Bed Bugs Infestation
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Bed Bugs Infestation



For tips on eliminating Bed Bugs please go here:

For tips on eliminating Bed Bugs please go here:



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Bed Bugs Infestation Bed Bugs Infestation Document Transcript

  • ==== ====For more information please go here: ====Bed Bugs; they are everywhere. One can encounter articles on bed bugs to the left and right; inscience journals and online. Why is everyone so interested in bed bugs? Because they are pest,and if we have them in our homes, thus we need to know what they are and more importantly, howto get rid of them.The first type of articles on bed bugs that you may encounter describes what a bed bug is. Aphysical description of the parasite can help give us differentiate it from other parasites. Thus,F.Y.I., adult bed bugs are 1/4 inch long and are reddish brown in colour, with oval and flat bodies.Often these articles on bed bugs provide photographs that make it easier for us to identify theinsect...though harder to keep our dinner down.According to various experts on bed bugs, there is not just one type of bed, there aremany different types of bed bugs. Bad news. Aside from the common bed bug that preys onhuman blood, there are bed bugs that prefer animal blood like birds or bats. To allow a betterunderstanding, articles on bed bugs offer a glimpse of the creatures life cycle. Female bed bugstake their eggs and lay in hidden areas. They can give birth to 500 eggs during a lifetime. Theeggs are very small, whitish, and may need magnification to be identified.Ready for more in depth knowledge on bed bugs? Eggs are sticky when first laid; making it stick towhatever surface they are placed. When they hatch, they are no bigger that a pinhead. As thesebed bugs grow, they shed their skins. Some say that this shedding can happen five times beforebecoming adults.Experts on bed bugs suggest that the speed of the bed bugs development rely on the righttemperature, about 70 - 90° F. At that rate they can complete their transition from eggs toadult bed bug in a month.Cool temperatures and limited access to a prey can delay the full maturity of the bed bugs.However, this does not mean that they die easily. Bed bugs have been compared to cockroachesin resilience. Bed bugs can survive months at a time not feeding. The adults can even stay alivefor a year or more without a blood meal.Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures. As parasites, they move unnoticeably within our homes,furniture, carpets, bed, etc... Although they cant fly, they are very quick insects and can move withease through almost every surface.Bed bugs are patient parasites. When the bed bugs feed, they pierce the human skin with theirbeaks and suck the blood through. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs take their time in feeding. Theyget engorged after three to ten minutes. This slow method could be the reason why people do not
  • wake up from a bed bug bite.The most helpful articles on bed bugs are the ones that show us how to detect these pests in ourhomes. One sure sign that there are bed bugs under the sheets are dark brownish satins andspotting on the mattress. Experts on bed bugs identify this as the pests excrement or droppings.The physical manifestations of a bed bug bite can be mistaken for other types of insects. But if tinydrops of blood on the sheets, pillowcases or walls accompany the itchy, swelling welt on yourexposed skin, then you just may be sleeping with a pest on your bed.Once you have confirmed that bed bugs do exist in your mattress, most experts strongly suggestthat you throw your bed away. Spraying pesticides on the bed may be poisonous for the owner, ifhe intends to sleep on it afterwards.Where one bed bug lives, there are hundreds more. Since articles on bed bugs say that bed bugsare hard to spot, you may want to hire pest control to check your entire home for any infestation.These bed bugs may also be living in your pets day bed or doghouse and are mistaken for ticks.Nat Price is the owner and creator of He is a veritable expert on bedbugs and, more importantly, how to get rid of them. To find out more about these pesky creatures,visit Source: ====For more information please go here: ====