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PIC Goes to SXSW

PIC Goes to SXSW



With a little help from Old School, I share my five favorite speakers from SXSW.

With a little help from Old School, I share my five favorite speakers from SXSW.



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    PIC Goes to SXSW PIC Goes to SXSW Presentation Transcript

    • Told with a little OldSchool help...
    • “The goal is to see the range of things possible in an insane deadline.”“You can do a hack for anything. Your community. Even your company.” Community Hacks
    • “Get the makers and the stakeholders in the room.“The key is to create something at the end of it. Not These makers don’t have to be developers. Theyjust concepts.” can be designers, filmmakers, etc.” Good Magazine was able to create a magazine in 48 hours. SparkTruck brings 3D printers and their skills to schools in order to create.
    • The insight:When you create aninsane deadline you areforced to get away fromprocess and just create.
    • Developer: “Bill, do you know how developers work?”Bill: “Sure, they sit down. Get organized. Get working.”Developer: “No. It takes them 10 min to warm up and thenthey get more productive over time. But every interruptionmakes them start the warm up process all over again.”Bill: “Oh ok. So what?”Developer: “Bill, you are interrupting me every 12 minutes.”
    • The average employee getsinterrupted 56 times a day.
    • But interruptions - in theforms of serendipity andcollusion - lead to creativity.
    • Which points to the pivotal question: Do you want yourworkplace to be efficient (be together all the time) orinnovative (be apart and then together)?You need to understand your culture and the context thenalign it with your goals.
    • The insight:“Because we can’t put a number onmagic, we tend to ignore it. We need tolegitimize the informal conversations.”
    • For a joke to be funny the audience must perceive thattheir sense of how the world really is has been violated, while simultaneously seeing the violation as benign.
    • Some violation.
    • Too much violation?
    • Too much violation.
    • The Sarah Silverman theory - start with The Seinfeld theory - start with the the violation, and make it benign. benign, and make it a violation.
    • The insight:Laughter communicates that ajoke is more ok than wrong.
    • “Crowdsourcing is not about cuttingcosts, it’s about learning your audience.They engage, they influence, dataenables personalization, they feelownership.”
    • “My employees are part of the marketing. They are seen andfollowed - they are mini-celebrities. People want to learn fromand be inspired by them.”“The tone attracts the people, and our employees are thecommunity drivers - they keep the people who are attracted.”
    • The insight:“Making fashionapproachable is moreimportant than how it looks.”
    • “My daughter came home from a birthday party with these horrible kid tattoos. And Ifound myself complaining about how bad they were. So I decided to do something -we created our own brand called Tattly.” “Don’t complain make things better.”
    • “Who you hang around with determines who you are. Change your cycle. Change your life.” Out of her shared workspace has come Her Creative Mornings meet-ups is now in 49 countless programs. cities around the world.
    • “Decide that you want it more than you are “For any entrepreneur, the shift from maker toafraid of it.” manager is hard. But the moment you start letting go everything gets so much better.”
    • “If other people know that you love what you do too, youre probably onto something good.”
    • The insight:Positivity always pays off.
    • That’s all.Thanks Austin.We had an awesome time.
    • “I think the entiretown knows you hadan awesome time.”