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Report on kimberly clark

  1. 1. Industrial Visit To Kimberly-Clark PROFESSIONAL Raisoni Industrial Park, Mulshi, Pune.By:-SIDHANT SAURAVE-52
  2. 2. OBJECTIVETo understand the working and manufacturing process of a manufacturingcompany Kimberly-Clark. COMPANY OVERVIEWESSENTIAL SOLUTIONS FOR A SAFER, HEALTHIER AND MOREPRODUCTIVE WORKPLACEAt KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL, they understand that the challenges theircustomers face every day, affect every aspect of their organisations. And thedecisions they make, have an impact on the working lives of everyone they workwith. They are here every step of the way - understanding their customersneeds, backing their choices and providing them with solutions that enablepeople to be safer, healthier and more productive.It means there customers can enjoy the reassurance that comes with having aglobal provider as their partner. As a global provider, they make a point ofknowing their customers businesses - allowing them to do their jobs, so thateveryone they work with can concentrate on doing theirs.Their customers use their solutions everywhere from office buildings, schools,hotels, healthcare facilities and food preparation areas to laboratories,processing plants and manufacturing environments. Whatever their industry,wherever they are, together they make a difference right across their business. KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL PLANT AT RAISONI , PUNEAt Kimberly-Clark Professional plant at Raisoni Industrial Park, Mulshi, Pune,they have sub contracted the working of the plant to Kohinoor TissueConverting Company . Kohinoor Tissue Converting Company is responsible forday to day working of the plant overlooked and controlled by the Kimberly Clarkofficials .
  3. 3. MANUFACTURING PROCESS. CUTTING RAW AND STORAGE MATERIAL PACKING DISPATCH AS PER ORDERHere at Raisoni plant mainly packaging marketing and distribution is done. Theyprocure finished raw material from different local suppliers as well asinternational suppliers.Finished raw material comes in big roll according to machine specification onwhich it will be processed further.Since they use finished raw material at plant they directly cut the big roll intoproduct specification size and do packaging.After packaging is done it is stored in the nearby warehouse. They have acentral warehouse located in Pune , so every order is dispatched from here itselfthroughout India and abroad.
  4. 4. PRODUCTS AND BRANDSAt Raisoni plant Kimberly Clark undertake packaging of hand towel of variousbrands , face tissue , bathroom tissue and sterilization wraps for medicalpurpose.Folded products M-fold towel 1 (2003 – CRT) M-fold towel 2 (2009 – CRT) Facial tissue (2003 – CRT) C-fold 1 (2004 – BHTM, India) AFT (2005-KC Malaysia) C-fold 2 (2009-SCE, Pune)Rolled products Bath tissue 1 (2003 - BHTM, India) JRT (2004 – BHTM, India) Perini – 813(2007- KCI) Log – saw (2007- KCI)BRANDSThere are three brands under which products are packaged and distributed fromKimberly-Clark Professional Raisoni plant, Pune. They are :- 1. KIMSOFT 2. SCOTT 3. KIMGUARD
  5. 5. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYCommunities & Corporate CultureTheir company, their employees around the world and the K-C Foundationcontribute to good causes through financial support, product donations and byvolunteering their own time.Kimberly-Clark focus charitable support on causes that strengthen theworld’s families, the communities where they operate and theenvironment.By donating money and time, Kimberly-Clark and its employees are helpingimprove quality of life through cause marketing initiatives that involve theircustomers and consumers.By challenging their employees and developing their skills, it will help us achievetheir sustainability goals and encourage them to make sound environmentalchoices.Kimberly-Clark understands that encouraging employee diversity supportscreativity in the workplace. This will ultimately give their customers andconsumers better product choice and increased performance today, while stillrespecting tomorrow.