Magnetic field


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magnetic field,magnetic field lines .

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Magnetic field

  1. 1. PPT presentation On Magnetic field, field lines And using hand board. Submitted by Submitted to Samar kansal Mr. Tajinder Roll no.38 (subject teacher)
  2. 2. contents Magnetic field Magnetic lines of force Strong and weak magnetic field Types of magnetic field Properties of magnetic field
  3. 3. Magnetic field The force with which a magnetic poles of a magnet attracts or repels another magnetic pole of another magnet is called as Magnetic force . The space or region around a magnet within which magnetic force is exerted on other magnet is called magnetic field of the magnet . Definition of magnetic field : The space or region around a magnet (or a current carrying wire) within which its influence can be felt (or magnetic force is experienced) by another magnet is called magnetic field . It is denoted by B
  4. 4. To locate the magnetic field of a bar magnet, we use iron filings or a magnetic compass. When a magnetic compass is far away from a magnet , it is not deflected . However ,when a magnetic compass is closer to the magnet , it is deflected . So the space or region around a magnet within which a magnetic compass is deflected is known as magnetic field of the bar magnet in the field
  5. 5. Magnetic lines of force (or magnetic field lines) A magnetic field is represented by a series of lines (or paths) around a magnet . These lines represent the paths of an imaginary independent pole if it were allowed to move freely in the direction of magnetic force. Definition of magnetic field line : The path (straight or curve) along which unit north pole moves in a magnetic field (if free to do so) is called magnetic field.
  6. 6. Magnetic lines of force or magnetic field lines are helpful to show the direction and strength (or intensity ) of a magnetic field. The direction of the magnetic field at any particular space is the direction in which the north pole of a magnetic compass needle points if placed at that point .The strength of a magnetic field is shown by how much close these lines are to each other in their respective manner
  7. 7. Strong and weak magnetic field Strong magnetic field If magnetic fields are very close to each other (i.e. crowded) in a particular region , then the strength of magnetic field in that field is very large or the magnetic field is strong . Weak magnetic field If the magnetic field lines are far away from each other in a particular region ,then the strength of the magnetic field in that region is very small or magnetic field is weak .
  8. 8. Types of magnetic field Uniform magnetic field Magnetic field is said to be uniform if its magnitude is equal and direction is same at every point in the space or that particular region. Non uniform magnetic field Magnetic field is said to be non uniform magnetic field if its magnitude is not equal and direction is not same at every point in the space.
  9. 9. Properties of magnet field lines 1.Magnetic field are closed continuous curves. Magnetic field lines emerge from a magnet at N-pole and enter the magnet at S-pole . 2.The tangent at any point on the magnetic field lines give the direction of the magnetic field at that point. 3.No two magnetic field lines can intersect each other. 4.Magnetic field lines are crowded (i.e. close to each other ) in a region of weak magnetic field.
  10. 10. Thank you