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Social Sales & Marketing Revolution
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Social Sales & Marketing Revolution


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  • 1. The Social Sales Revolution: 7 Steps to Get Ahead 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Know Your Build your First Get Get in The Tweet-up Your Connect With Customer Social Friends, Then Together, Sell Game Pipeline Social Hangouts Market Value Leads Smarter Intelligence The power is in the hands of the buyer Earn credibility and respect to be a recommender - be helpful – trusted advisor
  • 2. Build your Social Market Value A social savvy rep needs to: • Join social dialog 3 Build your • Build credibility Social Market Value • Have experience • Know the industry • Be transparentPHOTO BY KEXINO 2
  • 3. Case Study: WE SERVE OVER OPEN TECHNOLOGY AT 60% 4,500+ RACKERS WEB SCALE Choice, flexibility and freedom 190,000+ from vendor lock-in CUSTOMERS OF THE FORTUNE® 100 84,000+ SERVERS SEAMLESS PORTFOLIO OVER $1.2 120 + COUNTRIES Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Hosting and BILLION $$$$ Dedicated Hosting Annualized Revenue 8 GLOBALDATA CENTERS
  • 4. Credibility > Selling 4
  • 5. Inject social into the demand funnel to accelerate deals Recommendations Relationships Referrals 5
  • 6. Online Display Trade Shows Webinars Whitepaper SEM s Events Email Videos SEO Blogs Demos Qualified Leads Loyal CUSTOMERS 6
  • 7. Department involvementBEFORE Marketing SalesNOW Marketing Sales 7
  • 8. THROUGH Awareness Consideration Decision 8
  • 9. SharePoint Tuesday – Real life use case of Social Value
  • 10. How we do it Intro Connect Follow Listen Groups prospect prospects to forwith social and have prospects feedback platforms them follow us
  • 11. Build Advise Contentprospects Including on social case media studies, we binars and more
  • 12. We train our sales teams to think and act social Build contacts by territory and customer list Involve prospects Join groups and in the gain credibility conversation Engage directly Build and with maintain recommendations relationships and relationships Build Research and personalized social profiles on multiple platforms How to: monitor social media
  • 13. Make your sales team:1. Effective2. Social3. Self-reliant 1 3
  • 14. The Power ofRecommendationson LinkedIn 1 4
  • 15. % Who Would Trust a Recommendation From: Work colleagues / professional network 93% Industry analysts (Gartner/Forrester/IDC) 80% IT publications (CNET, ZDnet, etc.) 59% Consultants 58% IT forums and message boards 51% Vendor websites 23% Vendor salespeople 22%Base: All IT survey respondents (N = 800). 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% “When deciding whether to purchase a particular software product for your company or institution, do you trust recommendations from the following sources?” IT Software Study – March 2011
  • 16. Rackspace vs. Company X 554Recommendations 17K Followers
  • 17. We failed before we succeeded
  • 18. How we first failed:• Our initial approach was too aggressive in scale • Mass mandate failed • No instant results • More planning needed • Disconnect: tying social to quotas
  • 19. How we succeeded• A pilot team that• Understood relationships• Connected the dots• Had patience
  • 20. Key Results Event Engagement Participation Content Leads/Signups Marketing
  • 21. Sameer Khan – Rackspace Marketing Manager Linked: Twitter: @ninjamarketer“Social media is revolutionizing and empoweringsales and marketing teams to become self-reliant, connected and social”