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Epiplex Brief Introduction For Process Training creation and Learning Management System (LMS)- bak
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Epiplex Brief Introduction For Process Training creation and Learning Management System (LMS)- bak


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Epiplex 500 creates interactive simulations of computer based business processes. …

Epiplex 500 creates interactive simulations of computer based business processes.

It can also create accurate documentations / handouts / standard operating procedures (SOP).

The differentiator is the speed at which it automatically generates the document, it works as a virtual assistant to subject matter experts.

As an example, some organisations use Epiplex to strengthen SAP implementation programs and for creating audio visual content for remote training.
Epiplex creates SCORM compliant objects which work well with Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Feel free to ask us for more info on audio visual content creation ( (+91) 124-437-7657 )

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Epiplex 500 Automated Training Content Creation/ Tracking StratBeans Consulting
  • 2. Content
    • Introduction
    • Epiplex in Action
    • Customer Benefit Realised
    • Benefits Summary
    • Enterprise Problems Tackled With Epiplex
    • Cost Savings
    • Quality Improvements
    • Operational Benefits
    • Contacts
  • 3. Introduction
    • There are more than 250 epiplex clients globally
    • StratBeans Consulting promoted by IIM / IIT alumni provides Epiplex and many innovative products
    • - Epiplex support backbone is located at Bangalore and 24* 5 support is given globally
    Few Indian Clients- Hero Honda, M&M, Saint Gobain, Jindal Steel Epiplex Journey
  • 4. Introduction
    • Stratbeans Consulting is an innovative IT products company
    • With office in India (Gurgaon, Bangalore) and USA (Houston, Texas) it offers several products and services
    • Epiplex helps customers reduce costs, establish internal best practices, and increase ROI in all enterprise applications
      • by making process applications more efficient and
      • by mirroring user best practices throughout the enterprise in the fastest time possible.
    • Initially Epiplex Business Process Platform was developed as Automated Process Documentation and Training solution by Epiance in 2001
    • Epiance won most innovative company award in 2007 from Microsoft corporation
  • 5. Epiplex in Action contd.. SMEs Performs a process 1 Capture Users Trainees access assigned content for Learning and Dev. from their own location 3 Content Usage Users Users Epiplex generates process content 2 Generate Elearnings Feedback Surveys Quizzes Repository Legacy Content - User Performance - User Activity - Scores - User Feedback 4 Tracking and MIS Senior Management gets MIS
  • 6. Epiplex In Action
    • It captures all application systems non intrusively
      • All applications including Web applications, Java applications, Desktop applications and mainframe terminal emulators
    • Generate “Documents”
      • Give step by step process description in MS Word , pdf ,HTML , PPT , XML formats
    • Generate “Simulations”
      • Re-play the process demon
      • Allow users to experience the simulated environment and perform process steps
      • Automatic Guidance if some step is not performed correctly
    • Assessments – Two categories
      • Procedural and question bank based
    • User/ Usage Tracking - optional
      • User registration and tracking of all content for finding best performers and also comparative performance reporting
  • 7. Customer Benefits Realized
    • Hartford, a large P&C insurance company
      • used to deploy separate training applications
      • mostly subject matter experts developed simulations and documentation
      • saving over $1M /yr by avoiding deployment costs and
      • saving 80+% time
    • Aetna had wide variation 100-200%, in their claims processing centers.
      • Although they have many management tools, but they could not identify the root cause of the variation.
      • They are using Epiplex software to capture, in detail, how the claims processors are doing their jobs to identify the root cause of poor performance.
  • 8. Enterprise Problems Tackled With Epiplex
    • Ensuring Consistency in performance
    • Coping with attrition
    • Replicating Best Practitioners Performance Enterprise wide
    • Improving quality of Training content
    • Training Large Teams repeatedly
    • Reducing Cost of training
    • Reducing Cost of Assessment
    • Better utilisation of SME avilability
  • 9. Cost Savings
    • Content creation could become faster at-least 80 % manual work can be addressed
    • Reduction in Time and Cost of Training and Support, potentially by 50-70%
    • SMEs would be used more efficiently, in lesser time more elaborate documentation would be possible with better annotations
    • Training time would go down for new hires
    • Similar audio visual content requires expensive flash programmers
    • Since the content can be distributed through multiple channels
      • it should reduce the training cost by creating several self paced training modules
    • The total transition cycle time can be reduced with faster knowledge transfer
    • Total T&L cost can be reduced by improved knowledge transfer and lesser travel required during transitions
  • 10. Quality Improvements
    • Structured templates enforce document standardisation
    • Maintainability of the content increases
    • Shortcuts and better ways of doing a process can be recorded
    • Guided feedback in Simulation reinforces correct path understanding in the business process
    • Simulations helps in benchmarking the best performer performance
    • Associate performance goes up due to better assimilation of knowledge and skills in the simulated environment
    • Security features
      • data and image masking are done easily
      • application that should not be captured are isolated
  • 11. Operational Benefits
    • Three levels of support is provided on 24x 5 basis
    • 17 languages supported
    • Better ease of use implies minimal training for Epiplex deployment
      • Epiplex is well suited for business users, minimal technical skills needed
    • Collaborative features are available for content development
    • The content can be easily deployed on the web
    • Epiplex complied with SCROM and AICC standards and therefore the content can be integrated into learning management systems if needed
    • Optionally a Lean LMS can be crafted out of Epiplex technology
  • 12. Contact
    • StratBeans Consulting
        • [email_address]
        • +91 989-997-0269
        • +91-124-4377657
      • #1 Unitech Trade Center
      • Ground Floor
      • Sector 43, Gurgaon 122002
      • Ask us for FREE demo and trial