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Here be Dragons


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Co-authored by Gill Ringland, Patricia Lustig and Rob Phaal, with Martin Duckworth and Chris Yapp, Here be Dragons is an executive handbook aimed at senior managers facing the challenges of long-term …

Co-authored by Gill Ringland, Patricia Lustig and Rob Phaal, with Martin Duckworth and Chris Yapp, Here be Dragons is an executive handbook aimed at senior managers facing the challenges of long-term survival coupled with short-term fire-fighting in today’s complex operating environment.

It provides a compelling narrative as to how and why European manufacturing organisations must embark on a continual Cycle of Renewal.

Here Be Dragons takes the reader on a practical and pragmatic journey, as the authors immerse themselves into taking a fictional, but representative, manufacturer through the Cycle of Renewal, creating a unique narrative that all readers will be able to translate into their own organisations.

The narrative draws on the real life experience of the authors and dispenses with case studies in favour of a single real-life journey from solid performance to renewal and innovation.

The second half of the book, the Pilot’s Guide, provides the reader with an in-depth guide to how the tools and methodology work, each chapter matching a part of the fictional narrative. Each half of the book can stand alone, but each is complemented by the other.

Further information on Here be Dragons and the co-author's planned series of webinars can be found here:

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  • 1. Here be Dragons A book in two parts: The Columbus Project A Pilot’s Guide Huddersfield Business School 6 th March 2012
  • 2.
    • Our offer
      • To enhance the capability to anticipate
      • To transform emergent thinking into strategy and implementation
      • Consulting, executive education and research to deliver “robust decisions in uncertain times”
    • “ You can never plan the future by the past”
      • Edmund Burke, 1729-1797
  • 3.
    • Formed in 1989
      • Until 1999 based at St Andrews University
      • Now virtual, owned by staff
      • Celebrated our 20 th anniversary at the Royal Society
      • Over 200 projects delivered in 21 countries
    • People:
      • 8 Fellows,
      • Director level experience in major organisations, public and private sectors,
      • Consult, teach & write on business, policy, strategy and futures, leadership;
      • 7 Principals,
      • Senior experience in major organisations, public and private sectors,
      • Experts in aspects of futures, strategic planning and organisational development
      • Also 46 Associates with specialist expertise eg
      • Sectors: oil & gas, ICT, FS, construction, government, health, NGOs, renewables
      • Functional specialists: innovation, creative spaces, audio-visual communication, occupational psychology, reconfiguration -----
  • 4.
    • We bridge between the external world, futurists and decision makers, to drive robust decisions and the resulting implementation
    • We work in collegiate mode with senior teams, Boards and Cabinets
    • We work in public, private & NGO organisations in the UK and internationally
    • Our scope covers creativity and innovation, insight and options, through to implementation and managing stakeholders
    • We are a network of networks, enabling us to bring global experience to your concerns: our approach harnesses the energy and talents of the organisation.
    • We offer Executive Education, Training and Research to back up our consultancy
  • 5. Specialist areas Futures, visioning Horizon scanning Scenarios, Roadmaps Govt Policy development and reviews Risk, reputation Organisation development, mentoring Creativity & Innovation Corporate Governance Skills Core SAMI USP strategy, scenario planning and strategic policy development PESTLE informed Sectors International Development UK Central government NGOs European Commission Financial services Health and social care Construction Pharmaceuticals and food ICT Utilities and energy
  • 6. Integrates SAMI’s philosophy & approach and positions it in today’s uncertain context. As Rupert Pennant-Rea, formerly editor of The Economist wrote : "In today's stormy waters, beware the guide who promises to take you safely back to port: that way lies the scrap-yard.  If instead you want to know how countries, companies and individuals can master the winds and the waves that will dominate the next decade, this is the book for you." © 2009 Lustig, Ringland, Sparrow
  • 7. Executive Mentoring SAMI people, methods, tools, publications case studies Where is the organisation now ? Audit Implementing strategy Organisation development Futures External world Horizon scanning Where is the organisation’s world going? Scenarios Strategy, Roadmap, Plan, etc What is the organisation’s aim ? How can we innovate? Creativity & Innovation Risk
  • 8.
    • Set in FutureParts Vehicles Supplies
    • Automotive, Defence, Truck, Construction Equipment Divisions
    • e1bn turnover
    • Board set target to grow by 25% from new business lines in 10 years
    • Set up a team to deliver a set of recommendations to the Board in five months
  • 9. FutureParts has a distinguished record of designing, manufacturing and developing engines and control systems for land based vehicles. At FutureParts we have, over the years, expanded the business to include a well-received construction machine division, as well as a highly profitable defence division. Our automobile division continues to be the mainstay of the organisation. We hold proprietary technology in the area of smart measurement systems and vehicle tracking systems. We also have a highly respected division for truck components – largely complex electronic modules designed for tracking, power supplies, displays and metrics. We are proud of our customer relations record, and seek to build solid, long-term contracts with suppliers who share our values of “a fair deal for all”. FutureParts is an established, recognised manufacturing business with a track record of reliability and safety. We believe that our organisation is sound, and it has proven to be robust against recession. Our markets are global, varied and interconnected. FutureParts is a business you can do business with….....
  • 10. Rachel Walsh PA to CEO & Company Secretary Johan Menecelli CEO Magnus Sorensen Board Tina Suttles CTO and Marketing Nigel Mayflower CFO Product Divisions
  • 11. The Columbus Project How FutureParts and its people sought organisational renewal
  • 12.
    • What questions would the team ask inside the organisation?
    • What questions would they ask customers and partners?
    • 5 minutes discussion then report back
  • 13.
    • Uses desk research and interviews to find out what is happening outside the organisation, in the industry and more widely (e.g. changing consumer demands)
  • 14.
    • What changes would you expect to see in the vehicles market flagged through horizon scanning?
    • What are the big unknowns?
    • 5 minutes discussion then report back
  • 15. Time Range of forecasts Scenario space, spans the uncertainties GDP, Population, etc
  • 16.
    • Decide what FutureParts might
      • Develop in house
      • Buy in and possibly repackage
      • Partner eg University research
    • Brainstorming as many ideas as possible for new businesses
      • In each scenario
  • 17.
    • What is typically developed in-house? Why?
    • What is bought in and repackaged? Why?
    • What is explored through partnerships? Why?
    • Discussion 5 minutes then report back
  • 18. Business Products 2012 Capability A 2013 2014 2015 2016 Capability B Performance targets Platform 1 Services Platform 2 Platform 3 Platform 4 Business targets
  • 19.
    • What would the Board want to know before making decisions?
    • Discussion 5 minutes
  • 20.
    • Pace of change and implications for planning
    • New roles and organisation needed
    • Roadmaps
    • Review of manufacturing technologies
    • Internal culture
    • Budgets
    • Communication plan
  • 21. Here be Dragons and Beyond Crisis are on amazon. If you would like to get our monthly enewsletter eSAMI ---- please give me your contact details! And there are flyers with details of Futures Coaching courses that SAMI runs for the Government Office for Science on our web site