What Is Academic Writing?
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What Is Academic Writing?



An introduction to academic writing as compared to creative writing for middle school students. ...

An introduction to academic writing as compared to creative writing for middle school students.

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  • Emotion – Creative writing usually makes us happy, sad, amused or any other emotion.Arc – Exposition (expose), Rising action, Climax, Falling action, ResolutionCreative license – Does not need to be true or grammatically correct. Cummins, FaulknerRecreation – We read it for fun_Argument – Academic writing starts with an argument, something you want to proveLinear – Keeps its pace, no rising tension, everything clearly organizedNo license – Formal, follows industry standards, must be trueInformative – We read to learn
  • What is the purpose of each? 1, tell about yourself 2, analyze a book 3, amuse 4, thrill 5, Information!
  • AW is never vague or unspecific. It expresses complex ideas and complex combinations of ideas. Therefore the language needs to be explicit and objective. Avoiding personal anecdotes and references keeps the paper reliable and unbiased. Also it is written with semi-formal voice (Proper grammar, no colloquialisms or slang). Perhaps most important is responsibility – You are responsible for what you say. So write only what you can defend, or make sure to clarify you are conjecturing.

What Is Academic Writing? Presentation Transcript

  • 1. What isAcademicWriting?APRIL 6Have your lecture notesworksheet ready, please
  • 2. Academic writing is:"The process of analysis - the process ofbreaking down ideas - to increase onesunderstanding of a subject and topresent information that displays a clearunderstanding of that subject."understandingIncreaseones
  • 3. What isAcademicWriting?5 Minute Freewrite -Use these questions as a startingpoint for your freewrite.• What kind of writing have youdone before?• What do you think "academic"means?• What do you think is theopposite of academic writing?• When do you think it isappropriate to use academicwriting style?
  • 4. Two Kinds of WritingCreative Writing Emphasis on emotion Narrative arc Creative license Recreational readingAcademic Writing Emphasis on argument Linear No creative license Educational reading
  • 5. Purpose Letter to your parents Book report Comedy Drama
  • 6. Thesis(Argument) BUILDING A HOUSE OF CARDS The big idea One sentence Debatable Reasonable Defendable
  • 7. Characteristics Precise Complex Explicit Objective Impersonal Semi-formal Responsibility
  • 8. 2012 R & E PapersThese are all goodefforts, but they arenot perfect. Look atthem and try todecide what thestudents did right andwhat you could havedone better.