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  1. 1. Team Name: BizDom Kunwarbir Singh Anjali Abhishek Mandloi Samir Prakash
  2. 2.  Synefra stands for synergy in infrastructure - an integrated synergized approach focussing on Efficiency, Effectiveness, Excellence, Ecology, Economics and most importantly on Environment The „e‟ in the name stands for • Environmental focus - minimal ecological footprint approach • Effective and efficient infrastructure solution provider • Expertise in sustainable infrastructure It was established in 1998 and was formerly known as Suzlon Infrastructure Ltd. Suzlon is an Innovative Infrastructure Solutions provider to various business segments and are experts in development & construction of Sustainable Infrastructure • Apart from this, Synefra offers a wide array of specialized services in • Excellence in Project Management (e-PM) • Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) • Special Economic Zones Development including integrated Facility Management Services (i- FMS)
  3. 3.  Suzlon Group is ranked as the world‟s fifth largest wind turbine supplier, in terms of cumulative installed capacity, at the end of 2011 with over 20,000 MW of wind energy capacity installed in 30 countries, operations across 33 countries and a workforce of over 13,000 The Suzlon One Earth campus is a unique corporate headquarter spread over 10 acres of land in Hadapsar, Pune, India – It is one of the best example of Sustainable Infrastructure Inspiring Place to work – It‟s a place which will inspire & motivate Providing healthy and productive environment for occupants in terms of indoor air quality and daylight usage This Campus has also been awarded with “Best Green Building Gold award at MIPIM Asia 2011” and is LEED Platinum certified by IGBC with a 5 star rating by Green Rating for integrated habitat assessment (GRIHA)
  4. 4.  The Campus was build on a concept of Global Village • „Global‟ standing for adoption of best practices across the world and integration of best practices • „Village‟ being for integration taking into account the local aspect of architecture, culture and climate Purpose of building this campus was to provide protection from climate, hence the building is climate responsive Building envelope has been designed taking into account the climate of Pune, Maharashtra and India Daylight harvesting has also been used in the construction of building The buildings are low rise, direction oriented and have double scheme & double glazed glass to provide sufficient light into the building but not heat
  5. 5.  Energy - Focus on renewable resources from construction to Operations and optimization of the needs at source Water – Attempt to conserve it by adopting methods from design to operations Waste - Focus on waste minimization from source and responsible disposal methods Material - Focus on use of environment friendly and certified material through efficient sourcing
  6. 6. 1. Corporations - Displaying corporate social responsibility2. Government - By building these kind of buildings and cities, the future growth of the nation becomes more sustainable3. Society - These designs inspire and are proof to believe that there can be a self sustainability of society4. Infrastructure companies - They are setting an example for the infrastructure companies to replicate and work on sustainability models
  7. 7.  This model can work and implemented only in larger buildings It requires to be designed and develop from the scratch, doesnt work on renovation Small parts can be replicated in small models but not entirely By building more and more of such projects we can achieve economies of scale
  8. 8.  Itpresents a very sustainable practice if could be adopted from the commencement of corporate projects The project is expensive and would take long time to break even, it‟s a long run project and requires huge investment at the start
  9. 9. THANKS!!!