Portable Learning Management System (LMS)


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Portable and lightweight learning management system, which can be installed on tablet pc, ipads, or regular computers.

Works online / offline.
Online dashboard for reporting, tracking and content upload.
Contact us at portable@stratbeans.com

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Portable Learning Management System (LMS)

  1. 1. Portable LMS Product Description Email: portable@stratbeans.comStratbeans Consulting Works Offline Too ! Atum Instinct
  2. 2. Confidential and Proprietary 2 www.stratbeans.com Agenda • Solution Overview • Screenshots – Login Screen – Homepage – Course Page – Report – Synchronizing Content • Prominent Features • Technical Brief
  3. 3. Confidential and Proprietary 3 www.stratbeans.com Solution Overview • Portable LMS “Atum Instinct” – Distributes content – Works in online / offline internet modes – Protects content from unauthorised access and piracy • Powerful tracking and reporting – Installed on the Tablet PC or Laptops – Syncs with the online LMS dashboard • Manager functions – Launch reports using online Dashboard – Distribute fresh content
  4. 4. PORTABLE LMS LOGIN SCREEN “To access the portable LMS, user needs to login” Atum Instinct
  5. 5. HOME COURSES REPORTS SYNC LOG OFF PORTABLE LMS Welcome David HOME PAGE “Main home page, welcomes the users and directs them to use Menu button of the tablet for more options. This screen will show notifications if any” Welcome to the LMS, press the Menu button to see various options Atum Instinct
  6. 6. HOME COURSES REPORTS SYNC LOG OFF PORTABLE LMS Welcome David Assigned Courses for Sales Managers Introduction to Wrigley Introduction to Marketing Code of Conduct Main Course Screen Leading the Team Optional Courses MAIN COURSE SCREEN “Main course page, that shows all the courses that have been assigned to this user / role” Atum Instinct
  7. 7. HOME COURSES REPORTS SYNC LOG OFF PORTABLE LMS Welcome David Introduction to New Employee Description: This course would introduce you to the history of wrigley and would educate you about various important historical events and milestones for the company Duration: 23 Minutes Courses Start Course SPECIFIC COURSE “Before starting the course, the user would see a description of the course to set the context” Atum Instinct
  8. 8. HOME COURSES REPORTS SYNC LOG OFF PORTABLE LMS Welcome David Courses Start Date End time Status Code of Conduct 12/03/2012 (6:13 ) 12/03/2012 (7:12) Completed Introduction to Marketing –- –- Not Started Reports REPORTS “Reports screen to show reports of user performance” Atum Instinct
  9. 9. HOME COURSES REPORTS SYNC LOG OFF PORTABLE LMS Welcome David You have not synced with server since last 19 days Sync Reports Sync Code of Conducts Sync SYNC “Sync feature so that reports can be transmitted to the server and Server may update the course list” Atum Instinct
  10. 10. Confidential and Proprietary 10 www.stratbeans.com Prominent Features • Role based access • Flow of data between different organizational units (such branches and HO, plant etc) • Mapping of business units for reporting hierarchy • Hosts advanced audio visual content or legacy content (power points, pdfs, flash videos) • Allows certification of users • User groups can be created by L&D teams to support highly granular course administration and tracking • Automated Alerts (on email and SMS)
  11. 11. Confidential and Proprietary 11 www.stratbeans.com Technical Brief • Optimized for superior performance • SCORM Compliant, HTML 5 Compliant • Integrates with Adobe Captivate, Articulate, Epiplex and many other market leading content development technologies • Built in Audit mechanism • Secure access • Multiple redundancy supported at server level • Data Security using limited access of information • Indic language support including Punjabi , Urdu , Hindi etc. thru online interface
  12. 12. THANKS “If you are interested in knowing more about portable LMS, please write to us at : atum_instinct@stratbeans.com StratBeans Consulting Pvt. Ltd. www.stratbeans.com innovation@stratbeans.com +91-124-4377657