Halimat evaluation question 5


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Halimat evaluation question 5

  1. 1. Evaluation question 5 How did you attract/address your audience? By Halimat Dada
  2. 2. Research and planning • For our research and planning we interviewed 4 teachers, 2 of which were in our target audience. The two over 35 female teachers we interviewed helped us quite a lot although one of them doesn’t watch thriller movies at all which was quite disappointing, but the other teacher gave us good feedback on what the audience would like to see and what they will be expecting for us to add to our production such as enigma and for it to be fast paced and intriguing . • This helped us a lot because it gave us more ideas on our production and it also helped because we realised not all our ideas were suitable for our production.
  3. 3. TA Interviews http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzeXPx0alic
  4. 4. Questions we asked • What is your favourite movie from the thriller genre? • What do you like best about thriller movies? • Who is your favourite actor/actress from thriller movies? • Do you watch thriller movies regularly and why? • Would you choose thrillers over any other genre and why? • Does gender really matter?
  5. 5. How did these questions have an impact on addressing our target audience? • We asked what their favourite movies were from the thriller genre, we asked this question to know the kind of thriller films our target audience will like to watch. The answers they gave us which were Captain Phillips, Gravity and Hitchcock movies which made us research the sub genre we would like to go into whether it would be conspiracy thriller, crime thriller, disaster thriller, mystery thriller, political thriller, psychological thriller, supernatural thriller, techno thriller and suspense thriller. We decided to choose suspense thriller because we thought it would be suitable to our plot and to our target audience. The response from the three teachers we asked was they watch thrillers and just watched one recently which was positive news. By the teachers giving us names of thriller films they watched recently gives an idea and makes us want to refer and aspire to them. We then asked what they like best about thriller films and they said the enigma, suspense and tension involved in thriller films which influenced our production because our production consists of a lot of enigma, suspense and tension. We also asked them if gender really matters simply because our production is a female dominated film. The response was they wouldn’t mind what gender it was as long as it had suspense, enigma and tension. We also stayed away from the stereotypical types of thriller/suspense films which would be having a girl as the victim and having the men as the saviours. we also did not have any romance involved.
  6. 6. Our Film • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Qp1xYN uQc
  7. 7. What will the audience be intrigued about • • • • • When we were done with all the research and planning we thought enigma, tension and suspense could intrigue the audience. The audience will be intrigued with amount of enigma we have in our film opening because there is a lot of tension and suspense. Enigma is also very common in thriller films because it leaves the audience wanting more and to want to see what's next. We showed enigma through Effie laying on the floor right at the beginning, this also leaves the audience hooked because we do not reveal who the killer is makes them think who the killer was. Effie laying on the floor in the cellar with blood on her neck makes the audience wonder what happened to her and why she is there . We also added a scene where Effie laughs to show what a good person she was before she died and we also added all her friends in the scene to show what a life she had; how great it was. The music and lighting helps the audience be intrigued because we used a crow noise to add a sense of wilderness to show she is alone when she is dead and low key lighting downstairs to show how dark it would be in there and a torch of light to show the…. Space in there and high key lighting in the bedroom to show the light in her life at the moment. The contrast between the bedroom light and the cellar light is made very clear for the audience. The blood on Effie's neck will make the audience more intrigued because it adds a source of element to our production. We also gathered the audience will be intrigued into fast paced and exciting films that is why we had cuts of Kate’s eyes at the end to give a sense of excitement and a spooky feel. We edited kates eyes to black and white to connote …. We used a various amount of camera shots such as long shot, close up, point of view, extreme close up and high angle shot to make the audience feel like they are involved the film. The title in our production builds tension as the film starts and also establishes the genre.
  8. 8. Promotion of our film • We would promote our film through advertisements, trailers, website, TV, YouTube and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. • Our target audience(females over 35) would watch the film in either a cinema or just buy a DVD to watch at home with their loved ones.
  9. 9. Pictures of promotion This will be insights poster for promotion.
  10. 10. Conclusion • How did you attract/address your audience? • In conclusion, I would say we attracted/addressed our audience through the use of enigma and the use of CLAMPS and MELCS. After all the research and planning, we decided the most important element was enigma, we knew this through the research questions we did.