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Sameer Bhandari Resume

  1. 1. SAMEER BHANDARI Boulder, CO 80301  (720) 308-7297 SUMMARY Highly motivated SharePoint Developer/Admin proficient with strong foundation in C# / ASP.Net to design and develop enterprise-level application, components, web and database systems using Visual Studio – Versions 2005 / 2008 and .Net Framework – versions 2.0 and 3.0 with SQL Server as well as the ability to learn and apply new technologies at a fast pace. Excellent organizational, and interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic, and a unique ability to work well both individually and with a team. TECHNICAL SKILLS .NET Skill Set: .NET Framework 3.0, ASP.NET 3.0 using C# Databases: SQL Server 2005, MySQL, Sybase Operating Systems: Windows 2000/2003 Server, Linux (Fedora), Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP Software: WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, InfoPath Forms, Visual Studio 2005, SharePoint Designer, MS Office 2007, XML Web Services, IIS SetFocus, LLC. Boulder, CO 09/09 - 01/10 SharePoint Masters Program  Designed and established a SharePoint application to support the towing providers of a construction company.  Created an intranet solution based on SharePoint Server 2007 that included the following functionality: Branding, Shared content, Shared Calendars (integrated with Outlook), editable newsletter, shared contact management lists, financial dashboards and customizable reports.  Extended the intranet solution to the extranet.  Created different sites for the company’s different towing providers with custom look and feel.  Developed InfoPath 2007 forms allowing programmatic submission to a MOSS Form Library initiating workflow processes as below: o Created an invoice form for the company’s towing providers and setup a workflow using Visual Studio 2005, manifest.xml and feature.xml o Created a purchase order for the company o Generated an email to the designated company official  Configured the document library to notify Tow providers on the status change of their invoices.  Implemented Content Management to allow publishing content out to its providers.  Designed and established a SharePoint application to support the creation and management of Acme Inc.’s SharePoint Solutions.  Created: o A single SharePoint site for this project, a Developer Knowledge Base.
  2. 2. o A custom site template for new Solution Sites. o A custom List Definition to display all Solutions. o A change management requests list to track all change management requests. o A change management request form in InfoPath 2007 to allow managers to submit feature requests. o A dashboard site that presents Solution information using the native SharePoint Search functionality.  Developed and deployed: o A custom web part to create new Solution sites using a user-specified template. o A custom web part that displays all of the created Solution sites in a grid view. o A custom web part that allows users to perform custom keyword searches and presents the results in a display grid.  Backed up and organized all of the project files for disaster recovery. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE RapidSoft Inc Denver, CO 06/07 – 04/09 ASP.NET Developer  Developed several appendices for website security functionality including Custom Membership and Role Provider including: o Designed database Table for SQL Server 2005 o Created Stored Procedure/Views/User Defined Functions o Created Data DB Classes (Data Access Layer) and Business Object (Business Logic Layer) (C#.Net)  Created various functionality for ecommerce website Presentation Layer including: o Designed application architecture o Implemented database design for SQL Server 2005 including tables, stored procedures, views, and functions o Implemented data exchange (ADO.NET) o Created User Control (*.ascx/C#)  Implemented authentication and authorization for web site.  Created Web Service using WCF technology (C#.Net, WCF, WF).  Implemented custom serialization for existing business objects. Firsthand Management LLC. Denver, CO 05/03 – 03/07 Software Developer Tools and Technology: Java 5, Java 5, J2EE 1.3, JSP, EJB 3.0, XML, XSLT, Perl, Apache, Sybase, MySQL, Visual Studio 2003, C#.Net, Open XML  Developed price book functionality for Retail Store.  Analyzed Business requirements.  Developed Price Book modules and integrated with existing application.  Created web authentication and authorization (Apache, MySQL, and Perl) and web services.  Created Microsoft Office document by integrating with set of XML data (C#.Net, XSLT, XML).
  3. 3.  Technical problem solving included Conceptualize, Design, Coding, Debugging Testing, and Implementation of various Projects. Store Level Tools  Provided support for existing store level accounting software at multiple store locations.  Developed WinForms for implementing store level accounting (C#.NET, Visual Studio 2003).  Developed functionality for connecting different Web Services at Server level and Accounting level (C#.NET, Visual Studio).  Used XSD schemas for validating XML. Server Tools  Designed database and implemented it on Sybase.  Developed Java Server Packages, Servelet, JSP and Perl administration tool to connect to database; used JDBC:ODBC:Sybase for windows.  Developed administration tool using Perl and PHP.  Used Web Service to communicate with Clients on site at Store. Accounting Tools  Designed and developed 3-tier architecture Java application to do batch processing into data feeds into the system using Java I/O, JDBC and SQL.  Designed and implemented database on SQL Server.  Developed GUI for exiting modules.  Developed Administrative Client (JFC, Swing).  Created analyzing modules and Reporting tools. Management Tools  Developed Business entity using C#.NET 2003.  Developed ADO.NET Data Access layer.  Designed and developed application layer using Win Forms, which was later updated to browser based (IE) Web Forms. Limbic Systems Inc, Bellingham, WA 10/00 – 11/01 Software Programmer Tools and Technology: Visual C++, OOA, OOD, MFC, Oracle 8i  Developed 3-D visualization tool that enhances the viewing of 2-D digital forensic/evidentiary images.  Worked as a member of Research and Development team initially, finding methods for converting 2-D digital image into 3-D images and methods for presenting complex image data sets in ways optimized for the human visual systems to mitigate perception losses.  Later, worked on developing MICS software using Visual C++ allowing users to convert 2-D digital image to 3-D image for analysis purpose.  Utilized Oracle database server for storage.
  4. 4. EDUCATION Regis University Denver, CO 10/00 – 11/01 Master of Science in Computer Information Technology Major- Networking and E-security