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NELA 2013-Opening literacy activity
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NELA 2013-Opening literacy activity

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From NELA 2013 PD

From NELA 2013 PD

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  • 1. Our Initial Ideas About Literacy/Literacies What is it / are they? Where do we start? Steve Amendum Carol Pope Carl Young NCSU College of Education
  • 2. Get ready…
  • 3. 1 Objective, 1 Rule• To get ideas out of your head, and onto paper, quickly…. • Your ideas!
  • 4. Literacy? Literacies?• Step 1: Define literacy or literacies in your own words. Take 2-3 minutes to freewrite or freetype what literacy is or literacies are. (Can use your Participant wiki page!  ) – What is literacy? What does it mean to be literate?
  • 5. New Literacies?• Step 2: What is/are new literacies? Define new literacies in your own words. Take 2-3 minutes to freewrite or freetype what new literacies is/are. – This definition may be an extension of your first one or an elaboration to some degree.
  • 6. Share & Collaborate• Step 3: Now, in small groups designated on the wiki, share your ideas about literacy and new literacies, and…(4 minutes)• Step 4: Collaborate on a common working definition that incorporates both literacy/literacies AND new literacies that is no longer than 50 words. Type this on your group’s wiki space. (5 minutes)• Step 5: Create a visual representation of your working definition that includes your words and any visual design elements that help convey your ideas. Post-It poster paper and markers provided. (5 minutes)
  • 7. Initial Ideas About Literacy/ies GalleryWalk• Next, post them around the room. Get a picture of your group with its poster. Email a picture to Steve or have him take one!• Walk and take a look at each other’s work• Note any common themes or images, as well as anything else that strikes you as you take a look.
  • 8. Common Themes / Observations• Share: If time,… – What are some of the common themes you noticed? – What other observations did you make? – Use these as a reference point to build upon over the three days! – Post your initial and follow-up definitions to the wiki on your group page!
  • 9. Connections…• Literacy, specifically, New Literacies, have connections to technology, but also to art, narrative, gaming, multimodality,…being creative and creating!
  • 10. …help us to represent ideas in new anddynamic ways… Preamble, 1987; Mike Wilkins
  • 11. NELA Cohort II Participant Profilehttp://www.wordle.net
  • 12. NLI Team’s New Literacies Wordle
  • 13. Northeast Leadership Academy InternetSearch Tagxedo• http://www.tagxedo.com/artful/006c8358e2e94fcd
  • 14. Xtranormal Video: Our Thoughts inProgress on Literacy/Literacies
  • 15. Additional Considerations• Early literacy• Emergent literacy• TPACK• Digital fluency• Digital literacy• And more…• Use the workshop to further reflect upon and refine your definition of literacy/literacies/new literacies!
  • 16. Questions?Observations?