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  • Golden Tickets for:
    1 for joining class Ning Group
    1 for joining or sharing the url for your profile on any social networking site (may repeat once for total of 2)
    2 for adding/sharing an image or video in your profile
    1 for posting a blog entry, bulletin, item on “the wall” (Facebook) or other text item as appropriate for that service
  • "I'm waiting for the day when, if you tell someone 'I'm from the internet', instead of laughing they just ask 'oh, what part?'"
  • Karyn, myspace:
    MySpace: I’ve had a MySpace account for about two years, and I mostly use it to keep up with friends who I’ve otherwise lost contact with. It’s nice to be able to send or receive an occasional comment from someone who you may not call or email on a regular basis – it’s almost a way to make sure your old friends and acquaintances are still alive and doing well without having to commit to an hour-long conversation.
    The other way I use it is to “check up” on people I went to high school with – but wasn’t necessarily friends with – to see where they are in their life. I believe that’s called “lurking”? Who’s married? Who has kids? Who is still friends with whom? I can see how people are doing without them ever knowing I was there.
    Chellie, MySpace and Facebook
    I suppose what I enjoy most about myspace and facebook are the means of communicating with my friends without having to write long letters or maintain my own separate website with photos and blurbs about what I’m doing now. So it’s easier to keep in touch, and it’s entertaining and informative to find new techie things to put on my profile and see how they work. It’s also an easy means to check out any group, band, author, politician, etc who also has a social networking presence; I can simultaneously check out their message and see how much effort they put into their online page. I use that as a ruler to determine how much effort they put into their other projects.
    I tend to stay away from discussion boards and forums and the like. That’s not really interesting to me.
    Diana, multiple sites
    Its a great way to find out info on new people as well…From prospective employees/coworkers to new friends. I also recently discovered LinkedIn and its a nifty site for finding professionals and coworkers to work with and to tap their expertise.
    Ben, multiple sites
    Facebook is mostly for fun, although I’ve made contact with high school friends who have been passing my résumé around. I enjoy attacking people’s zombies, but I’m also watching Facebook as a ‘great experiment’ in opening up the content and nature of their site to applications developers. By exposing new ideas to an established user base, they’re providing a testbed for all kinds of social-networking ideas.
    MySpace is a sewer. But I’ve got friends who use it, so I occasionally hold my nose and plunge in so I can ignore the hideous layouts and abominable overall user experience long enough to see what they’re up to.
  • MySpace, a place for friends
    14 minimum age, do kick you out if they think you are under
    Membership is based on interest
    Lots of ads and junk
    Find free profile layouts by googling “myspace layouts”
    “There is a misconception that social networking is the exclusive domain of teenagers, but this analysis confirms that the appeal of social networking sites is far broader.” from
    “More than half of myspace visitors are now age 35 or older”
    Teen focus group on AaL page, “Wow, it is nice to find someone who is trying to do good on myspace”
  • Thanks for the add 
    Banner on your page
    Updated background
    Books slideshow . . . Etc
    Chellie’s article
    My site to explore
  • Social networking1618-140513155036-phpapp01samiri

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    7. 7. Social Networking SitesSocial Networking Sites  MySpace www.myspace.comMySpace  Facebook www.facebook.comFacebook  Bebo www.bebo.comBebo  Ning www.ning.comNing  LinkedIn www.linkedi.comLinkedIn
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