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  • 1. Film Case StudiesSam JonesPixarFilm 4
  • 2. The Inbetweeners Movie 2011Directed by Ben PalmmerProduced by Christopher YoungWritten byDamon BeesleyIain MorrisNarrated by Simon BirdStarringSimon BirdJames BuckleyBlake HarrisonJoe ThomasMusic by Oliver WhelanCinematography Jon TesterEditing by William Webb and Charlie FawcettStudioFilm4 ProductionsBwark ProductionsYoung FilmsDistributed by Entertainment Film DistributorsRelease date(s) •17 August 2011 (2011-08-17)Running time 97 minutesCountry United KingdomLanguage EnglishBudget £3.5 millionBox office £55 million ($88,025,781PlotFriends Will McKenzie, Simon Cooper, JayCartwright and Neil Sutherland have finishedtheir A-levels and are about to leave RudgePark Comprehensive, much to the relief ofMr. Gilbert, their sardonic, mean sixth formtutor. Within their final week of schoolhowever, Jays grandfather dies, Simon isdumped by his girlfriend Carli, and Willsdivorced father tells him he has married hismuch younger mistress. The boys decide togo on holiday together and Neil books themon a trip to Malia, Crete.
  • 3. Film 4 and BWARK productionsFilm4 Productions is a British film production company owned byChannel Four Television Corporation. The company has been responsiblefor backing a large number of films made in the United Kingdom. Thecompanys first production was Walter, directed by Stephen Frears,which was released in 1982. Examples of film 4 films are; TheInbetweenersmovie, Attack the block, The Eagle, The futureBwarkProductions is a London based comedy producer founded in2004 by two former Channel 4 commissioning editors – Iain Morrisand Damon Beesley. Bwark is best known in the UK for its hit E4comedy series The Inbetweeners. The third series drew a recordaudience in October 2010 (both for E4 and 4OD) and TheInbetweeners movie premiered in the UK in August 2012 before goingon UK and international release. Bwark has also enjoyed success withtelevision series Free Agents (Channel Four), Angelo’s (Five), and ThePersuasionists (BBC2). Zodiak acquired Bwark in July 2011, making itthe first acquisition since the formation of Zodiak Media. TheManaging Director is Mark Lesbirel.
  • 4. Inbetweeners movie-production cycleName of film Production Marketing Exhibition DistributionTheInbetweenersmovie•BwarkFilmsproductioncompany•Young Films(jointproducer)who hadpreviously backed lesssuccessful films butalways been involved asproducer ofInbetweeners TV show.•Entertainment FilmDistributors (theydistributed the film inthe UK for the theatricalrelease)•Channel4 had DVD andTV rights to the film•Film4 have rental rightsthrough 4OD until thefilm is screened on UKTVAt first, teaserTrailers weremarketed to theBritish audiencethrough teasertrailers and filmposters being putup at places thatwill target theaudience, such asbus stops andbillboards. The filmwas then marketedin cinemas, TV,radio andmagazines.Mainly marketedon socialnetworking siteswhere• Love Filmexhibit theInbetweenersmovie onwebsite,showing whereelse it can bewatched• available todownload onitunes, wasrealeased onDVD and BlueRay• Entertainmentfilm distributers• Founded in1978• They are theUK’s leadingindependentdistributers•
  • 5. DistributionEntertainment Film Distributors is a British distributor of independent films in the UK andIreland for various production companies, currently run by Nigel Green.Michael L. Green, Nigels father, was a veteran producer/distributor involved in the film industrysince the 1930s when he was a teenager. In 1972 he formed Variety the prolific film distributor.In 1978 Green closed Variety and with his two sons Nigel and Trevor formed Entertainment FilmDistributors, (and later its video arm Entertainment in Video), which handled the likes of TheLord of the Rings and was one of the leading forces in UK distribution. Michael L. Green died onJune 17, 2003 aged 84.[1]Their first big success was Teen Wolf (1985) starring Michael J. Fox. Entertainment also releasedfilms for Empire Pictures and New World Pictures.Most notably, between 1990 and 2010, Entertainment distributed films made by New LineCinema along with films from other independent production companies. One of the mostnotable series of films distributed to date is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. In 2010, distributionrights for New Line Cinema films in the UK and Ireland were folded into New Lines parentcompany Warner Bros. Entertainment have released many BAFTA and Oscar winning filmsincluding The Departed, Million Dollar Baby, Gosford Park, Brokeback Mountain and The Artist.Entertainment Film Distubutors is UKs leading independent film distibutor; and whilst they hadthe rights to the film for cinema exhibition, Channel 4 retained the rights for sales on the DVDmarket.
  • 6. Inbetweeners exhibition
  • 7. ProductionIt would represent Britain in many ways, for example their schoolbeing British, boys drinking and trying to go out with girls.The director is not well known, similar to the characters, but is wellknown from the E4 series.Its filmed in HD with cameras, been made into a DVD.Although the movie is set in Malia, a lot of the external filminghappened in Majorca. The club where the boys start their holiday isin London.On the first day it was shown in 409 cinemas
  • 8. Home MediaOn 12 December 2011, The Inbetweeners Movie was released on DVD and Blu-rayDisc in the UK by 4DVD, with the latter version sold as a triple pack containing bothformats along with a digital copy of the film. Both versions include a number ofspecial features, such as a making-of documentary, footage from the films Londonpremiere, various deleted scenes, cast commentaries and a blooper reel. The Blu-ray Disc release also features an extended cut of the film that restoresapproximately four minutes of material omitted from the theatrical release, mostnotably an additional scene in which Will and Simon encounter a drunken Mr.Gilbert on a Malia stag weekend. These additions resulted in the extended cutbeing rated an 18, as opposed to the 15 rating of the theatrical release.Following its appearance in UK stores, the DVD quickly became a major financialsuccess. Within less than a week, the film became the third fastest-selling Britishhome media release of 2011 after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, with approximately 575,000copies sold in the first day of its release. By December 17, estimated sales reachedone million, resulting in the film displacing the home media release of Paul as oneof the five best-selling DVDs of the year in the UK.
  • 9. Toy Story
  • 10. Directed by John LasseterProduced by Ralph Guggenheim, Bonnie ArnoldWritten by Andrew Stanton, Joe RanftStarringTom Hanks,Tim Allen,Don Rickles,JimVarney,Wallace Shawn, JohnRatzenberger,Annie Potts,JohnMorris,Laurie Metcalf, Erik vonDetten,Lee UnkrichMusic by Randy NewmanEditing by Robert GordonStudio PixarDistributedbyWalt Disney picturesReleasedate(s)November 22, 1995Runningtime81 minutesCountry United StatesLanguage EnglishBudget $30 millionBox office $361, 958,736PLOTWoody (Tom Hanks) is a pull-string cowboy dolland leader of a group of toys that belong to aboy named Andy Davis (John Morris), whichact lifeless when humans are present. With hisfamily moving homes one week before hisbirthday, Andy is given a week early party tospend with his friends. The toys stage areconnaissance mission to discover Andys newpresents. Andy receives a space ranger BuzzLightyear (Tim Allen) action figure, whoseimpressive features see him replacing Woodyas Andys favorite toy. Woody is resentful,especially as Buzz also gets attention from theother toys. However Buzz believes himself tobe a real space ranger on a mission to returnto his home planet, as Woody fails to convincehim he is a toy.Toy Story 1995
  • 11. ProductionToy Story began its life as an extension of Pixars short TinToy, which featured Tinny, a mechanical drummer whotries to find his way in a babys play room. The original plotcalled for Tinny to butt heads with a ventriloquistsdummy. Ultimately, Tinny was found to be too immobilefor the storyline and he was developed as a "space toy",first named Lunar Larry, but eventually becoming BuzzLightyear. Woodys character was gradually made moreedgy during production, at the suggestion of JeffreyKatzenberg. After this decision garnered an overallnegative response, the character was referted back to hisformer state of having good intentions, but a lot of pride.
  • 12. PixarIt is estimated that Pixar have made over 26 billion from their movies.Pixar has produced thirteen feature films, beginning with Toy Story(1995). It was followed by A Bugs Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999),Monsters, Inc. (2001), Finding Nemo (2003), The Incredibles (2004),Cars (2006), Ratatouille (2007), WALL-E (2008), Up (2009), Toy Story3 (2010), Cars 2 (2011), and Brave (2012). As of February 2013, itsfeature films have made over $7.7 billion worldwide,[3] withan average worldwide gross of $596 million per film
  • 13. Future episodesAccording to an online catalog from Disney Publishing Worldwide, two newepisodes are currently in development, as well as that all episodes will beshown on TV in 2012 and beyond.Additionally, two 22-minute television specials are planned for October 2013and Spring 2014. The first one will be a Halloween special and is called ToyStory of Terror. The special will follow the toys on their road trip, when anunexpected event leads them to a roadside motel. After one of the toys goesmissing, the others find themselves caught up in a mysterious sequence ofevents that must be solved before they all suffer the same fate.
  • 14. awardsThe studio has earned 27 Academy Awards, seven Golden Globe Awards, andeleven Grammy Awards, among many other awards and acknowledgments. Sincethe awards inauguration in 2001, most of Pixars films have been nominated forthe Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, with seven winning: FindingNemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up, Toy Story 3, and Brave. Up andToy Story 3 are two of only three animated films to be nominated for theAcademy Award for Best Picture. On September 6, 2009, executives JohnLasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, and Lee Unkrich werepresented with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement by the Biennale VeniceFilm Festival. The award was presented by Lucasfilm founder George Lucas.
  • 15. MarketingThey marketed toy story 1 with teaser trailers,teaser posters, the trailer, premiere, viralmarketing, merchandise, the website andthrough social networking such as facebookand twitter. They also introduced games toplay on consoles and 3D toys for youngchildren and for adults, phone apps.