Web Conferencing Security Procedures


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Web Conferencing Security Procedures

  1. 1. ==== ====Get Your Successful Webinar Secrets Here:http://tinyurl.com/8xkpq2j==== ====Web Conferencing Basic Conduct And EtiquetteAs people shifts from conventional meeting to a more convenient, cost-effective and reliable onlinecommunication, some things are often left behind; including the basic conduct and etiquette aperson must possess during web conferencing. Let us review how you should act during a webconference.Be there on time.The last thing you want to do is to keep other participants waiting, especially if you are the onewho is going to present. In a typical meeting, being on time can make or break a sale. This is nodifferent from web conferencing. Remember that you dont need to travel to a location to attend themeeting. All you need to do is to go online so you have no reason to be late.Keep an eye on time.In business, time is money. Do not extend the conference talking about other things aside fromyour agenda. Other participants may still have some things to do aside from your conference soending on time is as important as starting on time. Reschedule the conference if necessary.Properly introduce each participant.While you can use video and audio functions where participants can see and hear each other,there are still some communication barrier in an online setup. At the start of the conference, makesure that all the participants are properly introduced so that everyone is well informed of who arepresent in the conference.Reduce all possible audio and visual destructions.There is nothing worse than a web conference where there are too much background noise andtoo many movements happening behind a participants screen. Go to a quiet place where there isno background noise. Sit behind a solid wall where no other movements can be seen.Give respect.To not flood the audio line with your voice. Let others speak. Do not interrupt when others aregiving their opinions and asking questions. In short, be polite.Be mindful of the image and file size.While you may all be using high-speed internet connections, you still have to consider using small-
  2. 2. sized file.Write legibly.Some presentations require the use white boards where you need to write as you present. Be surethat you are writing clearly, concisely and legibly. Also check your spelling, grammar and sentenceconstruction when writing documents that need to be sent out to the participants.Dress appropriately.Not because you will not physically attend a meeting, doesnt mean that you dont have to wearproper business attire. A video conference is as formal as a real office meeting. Dressingappropriately in a web conference is a sign that you give respect to other participants.Focus your camera and set your voice line properly.Professionalism can be seen in the tiniest detail during a web conference. Do not give opportunityfor other to notice that your camera is out of focus or your audio line is not very clear. Also, avoiddrinking, eating and making too much movement in front of the camera.Finally, remember your manners.Everything that should be observed on a typical office meeting must be practiced during webconferencing. Practice respect. Introduce yourself well, do not interrupt others when they speak,watch the tone of your voice, communicate properly, do not use your cell phone and make properpreparation before the meeting.==== ====Get Your Successful Webinar Secrets Here:http://tinyurl.com/8xkpq2j==== ====