HUM103--Morality, law & violaton of human rights paper


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Reflection paper on morality, law &violation of human rights

For Mr. Mahbubur Rahman's class

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HUM103--Morality, law & violaton of human rights paper

  1. 1. BRAC UNIVERSITY Morality, Law and Violation of Human Rights Mr. Mahbubur Rahman Reflection Paper - HUM103 Samiya Yesmin 3/31/2012
  2. 2. Morality, Law and Violation of Human Rights March 31, 2012 Morality means ethics or principles, decency, honesty, integrity, honour or virtue etc all innately born in one’s human self. Adapting these globally recognized moral issues into laws is known as Human Rights. They are authorized laws passed through judicial agreement which provides every individual justice and equality, because we are all human. Human Rights work for three basic aspects of life. They are: (a) Civil and political, (b) economical, social and cultural, and (c) self determination and participation equality. And to ensure the protection of human rights any and every society must ensure the availability of a strong legal system. As without any prevailing law and order in the society, it will be thrown in complete chaos with the absence of honesty and righteousness. So the protection of human rights becomes a question. The society must also be a free state to ensure everyone’s equality for self-determination and participation equality. This gives the people right to think freely and for free speech. And last but not the least, effectively organized or not organized guarantees, that protection for the human rights will be provided, that is it is not just all talk and no results. Such as in Bangladesh, we do have a legal system, but it is so corrupted that we cannot rely on it ensure our well being. Public remains unhappy and discriminated in a lot of aspects of life. This discord in our lives does not give rise to eudemonia that we all thrive to achieve. We must ensure that at no cost should there be any abuse of human rights. Such violation does not simply question our morality, but also questions our very essence of humanity. It is this humanity that differentiates us from animals. If there is no decency no moral principles, then we will not be able to live in harmonized, happy society. Equality is a must in every religion, culture, civil or political society. This is no longer just a requirement but a growing demand and need. As we are inter-dependent, we all should respect each other. Everyone’s values and opinions matter, they cannot be disqualified. That would lead to using everyone as means to an end but not as ends in themselves. Thus to live in a harmonized happy society we must respect and ensure every individuals human rights and increase global equality among all. 2 Samiya Yesmin 11304043