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Gig evaluation 6

  1. 1. Evaluation 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this media product? All through creating, researching and Evaluating our media product, we have needed to use specific technologies promote our media product like the equipment that we used. When we were planning and researching for our learning about the Genre and ideas we needed a large search engine that could cover a lot of information. As a result we decided to use Google; this helped us to find out some key knowledge about our Genre and what happens in a film of that particular Genre. When researching, we needed to find something that would help us to find a variety of different clips of films and also good movie trailers. To respond to this, we decided to use YouTube to help us with finding video clips that would help us collect ideas of what we could do for our media product.
  2. 2. This image how we could get video clips of past film openings for evaluating and using for evidence or a variety of film trailers for examples. If we needed to use or take an extract from YouTube then we would right click on the mouse and then ‘copy video URL’. We used blogger throughout to help log all of our information. It help to show all the different steps that we did like research etc. we used blogger mainly to show what we were doing to create the film in chronological order. Blogger is a good thing to use as we could keep up to date, fill in any missing elements and also to reflect on everything if going down the wrong route or getting stuck.
  3. 3. When editing/producing our media product, we used specific computer software. They were the Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 and also Photoshop. By using these we could produce our film to its full potential. The editing took up the most amount of time as we had lots of elements to put together effectively. However there were some complications with the software that we used so we didn’t also edit the film product some days. We also found it hard to all edit the film opening as we could link also our computers together and also then lead to becoming hard to gather screenshots from other computers. Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 Photoshop
  4. 4. Prezi was one of our most used computer software. This allowed us to make extensive notes and research of our Genre, Film Ideas and also some filming research to be successful in the marketing areas. We learnt how to use this piece of software early on in our coursework as we needed to have lots of background information on what we were portrayed to do. I thought that it was good/ easy to use as it is similar to a mind map except it is bigger. This here shows the layout of Prezi which is a very simple design.
  5. 5. This image above shows the editing software that we used to help create our media product. It was quite hard to use at times but overall was a very useful piece of software in making the product. By using this software, we could build layer upon layers of different footage like sound/ special effects, original film footage and also diagetic/non-diagetic sounds like speech or a backing sound track. This is an example of what we did in our editing which was adding text to the footage (Actors names). We used simple text in our media product as simple text is bold and stands
  6. 6. out which links to our Genre. It was hard to perfect as we needed to get the clips in the correct place to help which meant that we needed the editing This was a useful piece of editing software when we created our media product. This allowed us to get to crop the footage that we took to the right size and could crop anything that wasn’t needed in the image. When we went to gather filming footage of the lighting changed through the day as it was overcast. We also had to film on two different days to help back up our footage which could show a change in lighting. By responding to this we decided to add special effects by selecting them into the specific places of our film opening. The different types effects that we added to our media product was some lighting effects (brightness/contrast), this was a good part of editing on our media product as it perfected the lighting and help to make it all exactly the same. By using this editing technique, it allowed us to also enhance the footage to make the opening look more realistic and more professional. When creating our film title, we thought that it would be important for the title to look visually interesting to attract our target audience. We then decided to use Photoshop to help us create our film title. We used Photoshop mainly as we could compare a range of different styles of font/ colour and then mess around with them to create the best possible film title that suits the film/Genre.