CAN BE DONE.....MSD produced a successfulapp for OTC hayfever productClarityn. Provided key contenton pollen counts for users72,000 downloads in 2weeksApp was reviewed in DailyMail & industry blogs
  • TEN TIPS FOR MARKETING AN APP 1. Make sure it works! 2. Maximise exposure in app store 3. Create app website, or have its own page within your website 4. Use SEO techniques on your app 5. Allow users to share the app with friends/colleagues bluelight/mobile
  • TEN TIPS FOR PROMOTING AN APP 6. Use Twitter & other social media channels 7. Create video of your app 8. Use the blogging community & app review sites 9. Use internal & external emails to promote app 10. Don’t forget to use PR & advertising channels bluelight/mobile
  • DONT FORGET SMS70% of the worlds populationcan receive a SMSResponse rates for SMS muchhigher than regular campaigns:Average response rates of 5to 25%
  • QR CODESQuick Response (QR) codeslink life to the internetQR codes in 2011 have gonemainstreamMHRA approved use of QRcodes on PIL in July 2011
  • NFC NEXT BIG THINGNFC (Near FieldCommunication)A short-range wirelessstandard that allows devices tocommunicate securely andperform transactions
  • LOCATION SERVICES HRA PharmaNorLevo Emergency Contraception
  • READY TO GO MOBILE?FREE! Mobile readiness review for delegates Get in touch: @sammielwsam@bluelightpartners. com or say Hello! bluelight/mobile