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An experience report from Blount describing how they implemented 7 multilingual SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce websites in 7 months.

An experience report from Blount describing how they implemented 7 multilingual SAP Integrated B2B eCommerce websites in 7 months.

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  • 1. Blount Europe: Case Study.
    • Blount Presentation
    • B2B – Web Shop Project
  • 2. Blount Blount International, Inc. 2 Business Groups
    • OCS
    • Oregon Cutting Systems Group
    • Our products:
      • Saw Chains, Guide Bars, Sprockets, accessories
      • Outdoor Equipment Replacement Parts
      • Our Brands:
    • ICS
    • Industrial Cutting Systems Group
    • Our Products:
      • Concrete Cutting Saws
      • Diamond Chains
      • Our Brand:
  • 3. W.W. Locations MANUFACTURING Plants Portland, Oregon, USA Kansas City, Missouri , USA Guelph, Ontario, Canada Curitiba, Brazil Fuzhou, China DISTRIBUTION Centers Mont-Saint-Guibert & Courcelles, Belgium (EU HQ) Vaulx-en-Velin, France Tewkesbury, UK Tübingen, Germany Moscow, Russia Varberg, Sweden Yokohama, Japan 2,000 Employees W.W., 180 in Europe
  • 4. OCS Distribution Channels
    • OEM’s worldwide
    • Mass Merchants
    • Distributors (in countries where we do not have our own distribution centers)
    • Dealers (from our Distribution Centers)
    We Market to: Dealers and Distributors are our target markets for B2B Web Sales
  • 5. OCS Products What we make... Saw Chains Guide Bars Accessories Outdoor
  • 6. OCS Products What we make... And more (Filters, Carburattors, Wheels, Belts, …) Blades Replacement Parts
  • 7. ICS Products What we make... Unique Concrete Cutting Tools
  • 8. B2B – Web Shop Project
    • Objectives
    • BESA/Info.Systems – Role
    • Project Scope
    • European Roll out
    • Achievements
    • Customer Feedback
    • Lessons Learned
  • 9. Objectives
    • Improve Customer Service & Satisfaction.
      • Make Blount a company easy to work with (Ordering & getting information).
      • Faster product deliveries (getting orders quicker on Info.Systems).
    • Optimize backoffice operations.
      • Tools for mobile Sales Force directly accessing data & placing orders, without backoffice support.
      • Reduce number of phone calls from customers to get Information.
      • Reduce volume of order entry in Sales Offices.
      • more time for sales support activities (telemarketing, …)
    • Strengthen Customer relationship.
      • Provide high quality services (above competition).
  • 10. BESA/Info.Systems Role « Our European Information System department, based in Blount Europe SA (EU HQ in Belgium), is responsible for deployment & support of Information Technologies and Business Applications in all European Locations. As IS Manager, I was the project leader for Europe on this B2B Web Shop project. » Jean-Marie Genicot. Role : set up team, define project scope, Plan roll out and project activities, build documentation, organize testing, get translations, coordinate with B2B2DOT0. Responsibilities : Get Web shop deployed according to project scope (expectations) and roll out plan.
  • 11. Project scope (Solution)
    • Requested Web Shop Functionalities:
    • Fully integrated to SAP/R3
      • Real time data access & update (Order Creation)
      • Use SAP Master Data & set up rules.
    • Real Time Material availability check.
    • Order entry, with real time ATP, Pricing.
    • List of Orders (based on selection Criteria):
    • Documents & Line Items Details
      • Display specific Order (Items, Pricing, Shipping data)
      • Access to Sales Documents (PDF): Confirmation, Delivery Note, Packing List
    • List of Invoices (based on selection Criteria):
    • Documents & Line Items Details
      • Display specific Invoice (Summary, Pricing, Shipping data, …)
      • Access to Billing Documents (PDF).
    • Report Customer Account Statement (Open Items)
  • 12. Project scope (Deployment)
    • Requested Roll Out:
    • Web Shop deployment for all European Sales Organizations (BE/OCS, BE/ICS, FR, DE, GB, SE, RU)
    • Web Shop access provided to:
      • Internal Users (Backoffice employees, Sales Force)
      • Customers
    • Monitoring:
    • KPIs & Reporting tools to measure Web Shop activities.
    • (Enabled by Google Analytics & SAP/BI reports)
    • Go Live preparation:
    • Review quality & accuracy of Master Data (mainly for Order Entry):
    • Customer master, Material Master, Pricing Conditions, Material Substitution, Customer Info records, …
  • 13. European Roll Out Project Status May 7, 2009: European Project Kickoff. Workshop in BE with B2B (Fit/Gap analysis) Jul. 13, 2009: Go Live – France Aug.17, 2009: Go Live – BE Oct.5, 2009: Go Live – UK Go Live – Germany Nov.16, 2009: Go Live – Sweden Go Live – BESA/ICS Nov.30, 2009: Go Live - Russia In 7 months, we rolled out 7 Micro Sites (Sales Org.) .
  • 14. Achievements
    • Looking at Google Analytics and our SAP/BI reports, we confirmed that Customers registered on Web Shop were using it to:
    • Place Orders.
    • Check Data (Material availability, Orders, Invoices) and download documents.
    • This is eliminating a significant number of phone calls placed by our Web Shop Users to our Sales Offices, and reducing the volume of operations performed by internal employees to create orders and search for data to answer Customer queries.
    • We are getting orders from Customers much quicker from Web Shop. A high delivery priority is assigned to Web Orders, and therefore products are delivered faster (Key improvement for our Dealers getting Replacement Parts quicker ).
    Starting our B2B Web Shops in 2 nd half 2009, our initial objective was to get a limited number of registered Customers. Thanks to the success of this solution, we set up very aggressive objectives to get a significant number of Customers registered in 1st Quarter 2010.
  • 15. Customer Feedback This is the Customer feedback we are getting from B2B Surveys, also confirmed by our contacts with Customers (Calls, Visits, …) -> Our Customers are very happy with the B2B Web Shop solution. Complete solution Saved Cart On Line ordering Ease of use Prices on line Availability Check Things users like the best Info on Back Orders (New ‘Order Search’ feature – Rel.Dec.2009) Improved material search (B2B product enhancement in Q1/2010) E-Catalog Integration (2010 project) Things to improve
  • 16. Lessons Learned
    • Success Factors:
    • Project teams (IT + Key Users).
    • Project scope & objectives.
    • Project Plan (Roadmap, deadlines)
    • Go Live Preparation (Master Data, SD Processes for Web Orders).
    • Coordination of activities with Blount Locations & communications with B2B.
    • Outstanding support & communications from B2B.
  • 17. Lessons Learned
    • We could have done better:
    • Communication to Customers.
    • Quicker selection & registration of customers.
    • Future development:
    • Integration of Web Shop & online E-Catalogs & Application guides (available on Web Sites).
  • 18. Blount – Web Shop Project Questions ? Thank You !