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Company with Mission to help Indian Industry to make a mark on Global turf by grooming the overall Offering to its Consumers. At Vivaan we believe each Industry is potentially Star Performer, the need is to unleash the latent talent and harness the creativity in each member of the organization.

Vivaan is committed to be instrumental in changing the life in each Individual it touches - by igniting the spark & fan the burning desire to improve the quality of life for them self and people around.

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Company Profile

  1. 1. 1 Vivaan Consultancy & Advisory Services A501, Karmam Avenue, Opp. Surya City, Bh. Hirabhai Tower, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 380008, India Phone: +91 8141 270351 email : skype: kachole
  2. 2. A501, Karmam Avenue, Opp. Surya City, Bh. Hirabhai Tower, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 380008, India Phone: +91 8141 270351 email : skype: kachole 2 About us Vivaan Consultancy and Advisory Services is an initiative to provide professional service to Engineering industries in field of Business Management, Quality, Personal and overall customers perception toward the organization. We customize the services and share the best practices known only to Giant organizations. Provide Training and Coaching to harness full potential in every asset of organization be it Man or Machine. Vivaan was fonded by team of technocrats. They bring in wealth of experience in field of Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Training, Coaching, Human Resource management etc. Having worked for some of the best organization in industry where in he has hands on experience and training in Sales and Marketing in Indian and International markets, Product Improvement, Project management, Product launch and Business Development. Indian Industries have lot of potential and the entrepreneurs are very innovative. Govt. Of India is also supportive and encourage the business environment for exports. At Vivaan we bridge the gaps and facilitate them to build road leading to Global Success. Our Value and Mission : Values: Integrity and protect intellectual property of client. Work with feeling of Ownership. Develop a Win-Win situation for Supplier and Customer. Transfer of Knowledge, Technology and Ethics. Preserve the Core Indian Values. Mission : We would Initiate, Nurture and Mature the culture to provide Value for Money services though our clients to Indian and International Consumers. Our Services : Business Excellence Customer Relationship Management Corporate Communication and Branding Sales & Marketing Starting International Business and Managing Export Outsourcing - From India & For India. Training, Motivating & Mentoring
  3. 3. A501, Karmam Avenue, Opp. Surya City, Bh. Hirabhai Tower, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 380008, India Phone: +91 8141 270351 email : skype: kachole 3 Business Excellence Everyone dose a Good Job. (To best of the knowledge they have). Thus, if you are running a organization it would be growing at a pace to best of its ability. Our job is to Enhance the ability to expiate the growth & optimize the resource. So that you excel in your Business Segment. We will together, study your Business and exploit all the Strength you have and help you over come the weakness, so that your Business not only Grow but Excel in all aspects. Analysis of Business model. Ergonomics of the products and manufacturing process. Organizational Behaviour. Team Building and Leadership training at various level. Draw a Road map for short term and long term goals. Strategic Diversification from Current business / Segment. Study of Forward / Backward integration in the Business Joint venture / Acquisition Customer Relationship Management Though people use the Terms “Customer is the King” lately, very few organization really bothers much on Customer Satisfaction. It is also true that you can not satisfy every person on earth. But, then all positive effort should be to prevent any dissatisfaction to any Customer. Bring in Culture of building Relationship: Be it relationship with the End customer or service provided to them. CRM helps to to understand the Customer. For Sales department - End user or Distributor is Customer. For Factory - the Sales Department is Customer. For Quality / Purchase / Stores - Production department is customer A good CRM policy / Process and Practice in organization helps in Benefit to Organization : Attracting New Business. Retain old Customers and have repeated business. Regain confidence of dissatisfied customer and win them back. Reduce Marketing cost for finding new customers every time. Better co-operation so better planning of future business. Increase in Profits. Inter-department relationship: Better inter-department co-ordination. Reduction of work duplication. Focus of Assisting rather than Accusing. Develop feeling of Team work.
  4. 4. A501, Karmam Avenue, Opp. Surya City, Bh. Hirabhai Tower, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 380008, India Phone: +91 8141 270351 email : skype: kachole 4 Presentation, Communication & Branding Presentation and communication is all about How Consumer looks at you. It is to ensure that Customer Truly understand Who you are, What you are offering and Why he should buy your product. The Way you Present & Communicate your organization will develop the Brand Image. Every person and organization communicates make Verbal and Non-Verbal communication. Presentation for Non Verbal Communication : How your Factory / Office assets are maintained is maintained. ( Man and Machine) The Organization Behaviour - From Receptionist to After sales service. Presentation material used - Website / Letter head / Visiting Cards etc. Astatic and Packaging of the product and services offered by your organization. Presentation with Verbal Communication : Introduction and Company profile. User friendly Language of Presentation material. Optimize Product Information to be shared & Consumer education. Designing the Catalog, Letter head, Business Cards in Sync. With Brand. Organizing and planning Exhibition & Events. Sales & Marketing You can take Horse to the Water but you can not make, him drink. Similarly, you can make a world class product and represent it is best possible way. But, you can not SELL the product to Customer unless he is ready BUY. Marketing Identifying market, Study the demand and Analysis and study product. Feasibility Study of Existing or Improved Product / Services for the Target market. Product Differentiation and identify the Unique Selling Points (USP ). Formulating concept selling - helping sales channel to promote product /service. Developing Marketing strategy for awareness of end user Cost Calculation and Product pricing. Sales : Formulating Sales Strategy for Direct sales / Distributor sales network. Identifying What is “That one Thing “ and Developing Sales promotion plan around it. Optimizing the marketing effort to increase Inquiry to Sales ratio. Training to Sales & Distribution channel - Own and Distributor personal. Organize Sales presentation, Seminar, Meets.
  5. 5. A501, Karmam Avenue, Opp. Surya City, Bh. Hirabhai Tower, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 380008, India Phone: +91 8141 270351 email : skype: kachole 5 Starting International Business & Managing Exports. India has already reach at the global center stage and created Brand in itself. Stepping in International water should be a strategy for every Indian Business organization. Be it a product or services what ever is required by India would definitely have market overseas. Advantages of expanding business globally. Reduce the dependability on existing market. Better forecasting of order and planning Production schedule. Healthy Payment terms as compare to local market. Lower after sales Liabilities. Government assistance & Finance. With wide exposure to International Business in over 82 countries and study of various culture we can guarantee that people on other side of borders are equally friendly and egare to have your product as they do here. We can Identify Market for your product and make a feasibility study. Improvise product, Catalog, Marketing & Presentation material to International Standards. Training on Communication skill for International Market. Recruitment and Training of Staff if required for Exports. Developing Sales & Service policy. Instruction manual for Products etc. Market Analysis and Business Development. Outsourcing from India and for India Since Ages India has been Hot and favourite destination for far distant countries in East and West. Be it Spices or Software. India has always attracted Foreign buyers and been in Global markets. We are having over 20 years of exposure in Indian Industries and International market representation. This helps us to identify the test of Foreign buyers. Their Needs and Wants. We thus assist Indian industries to be up to the mark of their expectation and offer a quality product. To ensure a quality product is delivered out of India. We provide all or any of below - We scrutinize the Suppliers and Screen them for quality product. - Direct access to the supplier catalog, website and contact details. - Assistance in price negotiation and Factory inspection. - Pre dispatch inspection and Third party Testing. - Working of Fix and variable cost to minimize the Buying cost.
  6. 6. A501, Karmam Avenue, Opp. Surya City, Bh. Hirabhai Tower, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 380008, India Phone: +91 8141 270351 email : skype: kachole 6 Training, Motivation Mentoring. People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing that's why we recommend it daily. - Zig Ziglar We learn every day and their occurs a change in our belief system. This happen in all of us and the organization we work for also changes with us. This, we call it Culture of the Organization. Self Assessment Test 1. You have good product & Price but your sales figure are going low. 2. Their is always a Blame Game between the departments. 3. Do you think Employee are working hard but not able to perform. 4. Is their a fast turn around of employee. 5. Do you have efficient work force but under utilized With time every organization will grow, we help you to Ensure and monitor the growth and direct it in Right Direction. Enrich the organization with good thoughts and ideas so that the Growth is exponential. Motivate the employees so that they remain close to their organization. Training and Motivation for Team Building and Leadership. Cultural Change in organization. Time Management & Optimization of resources Effective Sales & Marketing Management. Customer Relationship Management. Total Quality Management Service the Aftermarket. International Business Management.