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Sam Fiorella from Sensei Marketing delivered this Webinar for eLearning University; discussing the opportunities in Social Search and Content Marketing for businesses.

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E learning university social - content marketing - sam fiorella

  1. 1. Social SearchOpportunities
  2. 2. Today’s Presenter Sam Fiorella Partner, Chief Customer Experience Strategist Blog: www.SenseiWisdom.com Twitter: @samfiorella
  3. 3. Social Search OpportunitiesWHY SHOULD I CARE ?
  4. 4. Our quick and expandingaccess to information haschanged the dynamic of thevendor-prospect relationship.
  5. 5. Decision makersare the most engaged Social Media users on the planet
  6. 6. Motivations to get onlineSource: globalwebindex Sept 2011
  7. 7. LESSONS LEARNEDResearch for work nd 2 highestResearch/find products 3rd highest
  8. 8. LESSONS LEARNED Networking for work is far more important as an onlineactivity for BDMs than it is for non-decision makers.
  9. 9. LESSONS LEARNEDThe internet serves a critical role inkeeping BDMs up to date oncurrent events & news.
  10. 10. LESSONS LEARNED Senior BDMs are particularly keen to use the internet topromote their products, ideas, opinions, etc.
  11. 11. BDMs highly active on Social MediaSource: globalwebindex Sept 2011
  12. 12. LESSONS LEARNEDBDMs are much more activeonline and are more likely to undertake all of the various internet activities.
  13. 13. LESSONS LEARNED BDMs are far more likely to be uploading photos online, comment on stories, use Q&Aservices, managed their own websites, upload a video, use microblogs, etc.
  14. 14. LESSONS LEARNED BDMs at the global level aremuch more likely to be content creators and therefore, influencers online.
  15. 15. What’s influential to BDMs?Source: globalwebindex Sept 2011
  16. 16. LESSONS LEARNED“Conversations with people from the company / organisation on asocial network” is top influencer.
  17. 17. LESSONS LEARNED Senior BDMs place more emphasis on face-to-face meetings; BDMs favournetworking & community.
  18. 18. Social Search OpportunitiesSO WHAT IS SOCIAL SEARCH?
  19. 19. Source: @seanmcginnis
  20. 20. Source: @seanmcginnis
  21. 21. Source: @seanmcginnis
  22. 22. Let’s take another step back…. DATA + RELEVANCY
  23. 23. TYPES OF DATAPre-social media, the Internet was about this data TEXT SOUNDS PEOPLE PLACES IMAGES VIDEOS
  24. 24. TYPES OF DATAData that was relevant to the: ARTICLE SONG PERSON CITY PICTURE MOVIE
  25. 25. TYPES OF DATAToday, it’s about: your friend read ARTICLE SONG PERSON CITY who wrote PICTURE MOVIE
  26. 26. TYPES OF DATAToday, it’s about: ARTICLE SONG about the PERSON CITY your friend visited PICTURE MOVIE
  27. 27. TYPES OF DATAToday, it’s about: Your spouse downloaded ARTICLE SONG PERSON who sang CITY PICTURE MOVIE
  28. 28. TYPES OF DATAToday, it’s about: ARTICLE SONG PERSON who shared CITY PICTURE MOVIE your friend rated
  29. 29. TYPES OF DATAToday, it’s about: ARTICLE SONG PERSON CITY taken in the that your friend was tagged in PICTURE MOVIE
  31. 31. RELEVANCYin search results is becoming CONTEXTandmore about RELATIONSHIPS
  32. 32. Social Platforms = CONTEXT
  33. 33. Internet research is becoming DATA less aboutand more aboutSOCIAL PROOF
  34. 34. Social Search OpportunitiesCONTENT MARKETING
  35. 35. OPPORTUNITYContent Strategy: Fuel the internet with data that supports pre-sales perceptions and research.
  36. 36. VISUAL CHANNELSSlideShare Pinterest YouTube
  37. 37. SOCIAL CHANNELSFacebook MySpace Google+
  38. 38. CONTENT CHANNELSTwitter Wikis Blogs
  39. 39. Content Marketing/Social Search Tips1. Create useful content (to audience)2. Use creative titles & images3. Subscribe to aggregators & channels4. Win friends and influence people5. Enable and request sharing6. Solicit contribution to build friends7. Optimize what you share through analysis
  40. 40. OPPORTUNITY Companies that maintain a higher Net Promoter score demonstrate higher revenue growth.Source: Bain & Compnay, Satmetrix / The One Number You Need To Grow
  41. 41. OPPORTUNITY“Referred customers were both more profitable and loyal than normal customers, with referred customers having both a higher contribution margin & retention rate. ”Source: Journal of Marketing Study
  42. 42. Have A Great Day!www.slideshare.net/samfiorella