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Elecrama 2012

  3. 3. KARMIC CYCLE a timeline of shifting influence from Atlantic to Indian Ocean ASIA share of global GDP estimated at 40% ASIA accounted for 36% of global GDP IT redefines Indian Engineering story1800 1900 1970 1980 1990 2000 2040 Mass Manufacturing Asian Tigers CHINA - workshop of the world ASIA comeback; Japanese led. Affluent US & EU Markets : Imperialism - ASIA becomes market for the West. GDP drops to 20% ASIA accounted for 40% of global GDP “I „M THE FUTURE”
  4. 4. 2000 + : NEW WORLD ORDER Optimization era. right technology @ right price  INDIA ranks second in manufacturing competitiveness - The Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index by Deloitte and the US Council on Competitiveness  India has 30% of the world’s engineers. Over 350,000 qualified engineers graduate every year out of 1,346 Technical institutions in India  Indian MNCs made strategic global acquisitions worth US$31.9billion in 2010 accounting for 9% of the global M&A volume  Strong Fundamentals, less impacted by the global crisis
  5. 5. INDIA QUOTIENTWORLDS CENTER FOR FRUGAL ENGINEERING 1. India revolutionizes the Auto sector with launch of Tata Nano @ USD 2500 2. 150+ MNC captive R&D centers in India. 3. India develops the prototype for first 1200 kV Substation and Transmission lines GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY VALUE ENGINEERING SKILLED RESOURCES RISING INCOMES RISING INCOMES WIDENING MARKETS WIDENING MARKETS DEEP ABSORPTION DEEP ABSORPTION“I „M THE FUTURE”
  6. 6. INDIA – THE GLOBAL BUSINESS DESTINATION We welcome Deepening our INDIA has enormous Indias emergence relations with dynamism. Germany as a major India is a huge is very interested in regional and foreign policy seeing to it that India priority for us - is its partner in forging global power - Prime ahead,- German President Minister, David Chancellor, Angela Obama, USA Cameron, UK Merkel INDIA has a Both India and South India is a key partner for fundamental role in Africa hold the promise Australia and it is creating a new world of becoming global important to gain from order, Brazils Ex economic powers in the trade liberalization with India through multilateral President Luiz Inacio near future.– President forums.,- Australian Lula da Silva Jacob Zuma, SA Prime Minister, Julia Gillard WOOING INDIA: 10 global leaders visit India in 10 months“I „M THE FUTURE”
  7. 7. INDIA POWER OPPORTUNITY Power Infrastructure + Efficiency $500 Billion* Generation R&M Transmission Power Quality Distribution SMART GIRDS * estimated figures upto year 2020 according to government sources and global industry analysts
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITIES IN POWER SECTORGENERATION Government of India has set a target of 450 GW installed capacity by FY 2022. Key policy enablers include > No license required for setting up thermal generation > Freedom for setting up captive/group groupcaptive plants and dedicated transmission lines for captive usage > Promotion of private investment through competitive bidding of generation tariffs > Government has also initiated development of Ultra Mega Power Plant (4000 MW) with single window clearance source: PwC report on India Power Sector, March 2011
  9. 9. OPPORTUNITIES IN POWER SECTOR > Ministry of Power Government of India, plans to establish anTRANSMISSION integrated National Power Grid in the country by 2012 to evacuate 200,000 MW of generation capacity and 37,150 MW of inter-regional power transfer capacity > Private participation in transmission introduced through Independent Power Transmission Company (IPTC) route both under the Central and the State sector source: PwC report on India Power Sector, March 2011
  10. 10. OPPORTUNITIES IN POWER SECTORDISTRIBUTION KEY OBJECTIVES ARE: > AT&C Loss reduction > Electrify all villages & habitations in India > Plan towards developing a Smart Urban & Rural Distribution infrastructure > IT to improve consumer service and Quality of supply STRATEGIC INITIATIVES UNDERTAKEN: > R-APDRP program with US$ 11B outlay > RGGVY - Development of Rural Electricity Distribution Backbone and Village Electrification Infrastructure with US$ 6B outlay > Franchisee model - licensed area of distribution offered to private players with performance metricsLaunch of SMART GRID FORUM, under aegis of Ministry of Power in 2010 source: PwC report on India Power Sector, March 2011
  11. 11. EXPERIENCE THE INDIA POWER FACTOR By bringing together a ringside view of Indian power sector, a showcase of global technology and an unparalleled professional networking forum; ELECRAMA presents a unique opportunity to experience THE INDIA POWER FACTOR “I „M THE FUTURE”
  12. 12. MESSAGE FROM POWER SECRETARY India’s power sector is a unique combination of technological challenges and exciting business potential. The Ministry of Power has always emphasized that the Government and Industry should work together to create an efficient and reliable power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure. ELECRAMA, over the years, has served as one of the bestMr. P. Uma Shankar platforms for all the stakeholders in the power sector. I amSecretary sure that such events would be of immense help to theMinistry of Power industry to keep abreast of modern techniques.Government of India I extend my best wishes for the success of ELECRAMA-2012. “I „M THE FUTURE”
  13. 13. MESSAGE FROM CHAIRPERSON ELECRAMA-2012 has been conceptualized to provide exceptional value to every stakeholder in the electrical T&D Sector, from manufacturers to customers, academicians and technology specialists to policy makers and business investors. Apart from being a stellar showcase of technology and products, ELECRAMA-2012 promises high power, concurrent events like GRIDWEEK Asia, technical tutorials by specialists from CIGRE Paris. ELECRAMA-2012 also will play host to a variety of many high profile government - industry interaction forums, like 1. GRIDWEEK ASIA (16th-18th January) - a two day Smart Grid conference and plenary session to be held, designed to bring together a large number of Smart Grid stakeholders from all around the world to India. 2. CIGRE TUTORIALS (20th-21st January) - being held in coordination with the Indian chapter of CIGRE, a Global forum for Large Electric Systems for facilitation and promotion of the interchange of technical knowledge and information between all countries in the general field of electricity generation and transmission at high voltage. 3. REVERSE BUYER SELLER MEET (18th-22nd January) - to be held in partnership with Ministry ofMrs. Indra Prem Menon Commerce and Industry and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. 4. ENGINEER INFINITE (18th-22nd January) - a pan-India competition covering engineeringChairperson students from thousands of technical institutions across the country to showcase their ingenuityELECRAMA-2012 and innovative best. 5. BUSINESS LEADERS SUMMIT (18th January) - An Industry leaders summit featuring televised panel discussions by global luminaries of the E&E industry, attended by an audience of Industry CEOs and entrepreneurs. It gives me great pleasure and privilege to personally invite you visit ELECRAMA-2012 and hope that we would be able to offer you an unparalleled experience and deliver lasting value. “I „M THE FUTURE” Look forward to seeing you at ELECRAMA-2012.
  14. 14. TESTIMONIALS“As India is fast becoming a major global R&D hub “India and the 22 League of Arab Nations are majorfor the power sector, offering of right technology @ trading partners, exhibiting significant improvementright price and free market access for exchange of in bilateral trade which is expected to reach US$ 120global trade has made India the most favored billion by 2014. As ELECRAMA-2012 is the definitivedestination. Being an established exporter of destination for the power industry, the Arab Leagueelectrical equipment globally, India is playing a key nations will surely be part essentially to furtherrole in establishing power projects – generation, business partnership and seek technicaltransmission and distribution in Kenya. India is cooperation. We believe that ELECRAMA-2012 is anKenya’s sixth largest trading partner and the trade integral part of every global stake holder’s businessbetween the two countries during the period January plans - especially of the League of Arab Nations, andto April 2011 has reached approximately US$ 650 that this is essentially because of the fact that themillion. I am delighted to note that ELECRAMA-2012 Indian power sector has opened new frontiers inis being organized in Mumbai early next year and I technology, opening significant business traffic andam certain that Kenya will be suitably represented by is an ideal platform for trade opportunities”.industry leaders, power utilities and other stakeholders. ELECRAMA-2012 will certainly boostbusiness between Kenya and India and furthercement bilateral relations and cooperation in theenergy sector.”H.E. Prof. Festus Kaberia, H.E Dr. Ahmed Salem Saleh-Al-Wahishi,Ambassador of Kenya Chief of Arab League “I „M THE FUTURE”
  16. 16. World‟s Largest Confluence of Electrical and Electronics FraternityELECRAMA is the worlds largest electrical T&D exhibition held biennially in Mumbai, India since 1990.From its humble beginnings in 1990 which saw 283 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors, it has grown to be theworlds largest one-stop-shop for electrical and industrial electronics.The 10th edition will surpass all previous editions, with over 1250 Exhibitors, 110,000 footfalls & 30+ VIPdelegations from over 130 countries "ELECRAMA is an ideal venue for industry professionals, business people and technologists to come togetheron a single global platform. Supported by Ministry of Power, Government of India Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India “I „M THE FUTURE” Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India
  17. 17. GRIDWEEK ASIA 2012 – 16th TO 18th JANUARY, 2012 In recent years, Smart Grid has become a key subject to define the future of not CONFERENCES only the electric grid but also the broader future energy system of the world. A two day conference and plenary sessions, GRIDWEEK ASIA is designed to bring together several hundred Smart Grid stakeholders from all around the world to India, to explore Smart Grid’s impact on the economy, utility infrastructure, consumers and the environment. The participants also get one day of interaction with ELECRAMA exhibitors and attendees who have smart grids on their business horizon. This content-rich conference will cover Smart Grid issues and opportunities related to: > Building Smart Grid capabilities in developing regions; > Supplying electricity to meet rapidly increasing energy demand; > Driving efficiency and demand response programs; > Integrating clean, renewable power; > Facilitating economic and open trade . GRIDWEEK ASIA is the maiden Asian edition of a leading Global Smart grids summit GRIDWEEK, an event organised by Clasma Events, who currently hosts some of the most important annual Smart Grid conferences in US and other parts “I „M THE FUTURE” of the world. 17
  18. 18. CIGRE TUTORIALS – 20th AND 21st JANUARY, 2012 Tutorials held in co-ordination with the Indian TUTORIALS chapter of CIGRE, A Global forum for Large Electric Systems for facilitation and promotion of the interchange of technical knowledge and information with international experts in the field of electricity transmission at high voltage. The topics would cover select areas of contemporary importance relating to HV transmission areas like – • Cables (SC B1) • Overhead lines (SC B2) • Substations (SC B3) • Protection (SC B5) “I „M THE FUTURE” 18
  19. 19. UTILITY DAY – 19th JANUARY, 2012 UTILITY DAY An event conceived and realized with the support of the Ministry of Power, Government of India, the Utility day creates a platform for the Indian electrical industry to interface with the government and private utilities to exchange thoughts and share expectations to find solutions for on-ground issues in power distribution. It is a forum where members from leading global utilities and leaders in the electricity distribution community share experiences and discuss new technologies and developments in power quality management, distributed energy management models, enhanced SCADA solutions, etc. It offers an excellent platform for Indian distribution utilities; to learn global practices & initiatives that improve local distribution infrastructure. A large contingent of distribution engineers from leading regional utilities are expected to attend utility day. It is an excellent networking opportunity for the Industry to dialogue with their key customers. Supported by “I „MofTHE Government of India Ministry Power, FUTURE” 19
  20. 20. REVERSE BUYER SELLER MEET- 18th TO 22nd JANUARY, 2012 REVERSE BUYER SELLER This is the biggest meeting place of International Buyers MEET who plan to source electrical products and equipment from India. Organised on the sidelines of ELECRAMA- 2012, ChangeXchange–The Reverse Buyer-Seller Meet @ ELECRAMA-2012 is your one point stop to meet your sourcing requirements. All approved foreign buyers at the Reverse Buyer Seller Meet @ ELECRAMA-2012 will be eligible for: • Pre-planned one-to-one meetings with Indian sellers, • Networking opportunities at ELECRAMA-2012 exhibition, • Commerce Day and other events being organised at ELECRAMA-2012, • Travel and stay assistance, •Special hosted buyer packages for buyers from Africa, ASEAN, CIS and Latin American countries. E-mail: response@ieema-rbsm.in For more information visit us at : www.ieema-rbsm.in Supported by “I „MofTHE FUTURE” Ministry Commerce & Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India
  21. 21. LEADERS’ SUMMIT- 18th JANUARY, 2012 LEADERS’ SUMMIT An exclusive business leaders’ summit of the who’s who of the E&E industry, in partnership with a leading television channel is planned alongside Elecrama- 2012 on 18th Jan. This event will feature live panel discussions with eminent experts, including ELECRAMA-2012 brand ambassadors on current challenges and in shaping the contours of future power . networks. Conducted by leading television anchor, this by invitation only event, is aimed at global business executives, India’s industry captains and Top executives of Utilities and thought leaders to network and explore opportunities. “I „M THE FUTURE”
  22. 22. ENGINEER INFINITE – 18th TO 22nd JANUARY,2012 The culmination of a nation-wide search for noteworthy innovations from the student community. ENGINEER INFINITE encourages out of the box application of engineering skills through demonstrations of a working model covering the spectrum of Electrotech engineering. In this edition, over 1500 ENTRIES and over 600 PROJECT ABSTRACTS were received from all across India. E-mail: project@pashinindia.com Visit us at: www.ei12.elecrama.com “I „M THE FUTURE”
  23. 23. BRAND AMBASSADOR MESSAGES India is critical to Eatons growth and will be an important contributor to our goal of generating 30% of sales in emerging markets by 2015. We are pleased to participate in the development of Indias infrastructure and its manufacturing, information technology, transportation and power industries. Eatons business presence in India is an opportunity to support our customers in fast-growing Indian domestic economy as well as meets the needs of our global customers. We look forward to being involved in ELECRAMA-2012 and actively supporting this important program. Mr. Alexander M Cutler Chairman and CEO Eaton Corporation We at L&T have best demonstrated the power of Indian imagination coupled with engineering excellence, evident from the best in class infrastructure and power projects across the world. ELECRAMA, over the years have helped many Indian organizations, primarily small and medium in size, to showcase to the world, the ingenious skill and competence. I am sure ELECRAMA-2012 will add new chapters to the success story of Indian power sector. Mr. A.M. Naik Chairman and Managing Director Larsen & Toubro Limited
  24. 24. BRAND AMBASSADOR MESSAGES Indian frugal engineering is the way forward for a sustainable, energy positive planet. Mr. B.P. Rao Chairman and Managing Director Bharat Heavy Electricals limited At Legrand, we are inspired by Indias model of right technology at the right price, which we believe is the key to develop affordable energy efficient solutions for the future. Mr. Gilles Schnepp Chairman and CEO Legrand SA
  25. 25. BRAND AMBASSADOR MESSAGES Our Grid India Organization aims to be an expert in our domains, constantly working to improve the Indian electrical grids efficiency and quality, be the trendsetters by pioneering new technologies and being opinion leaders in the field. It will be my principal endeavor to support them to retain this leadership position in India. Mr. Grégoire Poux-Guillaume President Alstom Grid RPG’s growth drivers in last several years have been the Infrastructure & Power sector. We are well positioned as a global conglomerate and are continuing our journey of global growth. The spirit behind our growth is our cultural values of commitment, speed and empowerment. I am delighted that ELECRAMA shares similar values. Mr. Harsh V Goenka Chairman RPG Enterprises
  26. 26. BRAND AMBASSADOR MESSAGES We foresee a convergence between energy and IT, enabling all of us to achieve more individually with using less of the shared resources of our planet. In this transition to a more intelligent energy, in the permanent research of efficiency and information generation, India is the place to develop new solutions which will make energy safe, reliable efficient productive and green. Mr. Jean Pascal Tricoire President and CEO Schneider Electric ELECRAMA , a premier showcase of Global excellence achieved through Indian Engineering. Mr.Vijay Kirloskar Chairman and Managing Director Kirloskar Electric Co. Limited
  27. 27. ELECRAMA AUDIENCECustomers of T&D equipment Policy Makers• Public and Private Power Utilities • Planning bodies• EPC Contractors • Ministry of Power• Independent power producers • Ministry of Finance • Commerce & Trade ministryEntrepreneurs • Embassy attachesImporters and Traders of• Power Transmission & Distribution equipment Finance• Power Quality equipment • Investors - Investment Funds, PE investors• Ancillaries Component and sourcing agents • International Project finance bodies• Raw materials • Chambers of Commerce • Trade & Investment bodies etcTechnologists • Development Organizations• Consultants• Specifiers Knowledge• IT companies • Power academicians• Alternate energy • Students • Professionals • NGOs 27
  29. 29. KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM ELECRAMA> Closer View of US$600 billion Indian Power Industry> Choice of over 200 Transformers, 300 Cables & Conductors, 200 Control & Switchgear, 100 Instruments & Instrumentation amongst others on display> Indian SMART GRIDS opportunity, players and policy matters.> Supply Chain, Logistics & Vendor Capability Assessment> Latest Product & Technology, Future Technologies> Technology Partnership and Investment Opportunities> Professional & Peer Networking> Knowledge Sharing & Career Advancement “I „M THE FUTURE”
  30. 30. ELECRAMA ORGANISERS organised by IEEMA which represents the entire Indian electrical and industrial electronics industry. > 750 members of Indian Electrical Industry > A not for profit industry association. > Combined annual turnover is over US$ 22 billion. > 95% of Electricity in India flows through equipment supplied by IEEMA members > IEEMA members provide employment of over 3,00,000 directly & 15,00,000 indirectly. “I „M THE FUTURE”
  32. 32. KEY FACTS OF ELECRAMA-2010A view of the 60,000 sq mts air-conditioned exhibition space Shri. Sushil Kumar Shinde, MOP,GOI A view of the 100,000+ footfalls at ELECRAMA 2010 ELECRAMA 2010 - KEY FACTS > 60,000 SQ.MTS. > 110 TO 1200 KV ON DISPLAY > 1,05,209 FOOTFALLS > 1,243 EXHIBITORS FROM 23 COUNTRIES > VISITORS FROM 120 COUNTRIES “I „M THE FUTURE”
  33. 33. SPECIAL EVENTS ELECRAMA-2010 CEO NIGHT An evening of engaging in industry clairvoyance was envisaged for the visionaries of the Industry. A panel discussion on the future of T&D was held in partnership with NDTV Profit. The panelists consisted of a wide spectrum of specialists, from global leaders. “I „M THE FUTURE”
  35. 35. ONE-STOP-SHOP FOR T&D Winding Wires 90 FEATURING THE WIDEST Cables & Conductors Capacitors 169 RANGE OF T&D PRODUCTS Transformers 325 350 UNDER A SINGLE ROOF. Control & Automation 272 Switchgear & Control gear 496 Domestic Appliances 67 Industrial Electronics 204 Power Transmission 385 Instruments & Instrumentation Power 222 Distribution 427 Insulation 124 Motors 133 Others 173 “I „M THE FUTURE”
  36. 36. TRULY GLOBAL EVENT Latin North South East America Far East America Asia 2% 9% 4% Europe 6% 14% Africa 17% Middle East 41% CIS Rest of Asia 2% 5% INTERNATIONAL VISITOR BREAKUP “I „M THE FUTURE”
  37. 37. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCESINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCESTRAFOTECH-2010 (International conference on Transformers)TECH IT-2010 (International conference on Instrument Transformers)CAPACIT-2010 (International conference on Capacitors) “I „M THE FUTURE” 37
  38. 38. ELECRAMA A movement that enables India & World towards a UNITY POWER FACTOR“I „M THE FUTURE”
  39. 39. Organised by ABOUT IEEMA A non-profit association, represents over 750 businesses in the Indian Electrical and Industrial Electronics manufacturing sector, whose combined annual turnover is in excess of US dollars 22 billion, Equipments manufactured by members contribute to more than 95% in evacuation of the1,50,000 MW of installed power generating capacity in India. IEEMA organizes ELECRAMA as part of its strategic initiative to showcase Made in India & is the Voice of Indian Electricity sector. For more information, visit www.ieema.org www.elecrama.com