Dev 101 synthesis ii
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Dev 101 synthesis ii






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Dev 101 synthesis ii Presentation Transcript

  • 1. DEV 101Synthesis IIMr. Rehan AhmedGroup II
  • 2. L10- Constitution of Bangladesh What is a Constitution? Types of ConstitutionFormation Methods By Grant By Deliberate Creation By Revolution By Evolution Constitution MakingProcess Basis Features of theConstitution It is Written It is Rigid 4 Principles of State Policy It is Unicameral Legislature Flaws in the Constitution Independence of LowerJudiciary Administrative Tribunal Anti-Hopping Laws Bangalee Nationalism Reserved Seats for Women 15 Amendments Made 4th , 5th , 8th ,12th ,13th ,15th – afew important Amendments
  • 3. L12- Public Administration What is Public Administration? Five Power Actors of Public Administration- The Executive Oath of Office Ordinance & Emergency The Legislature SCMs Ombudsman The Judiciary Supreme Judicial Council Administrative Tribunal The Services Job Security The People
  • 4. L13- Local Government What is LocalGovernment? History British Period Pakistani Period Bangladeshi Period Structure of De-centralization Decentralization and itsForms De-concentration Delegation Devolution
  • 5. L14- Good Governance What is Good Governance? Components of Good Governance Accountability Transparency Predictability Participation Components of Bad Governance Arbitrary Policy Making System Unaccountability Un-enforced or Unjust Legal System Abuse of Political Power No Bridge Between Civil Society & Public Like Corruption Conclusion
  • 6. Book III- Development in Bangladesh History of Economical Theories PCI and PCI with Equity The Ability to Meet Basic Needs Amartya Sen’s “Capabilities” Approach: Valuable Being Valuable Doings Functioning Capabilities
  • 7. Factors of Economic Development: Simon said, the country growing should have consistentgrowth with other countries, & there should be somestructural changes. Primary Production Secondary Production TertiaryProduction Demographic Transition Nature of Population in terms of Fertility Rate & Morality RateCondition Fertility Rate Morality RateUnder-DevelopedCountryIncreasing IncreasingDeveloping Country Increasing DecreasingDeveloped Country Decreasing Decreasing
  • 8. Process of Development Adam Smith, “In ancient times, people would hunt, then theystarted Bartering, then Industrial Working” Karl Marx Capitalism to Communism Mode of Production Forces of Production Relations of ProductionIndicators of Development Millennium Development Goals Human Development Index Social & Economical Aspects UN Development Program