Question 4 a2 media evalutaion


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Question 4 a2 media evalutaion

  1. 1. A2 Media Studies EvaluationSamena Khan 5255
  2. 2. How did you use media technologies in the construction,research, planning and evaluation stages?A variety of media technologies were used in all stages of my coursework.For my research I mainly used the internet. One site which was in use was YouTubewhich enabled to look at existing documentaries and conduct textual analysis onthese documentaries Conducting textual analysis on these documentaries helpedme to understand what the codes and conventions of documentaries are andhelped me to decide on the content and gave me inspiration for my owndocumentary. My final product was also uploaded onto YouTube. Other sites whichhelped me conduct my textual analysis were channel four on demand and five ondemand.
  3. 3. • For my construction I used Final Cut Express to edit and compile my documentary. Final cut allowed me to cut my footage, add titles and adjust colours of some shots where I didnt like the colour. For my AS work I used iMovie and did not want to use this for my A2 as I felt the editing options on this programme were very simplistic and there was a limit to the amount of things you can do. I was able to experiment with a range of different tools and try out different techniques e.g. I played around with the idea of whether the facts in my documentary should be on black or on an actual shot but decided on putting the text on black as it would have distracted the audience from the shot. Finally I personally wanted to adapt and learn new skills rather then rely on previous skills. Through the use of YouTube tutorials I was able to be independent and teach myself how to use final cut.
  4. 4. Fruity Loops Studios were used inorder to make the music for mydocumentary. I felt that thisprogramme was easy to use andalso helped us to make the musicsuited to our tastes. Initially I triedto make the music on Garage bandbut I found the programme hard touse and when I did learn how toproduce music on Garage bandthrough YouTube tutorials I wasnot happy with the quality of themusic. The music created inGarage band did not seem suitedto our documentary whereas themusic I created on FL studiesreflected our genre better.
  5. 5. • For the construction of my newspaper advert and the editing of the image on the double page ancillary I used the programme Photoshop CS6 to edit my pictures. Photoshop has a variety of techniques and in order to choose the techniques I wanted to use I watched YouTube tutorials on how to conduct certain effects. By watching these videos I was able to try out these techniques and decide if they were right for my media texts. Watching YouTube tutorials also helped me when I had some difficulty in using Photoshop. Through the use of YouTube tutorial we were able to try out certain techniques such as the Sketch Effect Technique and the Colour Splash technique.
  6. 6. • For the production of my double page I used the programme In Design as I felt that it was easy to layout text in this programme compared to Photoshop which was more suited for editing photos. Although I had not used In Design previously from the use of YouTube tutorials I was able to pick up the skills needed to make my ancillary double page.• The fact that In Design also has layers helped me to understand the use of the programme better as I was able to apply my understanding of my use of Photoshop from previously. The fact that Photoshop also has layers helped me to use these skills in understanding and self learning the use of in design.
  7. 7. • Finally through the use of my blog on BlogSpot I was able to keep track of my progress with my coursework as well as record every aspect of the three tasks. Information could also be easily transferred regardless of where I was working. Finally through the use of the blog other members of the group could also easily access content readily and it is easily available to one another.
  8. 8. I used a Mac in order to upload and edit myfootage on final cut. This was easy to use andvery efficient. Time was not lost from turning onor off the computer.A HD digital camera was used in order to film ourfootage of my documentary. This was a greatadvantage as it took high quality footage givingmy product a professional feel. We were alsoable to watch back our footage there and thendue to the use of an SD card which helped to cutdown editing time and preventing us fromreshooting scenes as we knew that they weregood shots. We also used this HD digital camerato take our pictures for our main task andancillaries. Because we had already made use ofit in our main task we were familiar with how touse it preventing any time from being wasted intrying to figure out how to take images.