Rapid Fire Analytics Attribution Strategy


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  • In this presentation we will take you through four phases of our attribution progress.
  • Before I jump in to the attribution strategies. Here is a quick introduction to Rackspace. We are a global hosting and cloud computing company with 10 worldwide data centers supporting 200,000 customers
  • Phase 1 is attribution using coremetrics integration.
  • At rackspace we acquire customers through online shopping cart, chat and phone calls. Our biggest attribution challenge was Visitors who become lead through chat. As the visitors initiate a chat the sales rep takes their contact information and enters into sales force. along with a unique identifier cookie we call it Rackuid.Due to this manual transfer of the information the marketing touch point to lead attribution is lost.
  • To overcome this challenge we worked with IBM professional services team to integrate sales force with coremetrics. With the help of this integration we no have full visibility on the marketing channels driving leads.
  • The challenge for the customers created through our shopping cart is different. Since most of our cloud products are pay per use utility based the revenue on purchase is zero dollars. To solve for revenue attribution we used coremetrics multichannel import functionality and connected offline revenue data with web analytics data giving us visibility to the true ROI of our cloud marketing programs.
  • For the phase 2 I would ask my senior analyst David Reed to present the details.
  • With the help of the Coremetrics attribution we are now able identify the conversion influencers and assign credit to offline revenue.
  • Change icons
  • Here’s an example of all the approaches First response gets 100% of the credit – shown by a 1Last response gets 100% of the credit And the multi credit approach… gets .25 for each campaign tactic…But there’s a better way…
  • Interestingly, key insights pops up when you look at the cross channel performance. Notice how even though the winning offer is Natural search, Sira gives credit to Referring sites. Similarly, Natural search is winning over other campaigns.
  • This insight has helped us justify our marketing dollars investment in content marketing and other SEO activities.
  • Analytics, Lifecycle, Search, Impression Attribution and ExploreAnalytics / Explore – mostLifecycle - organizes your analytic data into custom customer milestones and provides drill-down metrics for each 
  • With the SIRA attribution we are becoming smarter in investing marketing dollars on the right channel. We also have intelligence on the true channel attribution and customer conversion cycle.
  • To summarize, what we have learnt from our experience that attribution that it is a journey and not a destination. You start with one attribution project complete it and move on to the next challenge. We started with integration and as we progressed the next challenge was more complex than the previous one. requires stronger partnerships with your analytics vendors, data scientist and subject matter experts. In addition, it requires more sophisticated way of dissecting your data.
  • Rapid Fire Analytics Attribution Strategy

    1. 1. Rapid Fire StrategyHow Rackspace Uses EMM AttributionTechniques to Improve Marketing GoalsTwitter:#SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM
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    3. 3. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationSpeakers3Sameer KhanHttp://www.keywebmetrics.comSenior MarketingManager,RackspaceDavid ReedSenior MarketingAnalyst,RackspaceRavi ShahProduct Manager,MPO
    4. 4. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM Corporation“What campaign channelcombinations drive the highest lift?”Business Challenges Addressed by Marketing PerformanceAnalysisStrategyMarketingLeadersMarketing AnalystCMOMarketing ManagerAnd how do Idivide credit?”“What influencesconversions?”“What influences customersto migrate through theconversion cycle?”“How am I performing against myforecast and what do I need tochange to stay on track?”“How can I strike the right balancebetween competing marketingobjectives (e.g. revenue vs profit)?”“What is my optimalmarketing mix underdifferent scenarios?”4
    5. 5. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationTwo simple reasons why accurate attribution isimportantUnderstand marketingROI of past activitiesPlan and optimizefuture marketing mix5
    6. 6. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationTwo simple reasons why accurate attributionis importantDemonstratemarketing’s valueIncrease marketing’svalue6
    7. 7. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationRackspace’s journey towards optimizingmarketing mixCoremetricsAttributionMonthalizermodellerAttributionModelerMarketingPerformanceOptimization1. 2.4. 3.7
    8. 8. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationABOUT RACKSPACE®Important Facts & Figures*200,000+CUSTOMERS84,000+ SERVERS5,500+RACKERS10 GLOBAL DATACENTERS120 +COUNTRIES60%FORTUNE® 100OFTHEWE SERVEAnnualized RevenueOVER $1BILLION $$$$8
    9. 9. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationPhase 1- Coremetrics AttributionCoremetricsAttributionMonthalizermodellerAttributionModelerMarketingPerformanceOptimization1. 2.4. 3.9
    10. 10. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationDisconnected CRM and Web Analytics• More than 50% of the leads are generated through chats and phone• Rep enters the lead data into CRM manually• Significant amount of time spent data cleanup and manually integratingsystemsLive Chat CRM10
    11. 11. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationSolution – Coremetrics CRM Integration Significantreduction in reportcreation Built-in 180 daybackward lookingattribution Coremetrics UIaccessibilityLive Chat CRM11
    12. 12. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationRevenue Attribution for Utility Products• Users can create a free Rackspace cloud account• Pay per usage billing model starting at 10¢/GB/month• Marketing Channel level ROI attribution was a major challengeFree CloudAccountUsagebasedbilling12
    13. 13. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationPhase 2- Monathalizer ModelerCoremetricsAttributionMonthalizermodelerAttributionModelerMarketingPerformanceOptimization1. 2.4. 3.13
    14. 14. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationAttribution Based Budgeting (ABB)• Traditional Media mix methods are becoming obsolete• Campaign attribution throws unidirectional media mix off the charts• Big need for bidirectional budgeting models14
    15. 15. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationSolution: IBM Lifecycle Channel Attribution40%30%10%20%Order on 6th Visit60%15%25%Order on 1st VisitHuge VariabilityChannel Mix15
    16. 16. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationSolution: Developing Attribution Based Budget ModelsChannel MixControl PanelConfidential © Rackspace US, Inc. All rights reserved 16
    17. 17. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationPhase 1 & Phase 2 helped answer key tactical questionsAnalysisStrategyMarketingLeadersMarketing AnalystCMOMarketing ManagerAnd how do Idivide credit?”“What influencesconversions?”17
    18. 18. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationPhase 3- IBM Attribution ModelerCoremetricsAttributionMonthalizermodellerAttributionModelerMarketingPerformanceOptimization1. 2.4. 3.Statisticalattribution forbetterunderstanding ofperformancedrivers18
    19. 19. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationPopular attribution methodsLast Response – the lastaction taken by customerreceives full credit (response)First Response – the first actiontaken by customer receives fullcredit (response)Average Credit - all actions thatincurred a positive response withincampaign window receive same credit19
    20. 20. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationThese attribution approaches yield mixed results…EMAIL DIRECT MAILeSEARCHLast ResponseFirst Response.25 Equal –Response11Equal –Response.25 .25 Equal –Response .25TV20
    21. 21. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationThey don’t tell the whole story…EMAIL DIRECT MAILeSEARCHawareness influencer influencer conversionTV.1721
    22. 22. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM Corporation…statistical attribution modeling can provide amore precise view of campaign valueEMAIL DIRECT MAILeSEARCH.31awareness.17influencer.14influencer.38conversionStatistical AttributionTV.1722
    23. 23. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationStatistical modeler identifies the true winner allowingmarketers to efficiently invest marketing budget and avoidover/under spendingLT winning offer SIRA winning offer #OccurrencesNatural Search Referring Sites 208Email Marketing Natural Search 26Natural Search PPC D. 22PPC D. Referring Sites 21PPC C. Referring Sites 19All Other MMC Vendors Natural Search 15Email Marketing Referring Sites 1423
    24. 24. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationAttribution Modeler helps in understandingcontribution of each channelWhat is the contribution of each channel indriving marketing ROI?• True cross-channelattribution• Statistically inferredresponse attribution(SIRA) prevents errors• Efficient marketingbudget investment andbetter ROI measurement24
    25. 25. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationAttribution Modeler provides 5 attribution approaches for amore precise viewDisplay AdsEmailSearchSocialReferralCall CenterPOS/ KioskDirect MailWeb SiteMobileMass Media (future)TV Ads, Radio Spots, BillboardsCross-channelAttributionviaMarketingPerformanceOpt.DigitalAttributionviaDigitalMarketingAttributionManagementAttributionModelerInteractionHistoryMarketing performancemeasurement KPI measurement across channels andprograms– Cost and Revenue– Return on Investment– Number of Responses– % Response– Number of Responders– % Responders– Average Revenue per response Attribution comparison– SIRA (Statistically InferredResponse Attribution)– Cross-channel last touch– Cross-channel first touch– Cross-channel equal credit– Direct AttributionAttributionEngine25
    26. 26. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationPhase 3 helped understand cross-channelperformance“What campaign channelcombinations drive the highest lift?”AnalysisStrategyMarketingLeadersMarketing AnalystCMOMarketing ManagerAnd how do Idivide credit?”“What influencesconversions?”“What influences customersto migrate through theconversion cycle?”26
    27. 27. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationPhase 4- Marketing Performance OptimizationCoremetricsAttributionMonthalizermodellerAttributionModelerMarketingPerformanceOptimization1. 2.4. 3.Data-drivenmarketing mixallocation27
    28. 28. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationData-driven Strategic Marketing Planning28Uncover theoptimalsequence offuture actionsDetermine thevalue ofmarketingtouch
    29. 29. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationMarketing Performance OptimizationMaximize marketing ROI by optimizing marketing investment and improvingmarketing operationsCurrent capabilities New capabilities Tactical focus Deliver insightsabout past Strategic focus Recommendconcrete futureactions29
    30. 30. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationData-driven Strategic Marketing PlanningInteraction HistoryMarket MixAnalysis(Richvisualizations)MarketingPerformanceReportsCustomer Micro-segmentationAttribution ModelerScenario PlanningMarketing PerformanceForecastPerformanceForecasterOptimizedMarketing MixBudget Optimizer30
    31. 31. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationScenario Planning and Marketing Mix AnalysisAllow users to create what-if scenarios and deliver data-driven analytics to optimize marketing mixunder each scenarioGold$12,00039%Silver$10,00033%Other$8,50028%Marketing Mix By Segment -Scenario AGold$11,00036%Silver$9,00030%Other$10,50034%Marketing Mix By Segment -Scenario B$30,500.00$32,500.00$0$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000$30,000$35,000Scenario A Scenario BMarketing Mix - By ChannelSocialMobileWebeMailDirect Mail31
    32. 32. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationMarketing Performance Optimization VisionLeverage Big Data and SmarterAnalytics to maximize marketing ROIacross channels32
    33. 33. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationSameer Khan / David Reed• Sameer.Khan@rackspace.com / David.Reed@rackspace.com• Rackspace• Senior Marketing Manager / Senior Marketing Analyst• @sameerkhan / @davidreedRavi Shah• ravishah@us.ibm.com• IBM• Product Manager, MPO• @shahraviFollow us on Twitter for latest product updates, etc.• @IBMEMMQuestions and Answers ….33
    34. 34. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM Corporation© IBM Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved.IBM, the IBM logo, ibm.com are trademarks or registered trademarks ofInternational Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictionsworldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBM orother companies. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at“Copyright and trademark information” at www.ibm.com/legal/copytrade.shtml.Copyright and Trademarks34
    35. 35. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM Corporation• Go to summitsmartsite.com from your mobile device orlog on to SmartSite at any Kiosk at the event:• Select the Survey icon• Complete the surveys for the sessions you attended• Submit your feedbackWe appreciate your feedback. Please don’tforget to fill out your evaluationThank you for joining us!35
    36. 36. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM CorporationJoin us on Thursday 10:45 am for session ofMarketing Performance OptimizationVisit the Smarter Commerce demos inthe Solutions CenterSchedule an Executive One-on-One and spend time with asubject matter expert at Meet the ExpertsSet up your Twitter account at the Social MediaCommand CenterSign up to be a reference at our Client Reference LoungeParticipate in our Hands-on Labs and Certification TestingFind out more…Check SmartSite from yourphone, computer, or on-site kiosks for detailson these programs and more.
    37. 37. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM Corporation37
    38. 38. Twitter: #SmarterCommerce | @IBMEMM© 2013 IBM Corporation 38Understand each customeras an individualmore than ademographic,more than asegment.