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Continuous process improvement  the kaizen approach
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Continuous process improvement the kaizen approach

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  • USING KAIZEN PRINCIPLESKaizen is the Japanese strategy for continuous process improvement. The main goal of kaizen is to eliminate waste. For a business; the kaizen approach works at continually improving all the functions of a company from the CEO down to the assembly line of workers.Kaizen calls for never-ending methods of improvement. Kaizen is a process that involves everyone at the company and it is more than just improving the productiveness of the company. It helps to humanize the workplace, eliminate excess work, and it will teach people how to perform their job to the best of their abilities and to reduce waste in the manufacturing process.In order for Kaizen to be effective, the entire company needs to get on board. Everyone must work together to successfully implement Kaizen. Toyota is the inventor of the Kaizen method and they have found that working in small groups will improve productivity in individual areas. The small improvements will lead to bigger improvements throughout the entire company. This is why kaizen is called a "continuous process improvement" system or a "continual improvement method.“Kaizen works by making changes and monitoring the results and then making necessary adjustments.Management must also maintain the machines and improve them for the future. The maintenance process is about maintaining the current managerial, technological, and operating standards. With kaizen thinking, the maintenance function will establish a set of rules, policies, directives, and standard operating procedures.The kaizen cycle works by creating a standardized operation. After the operation is standardized, it will be measured. The measurements will be compared against the requirements and then employees will be able to find ways to innovate the process. If productivity increases then it will be the new standardized process. This process will be implemented throughout the entire company and adopted by all the employees.Companies that implement kaizen see a significant decrease in wastes and an increase in their revenue stream.
  • HOW TO USE THE KAIZEN APPROACHThe kaizen approach is one of the key aspects of the Toyota Production System or TPS. FOR EXAMPLE:Toyota production system is known for kaizen, where all line personnel are expected to stop their moving production line in case of any abnormality and, along with their supervisor, suggest an improvement to resolve the abnormality which may initiate a kaizen.What truly makes kaizen unique from other lean manufacturing methods is its ability to slowly fix the problems instead of starting over from scratch. Many look at kaizen as a way to cut costs and increase productivity without hiring new employees. There are many ways you can implement kaizen within your company, here are a few:Change the way your employees work. Take a look at their behaviors; do they repeat tasks that could be eliminated? Try changing the way they work to see if it will cut down on wasted time and materials.Look for ways to make the workplace safer and more productive. Perhaps re-arranging the machinery or adding chairs can offer significant improvement for your staff members.Create a new procedure for the way products are manufactured. Keep up-to-date with the changing industry; don't be left behind because you have old policies on how your company works. If possible, purchase newer equipment or make sure you are constantly maintaining the old equipment. Always look for ways to make adjustments to your current procedures so you can create a successful workplace.Kaizen uses 5 main principles:Quality improvementEmployee satisfactionTeamworkDisciplineEmployee involvementEach principle has a significant impact upon kaizen. With quality improvement, employees meet together to discuss the current operations of the company. They decide what things can be changed that will improve the quality of the company and of the products. Kaizen has become successful with many manufacturing companies because the employees are involved. They feel that their opinion is important and this boosts the employee morale. Keeping the employees happy will cause them to be more productive and satisfied with their jobs.One of the biggest principles of the kaizen approach is the ability to work in teams. Each department is considered a team and they will be responsible for making small changes that impact the organization. The teams will then report to their manager. The manager takes this information to management and the entire process of kaizen is evaluated. In order for kaizen to be effective, discipline is necessary. Each employee must accept kaizen and work at it daily. A strong commitment to discipline and to the kaizen method will prove successful for your company.The final principle of the kaizen approach is continual improvement. Even with the changes, there are still small things employees can do to change the way they work. There are simple things you can do to help your employees work faster and become more efficient. Each month, ask the employees for their opinion about kaizen and if they think it is working. Try to fix the small problems before they become larger problems that are more expensive to fix.


  • 1. Continuous Process Improvement- The Kaizen Approach
  • 2.
  • 3. Using kaizen principles
    • Kaizen is the Japanese strategy for continuous process improvement
    • 4. Management must also maintain the machines and improve them for the future.
    • 5. The kaizen cycle works by creating a standardized operation.
  • How to use the Kaizen approach
    • Toyota Production System
    • 6. Few Ways To implement KAIZEN:
    Change the way your employees work.
    Look for ways to make the workplace safer and more productive.
    Create a new procedure for the way products are manufactured.
    • Kaizen uses 5 main principles:
    Quality improvement
    Employee satisfaction
    Employee involvement
  • 7. How to use kaizen to improve manufacturing
    • Joshua Isaac Walters defines wastes as "activities that add cost but do not add value."
    • 8. Kaizen is not a one time thing.
    • 9. Kaizen is something that everyone in your organization should take part in.
    • 10. Kaizen is a part of lean manufacturing that works to produce goods and services using less materials and less time and less human effort all around.
    • Principles of kaizen
    • 11. Consider the process
    • 12. Systematic thinking of entire process
    • 13. Apply Kaizan approach
    • 14. Mini Kaizen
    • 15. Identifying problems
    • 16. Continuous process improvement.