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Windows 8 Metro Apps
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Windows 8 Metro Apps






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Windows 8 Metro Apps Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Local Touch – Global Reach Windows 8 Metro Apps with XAMLSamidip BasuManager| Columbus ADI PracticeSolutions Lead | MSFT MobilityEmail: Samidip.Basu@us.sogeti.comTwitter: @samidipInfo: http://samidipbasu.infoBlog: http://samidipbasu.comSogeti USA8425 Pulsar Place, Suite 300 | Columbus, OH 43240.www.us.sogeti.com www.us.sogeti.com
  • 2. Central Ohio Windows Phone User Grouphttp://cowpug.orghttp://meetup.com/cowpug@cowpug3rd Monday @ TechColumbus
  • 3. SilverlightShow (www.silverlightshow.net) – onlineportal for everything Silverlight, XAML and WindowsPhone, 10K+ members.* daily news * tutorials* exclusive articles * forums* free webinars * events* ebooks * newsletters CompletIT (www.completit.com) – Silverlight and Windows Phone trainings, consultations and development company, founder of SilverlightShow. * Individual and group, on-site and online trainings * Standard and custom course schedules * Trainings by Silverlight MVP, MCT
  • 4. Well Hello .. Windows 8!!- One OS to rule them all- No compromise- Variety of form factors- Touch, mouse & keyboard coexist- Immersive Apps
  • 5. Metro love ..http://buildwindows.comhttp://dev.windows.com
  • 6. Few more details ..- Fast & Fluid- Metro vs Retro- Metro on top of Desktop- Touch first : Get used to shortcuts- Immersive with adaptive layout- Chromelessness- App Store for Metro apps- Local Certification Verifier- Sandboxed- Closer App-OS integration with WinRT API- App Contracts (Source/Target/Picker etc.) & Charms- Windows Phone style Live Tiles- MSFT Push Notification Service- Did I mention XBOX LIVE!!
  • 7. All your skills carry forward..
  • 8. Ahem..
  • 9. WinRT, Desktop world etc...- WinRT = Fixed set of API for Apps to reach into core Windows features/devices- Common runtime that connects to System Services with diverse views- APIs implemented in C++ .. lean performance- Part of OS- Supports your choice of UI & language - HTML5/JavaScript/CSS - XAML with C#, VB, C++- Remember Fast & Fluid – any ops > 50ms (read most) = Await/Async- Win32 & .NET CLR all live- Metro IE10 = plug-in free- Regular IE supports Silverlight, Flash etc.- Fixed (careful) steps to migrate Windows Phone apps to Win8 Metro apps
  • 10. Metro App Controls Courtesy @john_papa
  • 11. Oh boy .. Asynchrony?- Not the same as Parallelism- Not necessarily multi-threading, but interweaving- APM Pattern: IAsyncResult result = BeginFoo(new AsyncCallBack(EndCallBackMethod), resultHandle); … private EndCallBackMethod (IAsyncResult result) { // EndFoo & stuff }- EAP Pattern: Foo.DownloadSomethingCompleted += ExecutionEndEventHandler(); Foo.DownloadSomething(); Private ExecutionEndEventHandler() { Dispatcher.BeginInvoked ( () => { // Grab results & Update UI. }); }- Hmmm … How bout this? No more callbacks! private async Method () { var results = await DoAsync (); // UI Binding. }
  • 12. Opportunity .. Windows Re-Imagined!
  • 13. Local Touch – Global ReachQuestions?Thank you !! www.us.sogeti.com