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Turning to nature for clues to enhancing information governance (#aiim13)


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#aiim13 conference presentation. …

#aiim13 conference presentation.
21st March 2013; New Orleans.

People have turned to nature to solve engineering problems for centuries. Dragonflies have inspired helicopters, bamboo has led to lighter trunks and more durable hollow building blocks, the thistle burdock inspired Velcro™. The natural world can spark fresh ideas in information governance, too, and maybe give you an appreciation for gardening.

Learning objectives:

1. New ideas in formation governance are possible through new ways of thinking;
2. Five different ideas to apply to governance and
3. Learn about gardening, landscaping and botany.

Published in: Technology

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  • -> his pant legs and his dog’s hair were covered in burrs from the burdock plant. -> seeds have hooks that attach to all materials that have loops
  • How detailed rules do you have to explain Information Governence?
  • Transcript

    • 1. #AIIM12Turning to nature for clues toenhancing information governance Sami Poikonen Information and Enterprise Architect @PoikonenSami #AIIM13
    • 2. About me Dendrology Dendrology the scientific study of trees and woody plants, the scientific study of trees and woody plants, especially their taxonomy especially their taxonomy Gardening & Landscaping Gardening & Landscaping 1 hectare of own land 1 hectare of own land Over 200 tree species Over 200 tree species Over 40 species of maple (Acer sp.) Over 40 species of maple (Acer sp.) USDA Zone 3 USDA Zone 3#AIIM13
    • 3. Analogies IA EADendrology Landscaping Gardening #AIIM13
    • 4. Turn to nature for clues  Velcro™ was not invented by NASA  It was accidentally discovered in 1941 by Georges de Mestral  He was hunting with his dog in Swiss Alps#AIIM13
    • 5. Ideas, analogies and principles Align strategy, content and governance Disconnect in classification: IA vs. Governance Analogies: thinking -> behavior Power of principles The principles of objects and growth The principle of content in context The end of history illusion The danger of principles#AIIM13
    • 6. Align Strategy, Content and Governance Sky = Strategy, Vision Plants = Tools and content Ground = Governance#AIIM13
    • 7. Disconnect in classification: IA vs. Governance#AIIM13
    • 8. Analogies: thinking -> behavior#AIIM13
    • 9. The Power of Principles Wabi-sabi 1.1st branch right 2.2nd left 3.3rd right etc. 4.Only one branch at time 5.Asymmetry: nothing straight front 6.No branch crosses trunk or other branches#AIIM13
    • 10. The Principles of Objects and Growth1. The principle of objects – Treat content as a living, breathing thing, with a lifecycle, behaviors and attributes.2. The principle of choices3. The principle of disclosure4. The principle of exemplars5. The principle of front doors6. The principle of multiple classification7. The principle of focused navigation8. The principle of growth – Assume the 1100 content you have today is a small fraction of the content you will have tomorrow. 1492 – Kolumbus finds America8 Principles of IA by Dan Brown 1776 – Declaration of #AIIM13 indepencence
    • 11. The Principle of Content in Context#AIIM13
    • 12. The End of History Illusion Now Science 4 January 2013:#AIIM13 Vol. 339 no. 6115 pp. 96-98
    • 13. The Danger of Principles1. Learn all poisonous mushrooms2. Pick only mushrooms you know “Those are my principles, and if you dont like them... “Those are my principles, and if you dont like them... well, II have others.” well, have others.” Groucho Marx Groucho Marx#AIIM13
    • 14. Questions? Trees Are the Answer Trees Are the Answer But what is the question? But what is the question? Sami Poikonen Information and Enterprise Architect @PoikonenSami @PoikonenSami